Pitman English Shorthand Alphabet P Outlines words apke saath aaj share karne wala hoon. Pitman English Shorthand Alphabet [P] Outlines mai saare P se related most important words ko cover kiya geya hai. 


Yeh woh words hai jo mostly exams mai aate hai agar aap yeh sare words ki practice kar lete hai toh apke liye exam mai words pane mai kabhi bhi pareshaani nahi hogi.

Apne pichle article mai mai O se related words share kar chuka hoon. 

Mai shorthand  se related  information apko provide karta rahunga jisse sab ki help ho sake.

Source - Different English Newspaper and Dictionary.

On an computer Press -Ctrl F  get a search box so you can look for a specific word or phrases on a page

Page 1 

Pacer Pacification Pacificist Packer Packing Paction Padded Padding Paddling Pail Paining Painlessly Painlessness Painstaker Painstaking Painted Pairing Pal Palate Pale

Page 2

Paled Pali Paling Palmar Palmed Palmy Palp Palsy Pampered Pamperer Pampering Pamphlet Panama Pandemic Pander Pandered Pandering Pane Panelled Pang

Page 3

Pangolin Pant Pantaloon Panther Pantry Papered Par Paradox Parados Paradoxical Paragraphic Paralysed Paralysing Parasite Parasitic Parathesis Parcelled Parcelling Pardoned Parenthesis

Page 4

Parial Paring Parish Parity Parlance Parliament Parodic Parry Parson Participant Participative Participle Partisan Partitioned Partitioning Pash Passable Passed

Page 5

Passer Passional Passionately Passionless Passively Passiveness Pasted Pasteurize Pasture Patched  Patcher Patching Pathan Pathetic Pathologic Pathological Pathology Patiently Patriotically Patron

Page 6

Pease Pebbled Pebbly Pecked Pecker Pecking Peculate Peculated Peculating Peculation Pedal Peddle Peddled Pedestal Peek Peeled Peeling Peen Peep Peer

Page 7

Peerage Peering Peerless Peerlessness Pegged Pellicular Pencilled Pendent Penetrate Pencil Pensioned Pensioner Pensioning Pepper Peppered Peppering Per Annum Perceive Perceived Percentage

Page 8

Percept Percussion Percussing Perfecter Perfectibility Perfective Perfectness Performable Perfumed Perfumer Perfumery Perfuming Perfuse Peril Perimeter Periodic Perish Permeable Permissive Permissory

Page 9

Permitter Perpendicular Perpendicularly Perpetration Perpetuating Perplexed Perry Per Se Persecuting Persevered Persevering Persistingly Persistive Personable Personate Personated Personation Personating Persuade Persuaded Persuading Pertained

Page 10

Pertinent Pertinently Perused Pervert Pervertible Perverting Pester Pet Petal Pew Pewed Phenix Philolgical Philosophy Phone Phoenix Phonograph Photographic Phrased Phrasing Physic Physicist 

Page 11

Physico-logical Picked Picker Pickled Pig Pigeon Pigmentation Pile Pill Pillar Pin Pined Pining Pioneer Pioneered Pioneering Piper Pirate PIrated Piston

Page 12

Pitcher Pitching Pitiful Placer Plague Plainly Plainness Plaint Plan Plank Planned Planner Planning Plantation Planting Plasm Plaster Plastering Platform Platted 

Page 13

Platting Plausible Playfulness Playground Plead Pleader Pleasantly Pleasing Pleasure Pleasurable Pleasuring Pledging Plenty Plenitude Plicate Plier Plighted Plighter Plough Plotting Plugged Plumber 

Page 14

Plump Plunge Plunged Plural Pock Pocketing Pocky Pointing Pointless Poise Poised Poising Poisoning Poisonous Polar Polarize Police Policed Polish Polishing Politely Politeness

Page 15

Politic Poller Polling Pollute Polluted Polygamy Polygon Polymath Polymathic Polytechnic Pontoon Pony Pool Popularity Popularly Populate Portability Porte Porter Portioning 

