English Shorthand Court All Legal Words outlines aaj apke saath share karne laga hoon. English Shorthand Court All Legal Words  outlines court se related jitne bhi word dictation mai use hote hai woh sabhi apko provide kiya jaa rahe hai.

English Shorthand Court All Legal Words

Aap sabhi ko pata hi hai court steno exam mai sabhi words judgment mai se hi bole jate hai jo bar bar repeat bhi hote hai. 

Alag alag judgment search karke Mujhe court shorthand se related jitne bhi words search karke mile woh sare words apko share karunga taki apki help ho sake.

Court stenographer paper mai jitne bhi words bole jate hai woh sabhi isi article mai hai.

Aap sabhi words ki practice karke court ke exam ke liye perfect ho sakte hai.

Jaise jaise new words milte rahenge hum update karte rahnge isi article mai.

www.punjabishorthand.com की लिखित अनुमति के बिना इस शब्द का कोई शॉर्टेंड हिस्सा किसी भी या संक्षिप्त में पुन: उत्पन्न नहीं किया जा सकता है

अंग्रेजी शॉर्टेंड कोर्ट सभी कानूनी शब्द / रूपरेखा

1. First Page

Abondon, Abortion, Absolute, Accept, Acceptance, Access, Accommodation, Acknowledge, Acknowledgment, Act, Action, Actionable, Actual, Ad Valorem, Adjourn, Administrative, Administrator, Admission, Admit, Adopt, Adoption, Advance.

2. Second Page

Adverse, Advisory, Affidavit, Affix, Affirmation, Agent, Agency, Agreement, Alias, Alternative, Allegation, Alleged, Amend, Amnesty, Answer, Appeal, Appearance, Appellate Court, Appraiser, Appreciate, Approach, Arbitrator.

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3. Third Page

Argument, Arrears, Arrest, Article, Assault, Assess, Assignment, Association, Assume, Assumption, Assured, Attached, Attachment, Attempt, Attest, Attestation, Attorney, Audit, Auditor, Authority, Authorize, Award.

4. Fourth Page

Bail, Bond, Bailment, Balance, Bank, Bankruptcy,Bar, Bargain, Basis, Battery, Belief, Bench, Brief, Beneficiary, Benefit, Bias, Bifurcate, Bill, Blackmail, Bona fide, Bond, Breach.

5. Fifth Page

Broker, Burden, Burglary, Calendar, Call, Cancel, Cancellation, Capital, Care, Carrier, Casual, Cause, Chamber, Charge, Check, Chief Justice, Civil, Civil code, Civil Law, Civil Procedure Code, Claim.

6. Sixth Page

Class, Clerk, Code, Collusion, Comment, Commission, Commitment, Communal, Company, Compensation, Competent, Complaint, Complainant, Compound, Conclusion, Concurrent, Condition, Confession, Confidence, Consign, Consignment, Contingent.

7. Seventh Page

Continuance, Contract, Contribution, Control, Convey, Convict, Conviction, Costs, Counsel, Counsellor, Course, Court, Credibility, Crime, Criminal, Cross Examination, Cruel, Cruelty, Custody, Damage, Debtor, Declaration.

8. Eight Page

Decree, Dedication, Default, Defamation, Defect, Defective, Defendant, Defence, Delegate, Deliberate Deliberation, Delinquent, Demand, Denial, Deposition, Depreciate, Devise, Diligence, Disability, Discharge, Disclaimer, Discovery.

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9. Nine Page

Discretion, Dishonor, Dismiss, Dismissal, Distinguish, Distribution, Distribute, Divorce, Document, Domicile, Dowry, Draft, Draw, Duty, Ejectment, Election, Element, Embezzlement, Emergency, Emolument, Employee, Employer.

10. Ten Page

Enclose, Encroachment, Endorse, Enjoin, Entity, Equitable, Equity, Equivalent, Error, Evidence, Ex Parte, Examination, Exception, Exchange, Exceptor, Excise, Execute, Executor, Exhibit, Expense, Express, Extension.

11. Eleven Page

Eye Witness, Fact, Factor, Failure, Family, Free, Felony, Finding, Forum, Fraud, Garnish, Garnishment, Grant, Guardian, Gust, Guilty, Habeas Corpus, Harass, Harassment, Hearing, Held, House Hold.

