English Shorthand A Alphabet Outlines mai apke saath share krne wala hoon. English Shorthand A Alphabet Outlines mai jitne bhi A se word shuru hote hai unko cover karne ki koshish ki gayi hai.


Mai chahta hoon ki jitne important words A se realted hai mai unko cover karu. Taki apki help ho sake outlines mai. 

Day by day A se related alphabet words update hote rahenge website par. Jaise jaise new words search karke hum outlines apko provide karte rahenga. 

Aapke liye jitna easy ho sakta hai apko sabhi outlines provide ki jayengi. 

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Pitman English Shorthand Dictionary
Pitman English Shorthand Dictionary

Page 1

Aaronic, Aaronical, Abandoned Abandonee ,Abandoning, Abandonment Abatement, Abating, Abatis Abatised ,Abattoir , Abdicant, Abdicated ,Abdicating ,Abdicative, Abdicator, Abditory, Abdomen Abdominal, Abdominscopy, Abdominous ,Abderite

English Shorthand Outlines Page 1

Page 2

Abb ,Abba, Abbacy ,Abbatial, Abbatical, Abbe, Abbess, Abbot, Abbreviating, Abbreviation ,Abducing Abducted ,Abducting Abductor, Abecedarian ,Abe,d Abele, Abelian ,Abelite ,Aberarncy

Page 3

Aberraunt ,Abrration ,Abet, Abetted, Abetting, Abetter  ,Abhor ,Abhorred, Abhorrence ,Abhorrent, Abhorrer, Abhorring ,Abider ,Abidding ,Abidingly, Abigail, Abintestate, Abiogenesis, Abject ,Abjection

Page 4

Abjuration, Abjuratory, Abjure ,Abjured ,Abjure,r Abjuring, Ablactation, Ablation, Ablative ,Ablaze ,Able Bodied ,Ablegate, Ablnent, Ablution ,Ablutionary, Ably, Abnegate, Abnegated, Abnegating, Abnegation

Page 5

Abode Abolitionism ,Abolitionist, Abominable ,Abominate ,Abominated, Abomination, Aboriginal Abortion ,Abrahamite, Abrassion, Abrasive, Abridged, Abridging, Abridgment ,Abrogated, Abrogating Abrogation ,Abscess, Abscind

Page 6

Abscission ,Absconder ,Absconding, Absenting ,Absinth ,Absinthian ,Absinthiate ,Absinthiated Absinthism, Absoluteness ,Absolutism, Absolutist Absolutory ,Absolvatory, Absolved ,Absolver Absolving, Absonant, Absorbability, Absorbable 

Page 7

Absorbed ,Absorptive, Abstaine,d Abstemious ,Abstemiousness, Absterged, Abstergent, Absterging Absterse, Abstractness ,Abstersion ,Abstersive ,Abstinence ,Abstinen,t Abstinently, Abstractedly Abstractedness, Abstracter, Abstraction, Abstractive

Page 8

Abstrusely, Abstruseness, Absurd, Absurdity, Absurdly, Absurdness ,Abundance,Abundant ,Abundantly, Abused, Abusing, Abusiveness, Abut, Abutment, Abuttal, Abutted, Abutting, Abysm Abyss, Abyssinian

Page 9

Acacia, Acacian, Academian ,Academician ,Acadian, Acalephae ,Acantha ,Acanthine ,Acardiac, Acarus, Acataclectic  ,Acatalepsy ,Acatalepstic ,Acaulous, Accadian ,Accelerative, Accelerator Acceleratory, Accendible ,Accension, Accented, Accelerating

Page 10

Accenting, Accentor, Accentual, Accentuate, Accentuated, Accentuating Accentuation, Acceptableness, Accepting, Accessary, Acclimatize, Accession Accessorial, Acciaccatura, Accidentally, Accidie, Accipient, Accipiter, Accipitrine Acclamatory, Acclimation, Acclimatization

Page 11

Acclimatized, Acclimatizing, Acclivity, Acclivous, Accolade, Accommodator Accompaniment, Accompanist, Accompanying, Accomplishable, Accomplishing,  Accordancy, Accordant, Accordantly, Accorded, Accorder, Accordion, Accost Accostable, Accosted ,Accosting, Accouchement

Page 12

Accouncheur ,Accoucheuse, Accountableness, Accountantship, Account-book, Accouple, Accoupled, Accoupling, Accoutre, Accoutured, Accourting, Accrescence, Accrescent, Accretion, Accretive, Accroachment, Accrued, Accubation, Accumulative, Accumulatively, Accumulator, Accurateness

Page 13

Accurse Accursed Accursing Accusable Accusant Accusation Accusative Accusatively Accusatory Accuser Accustom Accustomarily Accustomary Accustoming Acedia Aceldama Acentric Acephala Acephalous Acer Acerate Acerbate

Page 14

Acerbity Acerose Acervate Acesence Acescency Acescent Acetarious Acetary Acetate Acetated Acetic Acetified Acetify Acetfying Acetone Acetose Acetosity Acetous Acetum Acetylene Achean Achaian 

Page 15

Acheron Achiever Achor Achromatic Achromatism Achromatize Acicular Aciculate Aciculiform Acidiferous Acidification Acidified Acidifier Acidify Acidifying Acidimeter Aciduale Acidulated Acidulating Acidulation Acidulous Aciform