Page 16

Portrait Portray Portrayal Portrayed Portraying Pose Posing Positively Possibility Postage Possessing Possessor Possessory Possible Possibly Postman Posting Postmortem Postponement Postulate

Page 17

Postulated Postulating Postulate Potable Potion Potter Pouch Pouched Pouching Poultry Pounding Poured Pourer Practicability Practicably Practicality Pragmatic Pragmatical Praiser Prance

Page 18

Pranced Pranked Pranking Prayer Preachment Preamble Precedent Preceding Preceptive Preceptor Preciousness Precise Precisely Precision Precisive Preclusion Preconception Preconcert Preconcerted Preconcerting

Page 19

Predestinarian Predestinate Predial Predicability Predicable Predicted Predicting Predominant Predominate Predominated Predominating  Pre-examined Pre-examining Pre-existence Pre-existing Prefaced Prefacer Prefacing Perfect Preferable Preferential Preferentially

Page 20

Preferment Preferrer Prefixed Prefixing Pregnancy Prejudge Prejudging Prejudgment Prejudication Prejudical Prejudicing Prelude Preluding Prelusion Prematurely Premiere Premised Preoccupation Preoccupied Preparatory Prepayable Prepaying

Page 21

Prepayment Prepossess Prepossession Prerogative Prescription Presence Presence of Mind Presentable Presentee Preserved Preserver  Presentative Presenter Presentment Preservative Preservable Preservation Preside Presided Presidency Presidential Presiding

Page 22

Pressed Presser Pressingly Pressman Pressmark Presumable Presumed Presuming Presupposed Preyed Preying Pretence Pretended Pretending Pretext Pretty Prevalence Preventative Prevented Preventer Preventing Pricked

Page 23

Pricking Prickly Prided Priest Priestlike Priestly Primacy Prima Primate Primed Primely Primer Priming Primness Princely Printing Office Printing Press Prise Prism Prismatic Prison Privation

Page 24

Privity Privileging Prized Prizing Probationer Problematical Proclaiming Profession Profounder Progression Progressional Procreator Proctor Procure Procurer Procuring Produced Profess Professed Proficiently Progressed Progressionist

Page 25

Prohibited Prohibiter Prohibiting Projecting Projector Prolate Prolation Prolative Promisee Promising Promiser Promising Promissory Promoted Promotive Prompter Prompting Promptly Promulgated Promulgating

Page 26

Promulge Promulged Prone Proneness Prong Pronged Pronoun Pronouncer Pronunciation Prop Prosper Propagate Propagated Propagating Prophet Proportionately Proportioning Proposed Propriety Prose Prosecuting Prospector

Page 27

Prospered Prosperity Prosperous Prostate Prostitute Prostituted Prostituting Prostitution Proverb Provincial Provisional Protecting Protector Protectoral Protested Protesting Prototype Protract Proven Provided Providing Proving

Page 28

Provocative Proximate Proximately Proximity Proxy Prude Prudent Psychologically Psychologist Puck Puckering Prudently Prune Pruned Pruner Pry Prying Pseudonymous Psychologic Publicity Pucker Puckered

Page 29

Puckering Puckery Puddled Puddling Puddly Puerperal Puff Ball Puffing Pug Pugged Pumping Puler Puling Pull Back Pulled Puller Pulp Pulsed Pulsing Puma Pumped Pumper

Page 30

Pumpkin Punched Punching Punctuated Punctuating Puncture Punctured Punished Punitive Purporting Purposely  Punster Purchased Pureness Purifier Purifying Purism Purist Purpled Purport Purported Purposer

Page 31

Patty Paused Pauser Pavement Paver Paving Pawing Pawl Pawner Pay-Master Partiality Participant Participative Participle Partisan Partitioned Partitioning Pash Passable Passed