12. Twelve Page

Illegal, Immaterial, Immediate, Immunity, Impeachment, Implied, Income, Income Tax, Incorporate, Indigent, Inquiry, Injunction, Insertion, Inter Alia, Interest, Interim, Interlocutory, Interrogation, Intervene, Invest, Issue.

13. Thirteen Page

Jeopardy, Joinder, Judge, Judgment, Judicial, Judiciary, Jurisdiction, Jurisprudence, Justice, Juvenile, Labor Court, Law, Lawful, Leading, Legal, Legal Action, Legal Service, Legitimate, Letters, Liability, Liberty, Lien.

14. Fourteen Page

Litigant, Lower Court, Magistrate, Make, Majority, Mandamus, Mandate, Mandatory, Marriage, Marshal, Master, Material, May, Mediation, Memorandum, Merger, Mitigation, Monopoly, Mortgage, Motion, Murder, Negligence.

15. Fifteen Page

Negligent, Nominee, Notice, Oath, Object, Objection, Obligation, Offender, Offer, Officer, Opinion, Option, Order, Ordinary, Owner, Pardon, Participate, Partner, Patent, Pecuniary, Penal, Penalty.

16. Sixteen Page

Perfect, Perform, Performance, Permit, Person, Personality, Petition, Petitioner, Plaintiff, Plea, Plead, Pleading, Pledge, Police, Police Court, Political, Possess, Possession, Post, Power, Pray, Prayer.

17. Seventeen Page

Precedent, Preference, Premised, Preliminary, Prescription, Presumption, Prima Facie, Privilege, Procedure, Process, Product, Promise, Proof, Property, Prosecute, Prosecution, Prosecutor, Protest, Provisional, Proviso, Public, Publish.

18. Eighteen Page

Public, Quash, Quasi, Query, Rape, Ratification, Realty, Record, Recover, Recovery, Redemption, Register, Release, Relevant, Relief, Remote, Rent, Reports, Request, Residence, Resident, Residue.

19. Nineteen Page

Respondent, Responsible, Reinstatement, Restriction, Restraint, Result, Retire, Review, Revival, Rights, Riot, Risk, Robbery, Ruling, Rule, Sale, Sanction, Satisfaction, Search, Security, Seizure, Self Defence.

20. Twenty Page

Sell, Seller, Sentence, Separation, Servant, Service, Services, Session, Setting, Settle, Settlement, Share, Share Holder, Sign, Special, Standing, State, Statue, Stay, Stock, Street, Strike.

21. Twenty One Page

Submitted, Subordination, Subscribe, Substitution, Suicide, Summons, Summary, Supra, Supreme Court, Surety, Surrender, Survivor, Sustain, Take, Tax, Tenancy, Tender, Tenure, Term, Testify, Testimony, Title.

22. Twenty Two Page

Trade, Trader, Transcript, Transfer, Transferred, Trial, Trial Court, Tribunal, Trust, Unconstitutional, Unlawful, Use, Vacate, Vendor, Venue, Verdict, Verification, Waive, Ward, Warrant, Warranty, Widow.

23. Twenty Three Page

Civil Action, Complex Litigation, Conditional Discharge, Court Appointed Attorney, Court Clerk, Court Monitor, Court Reporter, Custody Affidavit, Court Services Officer, Disposition, Docket, Drug Court, Execution Suspended, Failure to Appear, Foreclosure, Hearsay, Hung Jury, Incarceration, Infraction, Investigatory Grand Jury, Juror, Juvenile Delinquent.

24. Twenty Four Page

Law Librarian, Legal Aid, Legal Service, Legal Custody, Lockout, Mittimus Judgment, Movant, Moving Party, Parole, Perjury, Posting Bond, Post Judgment, Pretrial, Promise to Appear, Public Defender, Referee, Revocation Hearing, Rule to Show Cause, Senior Judge, Sentencing, Sentences, Serious Juvenile Offender.