Page 16

Acme Acne Acock Acology Acolyte Aconite Aconitine Acorned Acorned Acotyledon Acotyledonous Aconohy Acoustic Acoustical Acquaintanceship Acquest Acquiesce Acquiesced Acquiescence Acquiescent Acquiescing Acquirability 

Page 17

Acquirement Acquirer Acquiring Acquisitive Acquistively Acquisitveness Acquit Acquitment Acquittal Acquittance Acquitted Acrasy Acre Acreage Acrid Acridity Acridness Acrimonious Acrimoniously Acrimoniousness Acrimony Acritical

Page 18

Acroatic Acrobat Acrocearannian Acrogen Acrogenous Acrography Acrolith Acropolis Acrospire Acrospired Across Acrostic Acrostically Acroteria Actinic Actiniform Actinism Actinograph Actinology Actinometer Actionary Actionist

Page 19

Actionless Actanlize Actuarial Actuarially Actuary Actuate Actuated Actuation Aculeate Acumen Acuminate Acuminated Acumination Acupressure Acupuncuturation Acupuncture Adactyl Adage Adagio Adamant Adamantean Adamantine 

Page 20

Adamic Adamite Adapt Adaptability Adaptable Adaptableness Adaptation Adapted Adapter Adapting Adaptive Addenda Adder Addible Addictedness Addicting Adding Addle Addled Addled headed Addle pated Addling

Page 21

Addressee Addresser Addressing Alducent Adducible Adducing Adduct Adduction Adductive Adductor Adeling Adelopode Adelphia Ademption Adeuography Adenoid Adenology Adenoma Adenose Adenotomy Adenous Adept

Page 22

Adherency Adherent Adherently Adherer Adhering Adhesion Adhesively Adhesiveness Adhibit Adhibited Adhibition Adiaphorous Adieu Adipocerate Adipocere Adipose Adiposity Adit Adjacence Adajency Adjacent Adjacently

Page 23

Adject Adjected Adjecting Adjectival Adjective Adjectively Adjoining Adjudge Adjudged Adjudging Adjunct Adjunctive Adjunctively Adjunctly Adjuration Adjuratory Adjurer Adjuring Adjuster Adjusting Adjustive Adjutancy

Page 24

Adjutant Adjutor Adjuvant Admeasure Admeasurment Administrate Administration Administrative Administrator ship Administratrix Admirability Admiral Admiralship Admiralty Admiration Admire Admirer Admiring Admissory Admitted Admitter Admix 

Page 25

Admixed Admixation Admixture Admonish Admonlished Admonisher Admonishing Admonition Admonitor Admonitory Admortization Adnascence Adnate Adnominal Ado Adobe Adolescence Adolscency Adolscent Adonai Adonean Adonic

Page 26

Adopter Adoptionist Adoptive Adorableness Adoration Adored Adorer Adoring Adorn Adorner Adorning Adornment Adown Adrip Adrogation Adroit Adroitly Adroitness Adry adscript Adulate Adscititious 

Page 27

Adulation Adnlator Adulatory Adulterant Adulterate Adulterating Adulterator Adulterer Adulteress Adulterous Adulterously Adultery Adultness Adumbra Adumbrant Adumbrate Adumbrated Adumbrating Adumbration Aduncate Aduncous Advance

Page 28

Advancer Advancive Advangeous Advantaging Advene Adventitious Adventitiously Adventititousness Adventual Adventured Adventurer Adventuresome Adventuress Adventuring Adventurous Adventurously Adventurousness Adverb Adverbial Adverbially Adversenss Advertence 

Page 29

Advertency Advertent Advertently Adverting Advertised Advertiser Advisableness Advise Advisedly Advisement Advisory Advocateship Advowson Adynamia Advocating Adynamic Adytum Aedile Agean Aegis Aegrotat Aenedid 

Page 30

Aeolian Aeon Aerate Aerated Aerating Aeration Aerie Aerification Aerified Aerodrome Aerodynamics Aerometry Aerography Aerolite Aerolith Aerolitic Aerological Aerologist Aerolgy Aeromancy Aerometer Aerometric 

Page 31

Aeronaut Aeronautic Aeronautics Aerophyte Aeroplanist Aeroscopy Aerostat Aerostatics Aerostation Aery Aesculapain Aesculapius Aesthetic Aesthetical Afeard Affability Affable Affableness Affably Affectation Affected Affectedness 

Page 32

Affectible Affecting Affectionately Affectionateness Affectioned Affiance Affianced Affiancer Affiancing Affiche Affied Affiliated Affiliating Affinage Affirmable Affirmably Affirmance Affirmant Affirmation Affirmative Affirmatively Affirmed 

Page 33

Affirmer Affirming Affix Affixture Afflated Afflation Afflatus Afflicted Afflicter Afflicting Affliction Afflictive Affluence Affluency Affluent Afflux Afforded Affording Afforest Afforestation Affranchise Affranchisement 

Page 34

Affreight Affright Affrighted Affrighter Affrighting Affront Affronted Affronting Affrontive Affused Affusing Affusion Afghan Afield Afire Afloat Afore Aforegoing Affot Aforenamed Aforethought Afortiori