Page 32

Purposing Pursed Pursuing Pushing Puzzling Pyramid Pyrosis Pustulate Puzzled Puzzler

Page 33

Pace, Paced, Pacific, Pacified, Pacifier, Pacify, Pacifying, Pacing, Pack, Package, Packed, Packet, Pact, Pad, Paddle, Paddy, Padlock, Page, Paged, Paid, Pain, Pained, Painful, Painfully, Painless, Pains, Paint, Paint Box

Page 34

Painted, Painter, Painting, Pair, Paired, Pajamas, Palace, Palm, Pamper, Pan, Pancreas, Panel, Panic, Panorama, Pants, Papa, Paper, Parachute, Parade, Paradise, Paragraph, Parallel, Paralysis, Parameter, Paramount, Parcel, Paralyze, Pardon.

Page 35

Pare, Parent, Parental, Park, Parliamentary, Parlour, Parody, Parrot, Part, Partial, Partially, Participate, Participated, Participating, Participation, Particle, Particular, Particularly, Partition, Partly, Partner, Partnership, Parts, Party, Pass, Passage, Pass Book, Passenger.

Page 36

Passing, Passion, Passionate, Passive, Passport, Password, Past, Paste, Pastry, Patch, Patchy, Patent, Path, Patience, Patient, Patriot, Patriotic, Patriotic, Patrol, Pattern, Pause, Paw, Pay, Payable, Payee, Payer, Paying.

Page 37

Payment, Peace, Peaceable, Peaceful, Peacefully, Peach, Peacock, Peak, Peaked, Pearl, Pebble, Peck, Peculiar, Pecuniary, Pedestrian, Peel, Peg, Pen, Penal, Penalty, Pendency, Pending, Penny, Pension, Pensionary, Pen, People.

Page 38

Peopled, Peppermint, Percent, Perception, Perfect, Perfected, Perfecting, Perfection, Perfectly, Perform, Performance, Performed, Performer, Performing, Perfume, Perhaps, Period, Periodic, Periodical, Periodically, Peripheral, Periphery, Perjury, Permanent, Permanently.

Page 39

Permissible, Permissibility, Permission, Permit, Permitted, Permitting, Perpetrate, Perpetrated, Perpetrating, Perpetration, Perpetrator, Perpetual, Perpetually, Perpetuate, Perpetuated, Perpetuation, Perpetuity, Perplex, Perseverance, Perserve, Persist, Persisted, Persistence, Persistent.

Page 40

Persistency, Persisting, Person, Personal, Personality, Personally, Personnel, Perspective, Pertain, Pertaining, Perusal, Peruse, Perusing, Pessimistic, Petition, Petitionary, Petitioner, Petitioned, Petitioning, Petrol, Petroleum, Pharachute, Pharmaceutical, Pharmacist, Phase, Philosopher,

Page 41

Phosphorus, Photo, Photograph, Photographer, Photography, Phrase, Phraseography, Physical, Physically, Physician, Piano, Pianist, Pick, Picking, Pickle, Picnic, Picture, Piece, Piles, Pilgrim, Pillow, Pilot, Pinch, Pine, Ping, Pink, Pioneer.

Page 42

Pipe, Pistol, Pitch, Pitman, Pity, Place, Placed, Plain, Plaintiff, Plane, Planet, Planned, Plant, Planted, Plasma, Plastic, Plate, Play, Played, Player, Playful, Playfully, Plea, Pleaded, Pleading, Pleasant.

Page 43

Please, Pleased, Pledge, Pledged, Plight, Plot, Ploughed, Pluck, Plug, Plumb, Plus, Ply, Plying, Pocket, Poem, Poet, Poetry, Point, Pointed, Pointer, Poison, Poke, Pole, Policy, Polish, Polite, Political.

Page 44

Politically, Politician, Politics, Poll, Pollution, Polluting, Polo, Ponder, Poor, Poorer, Poorly, Popular, Population, Port, Portable, Portal, Portfolio, Portion, Portioned, Position, Positive, Possess, Possessed, Possession, Possessive, Possibility Post.