25. Twenty Five Page

States Attorney, Subpoena, Time Served, Unconditional Discharge, Visitation, Voir Dire, Youth, Youthful Offender, Committal, Dissent, Incriminate, Justiciability, Mistrial, Regina, Rehearing, Remand, Retrial, Test Case, Sentence Bargaining, Plea Bargaining, Leapfrog Appeal, Docket.

26. Twenty Six Page

Abandonment, Abatement, Abduction, Abignition, Abscond, Absolute discharge, Absolute owner, Absolute privilege, Abuttals, Accessory, Accomplice, Accumulation, Accused, Acquit, Act of God, Actual Loss, Actuary, Actus Reus, Ademption, Adhoc, Adidem, Adjournment.

27.  Twenty Seven Page

Adjudge, Adjudicate, Adjudication, Admonition, Adverse witness, Affray, Airspace, Alibi, Alienation, Alleviate, Amalgamation, Ambiguity, Amnesty, Annuitant, Antecedents, Appointee, Arraignment, Assent, Assurance, Attest.

28. Twenty Eight Page

Baillee, Bailiff, Bailor, Bare Trustee, Barrister, Barter, Battery, Bequeath, Bill of lading, Bill of sale, Bodily Harm, Breach of contract, Break clause, Bridle way, Canon Law, Careless driving,Care Order, Cartel, Causation, Caveat, Certiorari, Chancery Division. 

29. Twenty Nine Page

Chargeable Event, Chattel, Cheat, Chief Rent, Child Abuse, Chose, Circuit Judge, Citation, Clearing Bank, Codicil, Codifying, Coercion, Collateral, Commorientes, Concealment, Confiscation, Consecutive, Consignee, Consignor, Conveyancing, Coroner, Counter claim.

30. Thirty Page

Counterfeit, Covenant, Crow Court, Debenture, Deceit, Derogation, Devise, Diocese, Discretionary, Drawee, Duress, Easement, Engrossment, Escrow, Exclusions, Executory, Extradition, Pretence, Covert, Feu, Fiduciary, Forbearance.

31. Thirty One Page

Foreclosure, Fostering, Fraudulent, Guarantor, Hearsay, Indict, Indictment, Intestacy, Intimidation, Joyriding, Juror, Kerb, Kidnap, Lease, Legacy, Legatee, Lessee, Libel, Liquidation, Liquidator, Matricide.

32. Thirty Two Page

Messuage, Misdirection, Misrepresentation, Mistrial, Moratorium, Mortgagee, Notary, Novation, Nuisance, Obligee, Obligor, Offeree, Offeror, Oppression, Originating summons, Panel, Pardon, Patent, Per, Perjury, Pledge, Poaching.

33. Thirty Three Page

Polygamy, Preamble, Precedent, Precept, Privity, Procurator, Promise, Promisor, Prostitution, Proxy, Quango, Quorum, Rape, Rack, Racial, Reinsurance, Reprieve, Rescission, Restitution, Revocation, Salvage, Scrip.

34. Thirty Four Page

Settler, Sherif, Shoplifting, Slander, Smuggling, Sold Note, Soliciting, Squatter, Stalking, Stipendiary, Subduct, Sue, Suit, Summary judgment, Supra, Surety, Suspended, Teeming, Terra, Testator, Testify, Time Share.

35. Thirty Five Page

Toll, Trademark, Trespassing, Under Lease, Handwriting, Vendee, Ward of Court, Wayleave, Words of Art, Writ of Execution, Young Offender.

36. Thirty Six Page

Acquiescence, Acquire, Acquittal, Act, Actionable Wrong, Actus Non Facit, Actus Reus, Fortiori, Priori, Ab Initio, Abet, Abetment, Abeyance, Abrogate, Absconder, Abusive, Acceleration, Accomplice, Accrue, Accusation.

37. Thirty Seven Page

Admiralty, Suffrage, Adulterated, Adultery, Affranchise, Age of Consent, Alien, Alienate, Allegiance, Alter Ego, Amicus Curiae, Animus Domini, Annuitant, Annuity, Antedate, Appraisal, Appraiser, Arson, As the case may be, Accessor.

38. Thirty Eight Page

Asylum, Aver, Avulsion, Ballot, Bearer, Bequest, Bestiality, Bigamy, Capricious, Caption, Caretaker, Causa Mortis, Cause of Action, Census, Ceremonials, Charity, Charter, Chattel, Circuit Court, Church Law.

