English Steno Question Paper Part 21, English shorthand Steno-Typist Paper provide kiya geya hai, Jo Apko  knowledge gain and test ke liye prepare karne ke liye helpful rahega.

English Court Steno Question Paper [Part-21]

Har saal District Courts and High Courts mai Steno papers, Adhoc steno papers, hote rehte hai, inki language kafi had tak same hi hoti hai.

Aap yeh paper dekh kar easily practice kar sakte hai, in future apko aur bhi court shorthand papers provide kiye jayenge.

Punjab and Haryana High Court, District Court (Steno Adhoc Exams) mai 80 wpm speed 5 minutes mai bole geya tha, aur agey bhi aisi hi dictation court steno exam mai boli jaa sakti hai. 

Aap daily website se court dictationsenglish steno dictations practice karte jaye, aap bahut jaldi perfection hasil karlenge.

80 WPM Court Steno Paper

400 Words

Steno Typist Paper Part- 21

Match Paragraph

It is only when a claim for damages is adjudicated upon by a civil court or an arbitrator and the breach of the contract is established and the amount of damages ascertained that an amount due and payable comes into existence, till then it is nothing more than a mere right to sue for damages and it does not fall within the words of relevant clause. Moreover, the clause merely provides a mode of recovery and it can have no (1) application where a claim, even though it be for a sum due and payable, is disputed by the contractor and has to be established in a court of law. An arbitration clause applies only where a claim is either admitted, or in case of dispute, substantiated by resort to the judicial process. Therefore, when the purchaser has a claim for damages which is disputed by the contractor, the purchaser is not entitled under that relevant clause to recover the amount (2) of its claim for damages by appropriating other sums due to the contractor until the claim for damages is adjudicated upon and culminates in a decree. The appellant in the present case had consequently no right under the clause to appropriate sums due to the respondent under the other contracts in satisfaction of its claim for damages against the respondent, when the claim for damages was pending adjudication before the arbitrator and the learned Judge was absolutely right in restraining (3)  the appellant from doing so by issuing an interim injunction. These were broadly the contentions of the parties under this  head of challenge and the question is which of these rival contentions is correct. The context of a particular expression may show that it was not intended to be used in the sense which it ordinarily bears. We must, therefore, read the words any claim for the payment of a sum of money occurring in the opening part of clause (4) not in isolation but in the context of the whole clause, for the intention of the parties is to be gathered not from one part of the clause or the other but from the clause taken as a whole. It is in the light of this principle of interpretation that we must determine whether the words any claim for the payment of a sum of money refer only to a claim for a sum due and payable which is admitted (5)

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