Page 35

Afoul Afresh Afric Africander Afrit Aft Afterbirth Afterclap Aftercrop Afterdamp Aftermath After thought Afterwards Agalma Agamist Agamous Agapae  Agape Agapemone Agaric Agasp Agate 

Page 36

Agave Agaze Agazed Agglomerate Agglomerated Agglomerating Agglomeration Agglutinated Agglutinating Agglutination Aggrandize Aggravating Aggregately Aggregating Aggression Aggrievance Aggroup Aggrieving Aggrouping Agileness Agistor Agitate 

Page 37

Agitation Aglet Aglow Agmatology Agnail Agnate Agnatic Agnation Agnition Agnomen Agnostic Agnosticism Agonic Agonist Agonistes Agonistic Agonistical Agonize Agonized Agonizing Agonizingly 

Page 38

Agora Agouti Agraphia Agrarian Agrarianism Agrarianzie Agreeableness Agreement Agrestic Agriculture Agrimony Agriology Agrostography Agrostology Aground Aguish Aha Ahead Aheap Ahem Ahoy Ahull

Page 39

Aidance Aided Aider Aiding Aigret Agirette Ailed Ailing Aimed Aiming Aimless Ain't Airbrake Aircells Aired Airly Airless Air Shaft Airship Airy Aisle Ait 

Page 40

Ajar Akimbo Akin Alabaster Alack Alack a Day Alacrity Alar Alarmingly Alarmist Alarum Alary Alas Alb Albanian Albata Albatross Albeit Albescent Albnin Albiness Albinsim 

Page 41

Albino Albinoism Albugo Album Albumen Albumin Albuminize Albuminized Albuminoid Albuminuric Albuminous Alburnum Alcaic Alchemic Alchemical Alchemist Alchemistic Alchemy Alcoholize Alcoran Alcoranic Alcove 

Page 42

Aldebaran Aldehyde Alderman Aldermanic Aldine Ale Aleak Aleatory Alee Alehoof Alegar Alembic Aleuromancy Aleurometer Aleutian Aleutic Alewife Alexandrian Alexandrine Alga Algal Algebra 

Page 43

Albebraic Algebraical Algebraist Algerine Algol Algor Algorism Algum Alhambra Alias Alibi Alienability Alienage Alienate Alinated Alienating Alienation Alienator Alienee Alenism Alight Alighting 

Page 44

Align Aliment Alimental Alimentation Alimentiveness Alimonious Aliped Aliquant Aliquot Alish Alive Alizarine Alkahest Alkalescent Alkali Alkaliflable Alkalifed Alkalify Alkalifying Alkalimetry Alkalinity Alkalization 

Page 45

Alkalize Alkalized Alkalizing Alkaloid Alkanet Allanite Allantoid Allantois Allaying Alledged Alledging Allegiance Allegorical Allegorize Allegory Allegretto Allegrissimo Allegro Allemande Alleviative Alleviator Alley

Page 46

All Hail All Hallows Allies Alligation Alligator Alliterate Alliterated Alliterating Alliteration Alliterative Allocating Alloeution Allodial Allodium Allonge Allopathic Allopathically Allopathist Allopathy Allowable Allowableness Allowably

Page 47

Allowancing Alloyage Alloyed Alloying All Souls All Spice Allude Alluded Alluding Allured Allurement Allurer Alluringly Allusion Allusive Allusively Allusory Alluvial Alluvion Alluvium All Wise Ally 

Page 48

Allying Almagest Almamater Almanac Almandine Almandite Almighty Almoner Almoury Alms Almuce Almug Aloe Aloetic Aloetical Aloft Alogotorophy Alongside Aloof Allofness Alopecia Alpaca 

Page 49

Alpenstock Alpha Alphabetarian Alphabetic Alphabetical Alphus Alsatia Alsatian Alsike Altaic Altarage Altar Cloth Altar Piece Alterableness Alterably Alterant Altercate Altercating Alteraction Altern Alternate Alternately 

Page 50

Alveolar Alveolate Alveoli Alveolus Alvine Always Always AM Amadou Amah Amain Amalgamate Amalgamated Amalgamation Amarnath Amaranthine Amaranthus Amaryllis Amass Amassed Amassing Amassment 

Page 51

Alternative Alternatively Although Alimeter Altimetry Alto Alto Relievo Altruism Altruist Altruistic Aludel Alum Alumina Aluminate Aluminated Aluminiferous Aluminite Aluminium Aluminous Alumish Alumnus Alveary 

Page 52

Amateur Amateurish Amative Amativeness Amatory Amaurosis Amaurotic Amazed Amazingly Amazonian Ambage Ambassador Ambergris Ambidexter Ambidexterity Ambiderxtrous Ambidextrously Ambignousness Ambition Ambitiously Ambled Ambler 

Page 53

Ambling Amblyopia Ambrosia Ambrosial Ambrosian Ambrotype Ambulanti Amublation Amublatory Amburry Ambuscade Ambuscaded Ambuscading Ambush Ambushed Ameer Ameliorate Ameliorated Ameliorating Amelioration Ameliorative Amen 

Page 54

Amenability Amenable Amendable Amended Amender Amending Amendment Amentia Amentum Amerce Amerceable Amercement Amercer Amercing Amess Amethyst Amethystine Amharlic Amiability Amiable Amiableness Amiably 