39. Thirty Nine Page

Circuit Judge, Civil Rights, Class Action, Client, Clue, Code of Conduct, Code of Criminal Procedure, Codicil, Codify, Co Extensive, Cognate, Cohabitation, Consanguinity, Colonial, Commerce, Commingling, Commodity, Communicable, Compilation, Concur.

40. Forty One Page

Condominium, Conduct of suit, Confiscate, Connivance, Conscience, Res Judicata, Construe, Consulate, Connivance, Contempt of Court, Contemptuous, Coparcenary, Copyright Notice, Corroborate, Offence, Culpable, Curator, Curfew, Custodian, Custody of Court.

41. Forth One Page

De Facto, De Jure, De Novo, Dealer, Decapitation, Deceit, Declarant, Determinable, Detinue, Diplomatic, Disallow, Discovery, Discount, Discretionary Power, Disentitle, Disgraceful, Dispossess, Distraint, Diversion, Doll in Capax.

42. Forty Two Page

Domestic Violence, Donee, Donor, Down Payment, Drawer, Ecclesiastical Law, Efficacious, Egress, Eleemosynary, Elucidation, Emancipation, Embezzle, Embezzler, Encumbrance, Endownment, Enjoin, Entertian Appeal, Estate, Estoppel, Euthanasia.

43. Forty Three Page

Evasion, Evict, Ex Officio, Ex Post facto, Exhaustion, Expropriation, Expunge, Fair & Accurate, Fair & Correct, Fair & Just, Foreman, Forensic, Forged, Fornication, Forthwith, Foster Care, Foster Child, Free Law Movement, Gag, Gambling.

44. Forty Four Page

Genercide, Goodwill, Grant Deed, Gratuitous, Grantor, Guilt, Halliday, Hatch Act, Guardian Ship, Hearsay, Hearse, Heinous, Holder, Holograph, Hotch potch, Illusory, Impanel, Improvident, Impute, Incapcitated.

45. Forty Five Page

Incarceration, Incest, Lessor, Incorporeal, Encumbered, Encumbrance, Jump Bail, Intoto, Incapacitated, Involuntary, Jade, Jobber, Jurist, Justifiable, Juvenile Court, Lemon Laws, Lessor, Lineal, Locus Standi.

46. Forty Six Page

Magna Carta, Maim, Maifeasance, Manifesto, Mens Rea, Mercantile Law, Mesne, Modus Operandi, Moiety, Monopoly, Moratarium, National Green Tribunal, Legal Service Authority, Novation, Nuisance, Null and Void, Notation, Nullity, Obscenity, Octoi.

47. Forty Seven Page

Oligarchy, Ombudsman, Omnibus Bill, Omnibus Clause, Onerous, Onus Probandi, Outlawed, Parricide, Payer, Payee, Pendent Lite, Per Capita, Pillory, Plenary, Plenum Dominium, Polygammy, Preservation, Pro Rata, Process Server, Quo Warranto.

48. Forty Eight Page

Ratification, Ratio Decidedness, Ratio Legis, Real Property, Reciprocity, Rescission, Reckless, Record Keeper, Recoupment, Referee, Promissory, Promoter, Prostitute, Provocation, Public Prosecutor, Queens Bench, Remainder, Reprieve, Remunication.

49. Forty Nine Page

Repudiaiton, Restition, Sequester, Sequestration, Severability, Severance, Slander, Solatium, Sobriety, Solvency, Squatting, Stare Decisis, Statute, Subgrated, Subrogation, Suo Motu, Syndicate, Tangible, Testament, Tort.

50. Fifty Page

Tortfeasor, Transferee, Treason, Unalienable, Enrichment, Unliquidated, Unsufruct, Unsufructuary, Vagrancy, Vicarious, Vires, Viz, War Crimes, Wash Sale, Wind Up, Widower, Wrongful Act, Zero Hours, Zoning, World Court.