Page 45

Postal, Post Card, Posted, Poster, Postmaster, Post office, Postpone, Postponed, Postulate, Posture, Potta, Potassium, Potato, Potential, Pound, Pounder, Pour, Poverty, Powder, Power, Powerful, Powerfully, Powerless, Practical, Practicable, Practically.

Page 46

Practice, Practitioner, Praise, Praised, Praise worthy, Praising, Prank, Pray, Prayed, Prayer, Praying, Preach, Preached, Preaching, Precaution, Precautionary, Precede, Preceded, Precedence, Precedent, Preceding, Precept, Precession, Precious, Preciously. 

Page 47

Preclude, Precluded, Precluding, Predecessor, Predict, Preface, Prefer, Preferably, Preference, Preferred, Preferring, Prefix, Pregnant, Prejudice, Preliminarily, Preliminary, Premature, Prematurely, Premier, Premise, Premise, Premium, Prepaid, Preparation.

Page 48

Prepare, Prepared, Preparing, Preposition, Prerequisite, Prescribe, Prescribed, Prescriber, Prescribing, Presence, Present, Presentation, Presented, Presently, Preserve, Preserver, Preserving, President, Press, Pressing, Pressure, Prestige, Presume, Presumably, Presumption, Presuppose, Pretend.

Page 49

Pretext, Prevail, Prevailed, Prevailing, Prevalent, Prevent, Prevention, Previous, Previously, Prey, Price, Priceless, Pricing, Prick, Prickle, Pride, Priest, Prill, Prim, Prima, Primarily, Primary, Prime, Prince, Princess, Principle, Principled, Print.

Page 50

Printed, Printer, Printing, Prior, Priority, Prisoner, Privacy, Private, Privilege, Privileged, Prize, Probability, Probable, Probably, Probation, Probational, Probationary, Probe, Problem, Procedure, Proceed, Proceeded, Proceeding, Process, Proclaim, Proclaimed, Proclaimer.

Page 51

Proclamation, Procured, Procurement, Produce, Produced, Producer, Product, Production, Productive, Profession, Professional, Professor, Professionally, Proficiency, Proficient, Profile, Profit, Profitable, Profitably, Programme, Progress, Progressing, Progressive, Progressively.

Page 52

Prohibit, Prohibition, Project, Projected, Prolong, Prolonged, Prolonging, Prominent, Prominently, Promise, Promote, Promoter, Promoting, Promotion, Prompt, Prompted, Promulgate, Promulgation, Pronounce, Pronounced, Pronouncement, Pronouncing.

Page 53

Proof, Proof Reader, Propaganda, Proper, Properly, Property, Proportion, Proportionate, Proportioned, Proposal, Propose, Proposing, Proposition, Proprietor, Prosecute, Prosecuted, Prosecution, Prosecutor, Prosecutrix, Prospect, Prospective, Prospectus, Protect, Protected.

Page 54

Protection, Protective, Protein, Protest, Protestor, Protocol, Proud, Prove, Proved, Provide, Provident, Providently, Province, Provision, Provisionally, Proviso, Provocation, Provoke, Provoked, Provoking, Prudence, Psychology.

Page 55

Psychological, Public, Publication, Publish, Publisher, Publishing, Pull, Pulling, Pulse, Pump, Punch, Puncher, Punctual, Punctuality, Punctually, Punctuate, Punctuation, Punish, Punishable, Punisher, Punishing, Punishment, Pupil, Puppy, Purchase.

Page 56

Purchaser, Purchasing, Pure, Purely, Purest, Purification, Purified, Purify, Purity, Purple, Purpose, Purposeful, Purposed, Purposing, Purse, Pursual, Pursuant, Pursue, Pursued, Pursuit, Purview, Push, Pushed, Put, Putting, Puzzle, Python, Put off.

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