Page 55

Amianthus Amicability Amicableness Amice Amidine Amidships Ammonia Ammonical Ammonite Amnesia Amnesic Amnion Amniotic Amoeba Amomum Amorist Amoroso Amorous Amorously Amorousness Amorphism Amorphous 

Page 56

Amortize Amortizement Amounted Amouting Armour Ampere Ampersand Amphi Amphibia Amphibian Amphibious Amphibiously Amphibology Amphibolous Amphibrach Amphictyonic Amphictyons Amphictyony Amplify Amply Ampulla Amputate 

Page 57

Amputated Amputating Amputation Amuck Amulet Amusable Amuser Amusing Amusingly Amusive Amygdalate Amyl Amylaceous Amylin Amyss Anabolism Anaclastic Anaconda Auadem Anaemia Anaemic Anaesthesia 

Page 58

Anaesthetic Anaglyph Anaglyphic Anaglyptic Anagogy Anagram Anagraph Anal Analecta Analectic Analects Analemma Analepsy Analogized Analogizing Analyzed Anamorphoses Ananas Anandrous Anapaest Anapaestic Anaphora 

Page 59

Anarchic Anarchical Anarchism Anarchist Anarthrous Anasarca Anasarcous Anastasis Anastatic Anastomose Anastrophe Anathematical Anathematism Anathematize Anathematized Anathematizer Anathematizing Anatiferous Anatomist Anatomization Anatomize Anatomized 

Page 60

Anatomizing Anatreptic Ancestorial Ancestral Ancestress Ancestry Anchorable Anchorage Anchoress Anchored Anchoretic Anchoretical Anchoring Anchorite Anchovy Anchylose Anchylosis Ancientry Ancillary Ancipital Anciptous Ancon

Page 61

Andante Andantino Andean Andiron Andranatomy Androgynal Androgynism Androgynous Andron Anecdotal Anecdote Anecodotic Anecdotical Anecdotist Anemography Anemology Anemometer Anemometry Anemone Anemoscope Aneroid Anesthesia

Page 62

Anew Aneurism Angelic Angelica Angelical Angelolgy Angelot Angelus Anger Angering Angina Angiocarpous Angiography Angiotomy Anglice Anglicism Anglicize Anglicized Anglicizing Angling Anglomonia Angola

Page 63

Angor Angora Angrily Anguished Anguishing Angularity Angularly Angulated Anhelation Anhydrous Anil Anile Aniline Animadvert Animadverter Animadverted Animalcula Animalcular Animalcule Animalouline Animaloulist Animalculum 

Page 64

Animalism Animality Animalization Animalize Animalized Animalizing Animating Animatingly Animism Animist Animus Anion Anise Aniseed Anisette Ankle Bone Ankled Anklet Anna Annalize Annals Anneal 

Page 65

Annealed Annealing Annelidan Annexable Annexation Annexationist Annexe Annexed Annexing Annihilable Annihilated Annihilator Annodomini Anno Mundi Annotate Annotated Annotation Annotator Annotatory Announcer Annoyance Annoying 

Page 66

Annual Annuitant Annuity Annular Annulate Annulated Annulation Annulted Annulled Anulling Annulment Annulose Annulus Annumerate Annumerated Annumeration Annunciate Annunciated Annunciating Annunciation Annunciatory Anode

Page 67

Anodyne Anointed Anointer Anointing Anointment Anomalism Anomalist Anomalistic Anomalistical Anomalous Anomalously Anomaly Anon Anonymous Anonymousness Anserated Answered Answerer Answering Ant Anta Antacid

Page 68

Antogonism Antagonist Antagonistic Antognize Antagonized Antagonizing Antalgic Antalkali Antartic Antarthritic Anteceded Antecesor Antechamber Antedate Antedated Antedating Antelope Antemeridian Antemural Antenicene Antennae Antenuptial 

Page 69

Antepast Antepennult Antepenultimate Antepileptic Anterior Anteriority Ante Room Anther Antheroid Ant Hill Anthracite Anthracitic Anthrax Anthropography Anthropoid Anthropologist Anthropology Anthropomorphism Anthropomorphist Anthropomorphize Anthropomorphous Anthropapathy 

Page 70

Antibilious Antic Antichrist Antichristian Anticipate Anticipated Anticipating Anticipation Anticipative Anticyclone Antidotal Antidote Antidotical Antifebrile Antifederal Antifederalism Antilograithm Antimacassar Antimonarchical Antimonious Antinomian Antippal

Page 71

Antipathetic Antipathic Antipathy Antiphlogistic Antiphon Antiphonal Antiphony Antiphrasis Antipodal Antipode Antipodean Antipyretic Antipyrin Antiquarian Antiquate Antiquated Antique Antiqueness Antiquities Antiquity Antislavery Antiscriptural 

Page 72

Antisocial Antistrophe Antistrophic Antitheses Antithesis Antithetic Antithetical Antitoxin Antitype Antitypical Antlered Antlike Antonym Anubis Anvil Anyobdy Anzac Aorist Aoristic Apagoge Apathetic Apathist 