51. Fifty One Page

Marlas, Kanals, Batai, Khasra,  Girdawari, Gair,  Mourusi, Multifareousness, Jamabandi, Kharif, Biswas, Gharsi, Lambardar, Bighas, Bhiwani, Killa, Patwari, Jamabandies, Rapat, Roznamcha

52. Fifty Two Page

Bereft, Talukdars, Jagirdars, Zilaparishads, Panchyat Samities, Acres, Zumla Malkan, Pattedar, Phirni, Vedic Time, Kothi, Killas, Kanal, co-sharership, Relinquishment, Indulgence, Continuity, Phul, Square, Gram Panchayat

53. Fifty Three Page

Gaon Sabha, Shamlat, Khatoni, Mutation, Mumkin, Johri, Unculturable, Rabi, Chhapar, Sowed, Fodder, Kharif, Dale, Pond, Khatedars, Malies, Plots, Foiled, Naksha, Companions

54. Fifty Four Page

Almirah, Postpoining, Ravi, Marias, Min Grab, Sharak, Corollary, Falsity, Undisputable, Tying, Pinkish, Chaddar, Phial, Forbearing, Stance, Otiose, Fatally, Unison, Statutorily, Unbridled

55. Fifty Four Page

Crystally, Khatauni,  Khewat, Khasra Number, Kita Number, Vassiat, Hiba, Billa, Hadbast Number, Mushqueel, Murrabha,  Rectangle, Lal Dora, Chahi, Nahri, Abadi, Banjar, Khud Kast, Dakhildar, Pakkee

56. Fifty Six Page

Mujahire, Rehan, Aadrehan, Hectare, Sajra, Latha, Fard, Haquit, Aabi, Abadi Deh, Ad-Rahin, Aks Shajra, Alamat, Anyror, Awaal, Doaym, Soyam, Hukam Adalat, Badastur, Bahissa

57. Fifty Seven Page

Barabar, Bai, Banaam, Bandobast, Banjari, Jadid, Kadim, Bartan, Baya, Bewa, Bhulchk, Bhumidar, Biswansi, Chaharam, Chahi Mustar, Chak Tashkhish, Chakautha, Chari, Chaukidar, Chkota 

58. Fifty Eight Page

Lagaan, Changar, Millet, Centares, Dehinda, Dholi, Dittam, Do Fasali, Dukhtar, Cesses, Badr, Garv, Gerinda, Kanungo, Gosha, Goth, Green Zone, Guntha, Haal, Hadbast

59. Fifty Nine  Page

Hadh, Seema, Hamsheera, Haqdar, Hibba, Hujur, Ikrarnama, Intkal, Jadid, Jalsa Aam, Janib, Janub, Jawar, Jinsavar, Jwar, Kalan, Kalar, Kankoot, Kanooni, Karam 

60. Sixty Page

Karguzari, Khaka, Khali Saal Tamam, Kharaba, Min, Denominator, Khata, Paimaish, Kilabandi, Kurki, Bilmukta, Lal Kitaab, Lamberdar, Latha, Lathi, Lavald, Mahaal, Malguzari, Malik, Mauza

61. Sixty One Page

Mazrua, Krisht, Akrisht, Mend, Misal, Haqiyat, Rahin, Mujaara, Mukhtiarnama, Mundraza, Murthain, Musavi, Mustari, Naib, Tehsildar, Nakal, Nambardar, Nautand, Neelaam, Nisafi

62. Sixty Two Page

Paimaish, Pital, Parat, Patwar, Pattanama, Patti, Taraf, Thola, Panna, Pisar, Mutbanna, Wald, Saalana, Sabik, Sakunat, Salam, Shajra, Kishtwar, Nasab, Parcha

63. Sixty Three Page

Deh, Shark, Shumal, Khaka, Dasti, Tabadala, Tabdeel, Malkiat, Taccavi, Takseem, Taksim, Tarmeem, Tatima, Teen, Chaharam, Tihai, Varsal, Virasat, Waldiyat, Walid

64. Sixty Four Page

Walida, Waris, Wasil, Baqi, Baki Nawis, Wattar, Wazib, Arj, Peshani, Yard, Zamindar, Zameendar Zone, Zoning, Barani, Sarpanch, Silver, Poppy, Graft, Bark, Bangle

Kacha Road, Paka Road, Malkin, Daang, Razinama, Razeenama Malkina

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