Page 73

Apathy Apatite Apeak Aped Apellous Apennine Aperitive Aperture Aphelion Apheresis Aphlogistic Aphonia Aphorism Aphorist Aphoristic Aphoristical Aphorize Aphrite Aphthae Aphthonge Apearian Apiarist 

Page 74

Apiary Apices Apiculated Apiculture Aping Apish Apishly Aplastic Aplomb Apocalyptic Apocopate Apocope Apocrypha Apocryphal Apodal Apode Apodosis Apogee Apograph Apollo Apollyon Apologetic 

Page 75

Apologetical Apologetics Apologist Apologized Apologizer Apologue Apophthegm Apophyge Apoplectic Apoplectical Apostatical Apostil Apostle Apostolic Apostolical Apostrophe Apothegm Apotheosis Appal Appalachian Appalling Appallingly 

Page 76

Apparatus Apparel Appareling Apparition Apparitor Appealable Apperance Appeasable Appeasableness Appease Appeased Appeasement Appeaser Appeasing Appellation Appellative Appellatively appellor Appendage Appendant Appendices Appertain 

Page 77

Apportioned Apportioner Apportioning Apportionment Apposer Apposite Appositely Appositness Apposition Appositive Appraised Appreciate Appreciative Appreciatory Apprehender Apprehending Apprehensible Approacher Approaching Approachment Approbate Approbated 

Page 78

Approbating Approbation Approbative Approbatively Approbativeness Approbatory Appropriable Appropriator Approvable Approving Approvingly Approximate Approximating Approximation Approximative Appui Appulsion Appurtenance Appurtenant Apriori Apron Aprned 

Page 79

Appertained Appertaining Appetence Appetent Appetite Appetize Appetizer Appetizing Appian Applause Applausive Apple Tree Appliance Appliancy Applicableness Applicancy Applicative Applicatory Applique Appoggriatura Apollinarian Apportion 

Page 80

Apropos Apse Apsidal Apsides Aptera Apteral Apterous Apteryx Aptitude Aptly Aptote Aquarelle Aquarial Aquarian Aquarius Aquatic Aquatint Aquavitae Aqueduct Aqueous Aqueousness Aquiline 

Page 81

Arabic Arable Arachnida Arachnoid Aragonite Aramaic Aramean Aration Arbiter Arbitratrix Arbitress Arboreous Arborescence Arboretum Arborist Arborization Arborous Arbour Arboured Arcadian Arcana Arcanum 

Page 82

Archaeologic Archaeological Archaeologist Archaeology Archaic Archaism Archangel Archangelic Archdruid Arched Archer Archducal Archical Archidiaconal Arching Architective Architectural Architrave Archival Archives Archivist Archivoit 

Page 83

Archly Archness Archon Archpriest Archway Archwise Arcograph Arctation Arctic Arcturus Arcuate Ardour Ardeut Ardently Areca Arefy Arenation Areola Areolation Areometer Argal Argand

Page 84

Argent Argental Argentine Argilliferous Argillous Argive Argol Argonant Argonautic Argot Arguable Argued Arguing Argus Aria Arian Arid Arietta Aright Aril Aristocracy Aristocratic 

Page 85

Aristocratical Armada Armament Armature Arm Chair Arm Hole Armiger Armilla Arming Arminian Armlet Armourer Armorial Armoric Armorican Arnica Aroma Aromatic Aromatical Aromatize Arouse Arquebuse

Page 86

Arquebusier Arrack Arraign Arraigned Arraigner Arraigning Arraignment Arranging Arrantly Arras Arrearage Arrester Arris Arrogancy Arrogantly Arrogated Arrogating Arrogation Arrosion Arrowroot Arrow Shaped Arrowy 

Page 87

Arsenal Arseniate Arsenic Arsenical Arsenicate Arsenicated Arsenious Arsenite Arsis Artery Artesion Arthritic Articling Articluar Articulata Articulated Articulata Articulately Articulating Articulation Artifice Artificer 

Page 88

Artificiality Artificialness Artillery Artisan Artiste Artlessness Arundelian Aryan Ascendent Ascended Ascender Ascending Ascension Ascension Ascent Ascertainer Ascertainment Ascititious Ascribable Ascribing Ascription Aseptic 

Page 89

Ashery Ashlar Ashpan Ashpit Ashy Aside Asinine Asitia Askance Askant Askew Asp Aspen Asperate  Asperated Asperating Asperation Asperges Asperse Aspersed Asperser Aspersion 

Page 90

Asphodel Aspic Aspiring Assail Assailant Assassinate Assassinator Assembling Assented Assentient Assertively Assessable Asseverated Assignation Assignor Assimilable Assimilate Assimilated Assimilation Assimilatory Assizer Assizes 

Page 91

Assizor Associability Associable Associative Assoilizie Assonance Assorter Assorting Assortment Assuage Assuaged Assuagement Assuager Assuming Assumingly Assumptive Assuredly Assuredness Assurer Assuring Assuringly Astarte 

Page 92

Astatic Aster Asteria Astern Asthmatic Asthmatical Astonish Astonishingly Astonishing Astonished Astounded Astral Astray Astrict Astricted Astroid Astrologer Astrologic Astrological Astrologize Astronomer Astronomic 

Page 93

Astrut Astute Asunder Asymmetric Asymmetrical Asymmetry Asymptote Atheism Athesit Atheistical Athenian Athirst Athwart Atlantean Atmology Atmometer Atmospheric Atomize Atomology Atonable Atone Atoner

Page 94

Atonic Atony Atop Atrabilarian Atramental Atrip Atrocious Atrocity Atrophy Atropine Attainableness Attaint Attainment Attar Attemper Attempered Attempted Attempering Attentively Attenuate Attic Atticize 

Page 95

Attitudinal Attorney General Attractable Attribute Attributive Atypical Aubin Auburn Auctioneer Auctioneering Audible Audibly Audiometer Audiphone Audition Augean Auger Auget Augmentable Augmentation Augmented Augmenter

Page 96

Augmenting Augur Augured Augurship Augustan Auk Aulic Aunt Auntie Aura Aurally Aurated Aureate Aurelia Aurelian Aureole Auric Auricle Auricular Aurist Auriculated Auriferous 

Page 97

Auriculated Aurochs Auroral Aurum Auscultation Auscultator Auspice Auspices Auspicious Auspiciously Austere Austerity Austrian Authenticate Authenticated Authenticating Authentication Authoress Authoritative Authoritativeness Autocar Autocrat 

Page 98

Autocratic Autocratical Autographical Autography Automata Automath Automatism Automaton Autonomic Autonomize Autotype Auxiliaries Auxiliary Availableness Avarice Avaricious Avariciously Avariciousness Avatar Ave Avenge Avenged 

Page 99

Avenger Avenging Avens Avenue Averaging Aversion Avert Averted Averter Avertible Averting Avid Avidious Avocative Avoset Avouch Avouched Avoucher Avouching Avouchment Avow Avower 

Page 100

Avulse Avulsion Awarder Awe Aweather Aweigh Awed Aweless Awe Struck Awkawardly Awkardness Awl Awn Awning Axe head Axial Axiferous Axil Axiform Axile Axilla Axillar 

Page 101

Axinite Axiom Axiomatic Axiomatical Axle Axle Box Axled Axle Tree Azimuth Azimuth Azoic Azote Azoth Azotic Azygous Azymous

Page 102

Aback, Abacus, Abaddon, Abaft, Abandon, Abandones, Abase, Abased, Abasement, Abash, Abashed, Abashing, Abashment, Abasing, Abated, Abbey, Abbreviated, Abbreviate, Abbrevating, Abbreviator, Abbreviatory, Abbreviature, Abdonimal, Abduce, Abduced. 

Page 103

Abduct, Abducing, Abduction, Abeam, Abeyance, Abeyant, Abhor, Abib, Abidance, Abide, Abider, Abies, Ability, Abject, Abjection, Abjectly, Abjectness, Abjudication, Abornmal, Abnormity, Abroad, Aboard, Abolish, Abolishable, Abolished, Abolisher, Abolishing. 

Page 104

Abolishment, Abolition, Above, About, Abrade, Abraded, Abrading, Abreast, Abridge, Abroach, Abrupt, Abruption, Abruptly, Abruptness, Abscond, Absconded, Absconding, Absence, Absent, Absented, Absentee, Absenteeism, Absently, Absolute, Absolutely, Absolution, Absolve. 

Page 105

Absorb, Absorable, Absorbed, Absorbing, Absorption, Abstain, Abstainer, Abstaining, Abstention, Abstract, Abstracted, Abstractedly, Abstraction, Abstractly, Abstruse, Abudance, Abudant, Abuse, Abuser, Abusive, Abusively, Academic, Academical, Academist, Academy, Accede, Acceded, Acceding, Accelerate, Accelerated. 

Page 106

Accelerating, Acceleration, Accent, Accenting, Accept, Acceptability, Acceptable, Acceptance, Acceptation, Accepted, Acceptor, Acception, Access, Accessibility, Accessible, Accessibly, Accessive, Accessory, Accidence, Accident, Accidental, Acclaim, Acclamation, Acclimate, Acclimated, Acclimating, Accommodate. 

Page 107

Accommodated, Accommodating, Accommodation, Accommodative, Accompanied, Accompanier, Accompany, Accomplice, Accomplish, Accomplished, Accomplisher, Accomplishment, Accord, Accordance, According, Accordingly, Account, Accountability, Accountable, Accountant, Account Book, Accounted, Accounting, Accredit, Accredited, Accrue, Accruing, Accumbent. 

Page 108

Accumulate, Accumulated, Accumulation, Accuracy, Accurate, Accurately, Accuse, Accused, Accusing, Accustomed, Ache, Ached, Achieve, Achievable, Achieved, Achievement, Achieving, Aching, Acid, Acidity, Acknowledge, Acknowledged, Acknowledger, Acknowledging, Acknowledgment, Acquaint, Acquaintance, Acquainted. 

Page 109

Acquainting, Acquire, Acquirable, Acquired, Acquisition, Acred, Across, Act, Acted, Acting, Action, Actionable, Active, Actively, Activity, Actor, Actress, Actual, Actuality, Actually, Acute, Acutely, Adopt, Adopter, Add, Addendum, Addibility, Addict.

Page 110

Addicted, Addiction, Addition, Additional, Address, Adduce, Ademption, Addictive, Adequacy, Adequate, Adequately, Adequateness, Adhere, Adhered, Adherence, Adhesive, Adjacent, Adjacently, Adjection, Adjoin, Adjoined, Adjourn, Adjourned, Adjournment, Adjudged, Adjudicate, Adjudicated, Adjudication. 

Page 111

Adjudicator, Adjunction, Adjure, Adjured, Adjust, Adjustable, Adjusted, Adjustment, Administer, Administered, Administerial, Administration, Admirable, Admired, Admissibility, Admissible, Admit, Admittable, Admitted, Admitting, Adopt, Adopted, Adopting, Adoption, Adorable, Adore, Adorned.

Page 112

Adrift, Adult, Adulterated, Adulteration, Adjust, Adust, Advance, Advanced, Advancement, Advancing, Advantage, Advantaged, Advantageously, Advantageousness, Advent, Adventure, Adversary, Adverse, Adversely, Adversity, Advert, Adverted, Advertise, Advertisement, Advice, Advicability.

Page 113

Adviseable, Advisably, Advised, Adviser, Advising, Advocacy, Advocate, Advocated, Advocation, Aerial, Aerify, Aeroplane, Afar, Affair, Affect, Affectedly, Affectibility, Affection, Affectional, Affectionate, Affective, Affectively, Affectively, Affidavit, Affiliation, Affirm, Affix

Page 114

Affixed, Affixing, Afflict, Afford, Affray, Affuse, Aforehand, Aforementioned, Aforesaid, Aforetime, Afraid, African, Afront, After, Afterages, After Guard, After most, Afternoon, After piece, After pains, After ward, After wards, Again, Against, Age, Aged, Agedly, Agency.

Page 115

Ageing, Agenda, Agent, Aggeration, Aggravate, Aggravated, Aggravation, Aggregate, Aggregated, Aggregation, Aggregative, Aggress, Aggressing, Aggressive, Aggressor, Aggrieve, Aggrieved, Agile, Agility, Agitable, Agitated, Agitating, Agitator, Agitative, Ago, Agoing, Agone.

Page 116

Agony, Agree, Agreebility, Agreeable, Agreebly, Agreed, Agriculture, Agricultural, Agricultural, Ague, Agued, Adhere, Adhoc, Ahead, Aid, Aidful, Aidless, Aiguille, Ail, Ailment, Aim, Aimed, Aimlessly, Air, Airbed, Aircells, Aircraft. 

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Page 117

Airgas, Airgun, Airhole, Airness, Airing, Airpump, Alarm, Alarmed, Alarming, Alcade, Alcazor, Alcohol, Alcoholic, Alder, Alert, Alertness, Alien, Alienable, Alighted, Alignment, Alike, Ailment, Aliment, Alimentary, Alimony, Alkaline, Allay, Allayed.

Page 118

Alledge, Alledgeable, Alledger, Allegation, Alleviate, Alleviated, Alleviation, Alliance, Allied, Allocate, Allocated, Allocation, Allopathy, Allot, Allotment, Allotted, Allow, Allowable, Allowance, Allowanced, Allowed, Alloy, Allure, Almond, Almost, Alone, Along, Aloud, Alphabet. 

Page 119

Already, Altor, Alter, Alterability, Alterable, Alteration, Alterative, Altered, Alternate, Alternated, Alternation, Altogether, Amanuensis, Amaze, Amazement, Amazing, Amazon, Amber, Ambient, Ambiguity, Ambiguously, Ambit, Ambitious, Ambitiously, Ambo, Ambry, Ambulance, Ambushing. 

Page 120

Ambushment, Amend, Amenity, American, Amicable, Amicably, Amidst, Amity, Ammunition, Amnesty, Among, Amongst, Amount, Ample, Amplified, Amplifier, Amplifying, Amuse, Amused, Amusement, Analogical, Analogist, Analogy, Anaolgize, Analogue, Analysis, Analyst, Analytic. 

Page 121

Analytical, Analyze, Analyzer, Analyzing, Anarchy, Anathema, Anatomic, Anatomical, Anatomy, Ancestor, Anchor, Anchored, Ancient, Anciently, Android, Androdial, Anemia, Angel, Anger, Angered, Angel, Angeled, Angry, Anguish, Anguished, Angular, Angelology, Animal.

Page 122

Animate, Animated, Animation, Ankle, Annalist, Annex, Annihilate, Annihilated, Annihilating, Annihilation, Anniversary, Announce, Announced, Announcement, Announcing, Annoy, Annoyance, Annoyed, Annually, Annul, Anonymously, Another, Answer, Answerable, Antecede, Antecedence, Antecedent. 

Page 123

Antecedently, Anteceding, Antenna, Anthem, Anthology, Anti, Anticipant, Anticipate, Anticipated, Anticipating, Anticipation, Anticipative, Anticipator, Anticipatory, Antilogy, Antimonial, Antimoniate, Antimony, Antinomy, Antiquary, Antiseptic, Anus, Anxiety, Anxious, Anxiousness, Anyhow, Anyone, Anything.

Page 124

Anywhere, Anywise, Apace, Apache, Apart, Apartment, Ape, Apex, Apiece, Apocalypse, Apologize, Apologized, Apologizer, Apologizing, Apology, Apostate, Apparent, Apparently, Appeal, Appealed, Appealer, Appealing, Appear, Appeared, Appearer, Appearing, Appellant, Appellate. 

Page 125

Appellee, Append, Appended, Appending, Appendix, Appendixes, Apperception, Appertainment, Applaud, Applauded, Applauder, Apple, Applicability, Applicable, Applicant, Application, Applied, Applier, Apply, Applying, Appoint, Appointed, Appointee, Appointing, Appointer, Appointment.

Page 126

Appointments, Appraisal, Appraise, Appraiser, Appraising, Appreciable, Appreciably, Appreciated, Appreciate, Appreciating, Appreciation, Apprehend, Apprehended, Apprehension, Apprehensive, Apprehensively, Apprehensiveness, Apprentice, Apprenticed, Apprenticeship, Apprenticing, Apprise, Apprised, Apprising, Approach, Approachable, Approached.

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Page 127

Appropriate, Appropriated, Appropriately, Appropriateness, Appropriating, Appropriation, Appropriative, Approvable, Approval, Approve, Approved, Approvement, Approver, Approximate, Approximated, Approximately, Apricot, April, April Fool, Apt, Aptness, Aqua, Aquarium, Arab, Arabian.

Page 128

Arbitrable, Arbitrament, Arbitrarily, Arbitrariness, Arbitrary, Arbitrate, Arbitrated, Arbitrating, Arbitration, Arbitrator, Arc, Arcade, Arcaded, Arch, Archery, Architect, Architecture, Arduous, Arduously, Area, Arena, Argon, Argue, Argument, Aries, Arise, Arisen, Arising.

Page 129

Aristocart, Arithmetic, Arithmetical, Ark, Arm, Armed, Armful, Armless, Armour, Armor, Armpit, Arms, Army, Arose, Around, Aroused, Arrange, Arranged, Arrangement, Arranger, Array, Arrayed, Arrear, Arrears, Arrest, Arrested, Arresting, Arrestment.

Page 130

Arrival, Arrive, Arrived, Arriving, Arrogance, Arrogant, Arrogate, Arrow, Arrow Head, Arson, Art, Artful, Artfully, Artfullness, Article, Articled, Articularly, Artificial, Artist, Artistic, Artistical, Artistically, Artless, Ascend, Ascendant, Ascender, Ascertain, Ascertained. 

Page 131

Ascertaining, Ascribe, Ascribed, Asexual, Ashamed, Ashen, Ashhole, Ashore, Asian, Ask, Asked, Asking, Asleep, Aslope, Aspect, Aspirant, Aspirate, Aspirated, Aspiration, Aspirator, Aspire, Aspired, Aspiring, Ass, Assail, Assailed, Assailer, Assailing.

Page 132

Assassin, Assassinated, Assassination, Assault, Assay, Assemble, Assembled, Assembler, Assembly, Assent, Assert, Asserted, Asserting, Assertion, Assertive, Assert, Assess, Assessed, Assessing, Assessment, Assessor, Assets, Assiduous, Assign, Assignable, Assigned.

Page 133

Assignee, Assigner, Assignment, Assigns, Assist, Assistance, Assistant, Assisted, Assisting, Assize, Assized, Associate, Associated, Associating, Association, Associational, Associative, Assort, Assorted, Assume, Assumed, Assumption, Assure, Assured, Asthma, Astrology, Astronomy, Asylum.

Page 134

Ate, Athlete, Athletic, At-home, Atlantic, Atlas, Atmosphere, Atom, Atomic, Atomical, Atomism, Atomist, Attach, Attachable, Attache, Attached, Attaching, Attachment, Attack, Attackable, Attacked, Attacker, Attacking, Attain, Attainability, Attainable.

Page 135

Attainder, Attained, Attaining, Attainment, Attainted, Attempt, Attemptable, Attempting, Attend, Attendance, Attendant, Attended, Attending, Attention, Attentive, Attest, Attested, Attestor, Attesting, Attire, Attired, Attitude, Attorney, Attorney General, Attract.

Page 136

Attracatability, Attracted, Attracting, Attractingly, Attraction, Attractive, Attractively, Attributable, Attribute, Attributed, Attributing, Attribution, Attributive, Attributively, Attune, Attuned, Attaining, Auction, Audacity, Audibility, Audience, Audit, Auditing, Audtior, Auditory, Augment.

Page 137

August, Aural, Aurora, Australian, Authentic, Authentical, Authenticate, Authenticity, Author, Authority, Authorizization, Authorization, Authorized, Authorizing, Authorship, Autobiographer, Autobiographic, Autobiographical, Autobiography, Autograph, Autographic, Autography, Automatic, Automatical, Automatically, Automobile, Automotor. 

Page 138

Autonomous, Autonomy, Autospy, Autumn, Avail, Availability, Available, Availed, Availing, Avast, Averaged, Average, Averment, Averred, Averse, Aversely, Aviation, Aviator, Avion, Avocation, Avoid, Avoidable, Avoidably, Avoidance, Avoided, Avoider, Avoiding, Await.

Page 139

Awaited, Awaiting, Awake, Awaked, Awaken, Awakened, Awakening, Awaking, Award, Awarded, Awarding, Aware, Awash, Away, Awesome, Awful, Awfully, Awfullness, Awhile, Awing, Awkward, Awoke, Axe, Axillar, Axillary, Axis, Axis Bank, Azure.

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