English Shorthand mai waise toh sare words hi important hai, par mai apko aaj woh sare words provide kar raha hoon jo mostly exams mai 100% aate hi hai.

Yeh words court steno exam, psssb junior scale stenographer english steno exam, pspcl steno exam, ppsc steno exam, marked steno, thapar university steno exam, ssc, 

Maine english shorthand ke papers bahut baar diye hai aur jitne bhi inme words aaye hai, woh words maine alag alag jagah se collect kiye hai.

Mai chahta hoon ki aap yeh sare words ek baar practice karle take aap exam mai inki outline aache se paa sake.

Yeh words collect karne mai mujhe takreeban 3 months lage hai,  taki apko helpful information provide kar saku.


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 3000 Very Important Words for English Shorthand Exam

3000 words
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1 Page

A, an, ability, able, about, above, abroad, absence, absolutely, abuse, academic, accept, aces, accident, accommodation, accompany, according, account, accuse, achieve, acknowledge, acquire, acquisition.

2 Page

Across, act, action, active, activity, actor, actual, add, addition, additional, address, administration,admit, adopt, adult, advanec, advertise, advertisement, advice, advise, adviser, affair.

3 Page

Affect, afford, afraid, after, afternoon, again, against, age, agency, agent, ago, agree, agreement, ahead, aid, aim, air, aircraft, alive, allow, almost, alone.

4 Page

Along, Already, also, alternative, although, altogether, always, am, amaze, among, analyze, analysis, ancient, and, angry, animal, announce, annual, another, answer, any, anybody

5 Page

Anyone, anything, anyway, anywhere, apart, apparently, appeal, appearance, application, apply, appoint, appointment, appreciate, approach, appropriate, approve, approximately, are, area, argue, argument, arise.

6 Page

Arm, around, arrange, arrangement, arrest, arrive, art, article, artist, as, ask, assess, assessment, asset, associate, assume, at, atmosphere, attach, attack.

7 Page

Attempt, attend, attention, attitude, attract, attractive, audience, author, authority, available, average, avoid, award, away, baby, back, background, bad, bag, balance, ball, ban.

8 Page

Band, bank, bar, bare, base, basically, basis, battle, be, beach, bear, beat, beautiful, because, become, bed, bedroom, before, begin, behaviour, behind, belief.

9 Page

Believed, belong, below, benefit, beside, between, beyond, big, bill, billion, bind, bird, birth, bit, black, blame, block, blood, bloody, blow, blue.

10 Page

Boat, by, calculate, call, camera, camp, campaign, can, cancer, can, capacity, capital, capture, car, card, care, career, careful, carefully, carry, case, cash.

11 Page

Cast, cat, catch, category, cause, celebrate, cell, cent, central, centre, century, certain, certainly, chain, chair, chairman, challenge, chance, change, channel, chapter, character.

12 Page

Characteristic, charge, chart, cheap, check, chemical, chief, child, childhood, choice, choose, chose, church, circle, circumstance, citizen, city, civil, claim, class, clear, clearly.

13 Page

Climate, climb, clinical, clock, close, closely, clothes, club, coach, coast, coat, code, coffee, cold, colleague, collect, collection, college, colour, coloumn, combination, combine.

14 Page

Come, comfortable, command, comment, commercial, commission, commit, commitment, committee, common, communicate, communication, community, company, compare, comparison, compete, competition, competitive, complian, complaint, complete.

15 Page

Completely, complex, component, computer, concentrate, concentration, concept, concern, concert, conclude, conduct, confidence, confirm, conflict, connect, connection, consequence, conservative, consider, considerable, consideration, consit.

16 Page

Consistent, constant, construct, construction, consumer, contact, contact, contain, contemporary, content, context, continue, contract, contrast, contribute, contribution, control contention, conversation, convince, cook, cool, core.

17 Page

Corner, corporate, corporation, correct, correspond, cost, could, council, count, country, county, couple, course, court, cover, crash, create, creation, credit, crime, criminal, crisis.

18 Page

Criterion, critic, cross, crowd, cry, cultural, culture, cup, currency, current, currently, customer, cut, cycle, dad, damage, dance, danger, dangerous, dark, data.

19 Page

Date, daughter, day, dead, deal, dealer, dear, death, debate, debt, decade, decide, decision, declare, decline, decrease, deep, defeat, defence, defend, define, definitely.

20 Page

Definition, degree, delay, deliver, delivery, demand, democracy, demonstrate, deny, department, determine, depend, derive, describe, description, design, desire, desk, despite, destroy, detail develop.

21 Page

Development, device, die, diet, differ, difference, different, difficult, dinner, direction, directly, director, disappear, disappoint, discipline, discount, discover, discuss, discussion, disease, disk.

22 Page

Disorder, display, distance, distinguish, distribute, district, divide, division, do, doctor, document, dog, dollar, domestic, double, doubt, down, dozen, draft, draw, dream, dress.

23 Page

Drink, drive, driver, drop, drug, dry, due, during, duty, each, ear, early, earn, earth, easily, east, eat, economic, economy, edge, editor.

24 Page

Education, effect, effective, effectively, effort, egg, either, elect, election, electronic, electronically, element, else, elsewhere, e-mail, emerge, emotion, emphasize, emply, employee, employer, employment.

25 Page

Empty, enable, encourage, end, enemy, energy, engage, engine, engineer, enhance, enjoy, enormous, enough, ensure, enter, entire, entirely, entry, environment, environmental, equal, equally.

26 Page

Equipment, error, escape, especially, essential, establish, estate, estimate, even, evening, event, eventually, ever, every, everybody, everyone, everything, everywhere, evidence, exactly, exam, examination.

27 Page

Examine, example, excellent, except, exchange, excite, exclude, executive, exercise, exhibit, exist, existence, expand, expect, expectation, expense, expensive, experience, expert, explain, explanation, explore.

28 Page

Export, expose, express, expression, extend, extent, extra, extreme, extremely, eye, face, facility, fact, factor, factory, fail, failure, fair, fairly, faith, faithfully, fall.

29 Page

Familiar, family, famous, fan, far, farm, farmer, fashion, fast, fat, father, favour, favourite, fear, feature, federal, fee, feed, feel, fellow, female, few.

30 Page

Field, fifteen, fifty, fight, file, fill, film, final, finally, finance, financial, find, finger, finish, fire, firm, first, firstly, fish, fit, fix.

31 Page

Flat, flight, floor, flow, flower, fly, focus, folk, food, foot, football, for, force, foreign, forest, forget, form, formal, formation, former, forth, forward.

32 Page

Found, frame, framework, free, freedom, frequency, frequently, fresh, friend, friendly, from, front, fruit, fuel, full, fully, fun, function, fund, fundamental, funny, further.

33 Page

Furthermore, future, gain, game, gap, garden, gas, gather, gene, general, generally, generate, generation, gentleman, get, gift, girl, give, glad, glance, glass, global.

34 Page

Go, gold, good, government, governor, grade, graduate, grant, grateful, great, green, ground, group, grow, growth, guarantee, guard, guess, guide, gun, guy.

35 Page

Habit, hair, half, hall, hand, handle, hang, happen, happy, hard, hardly, hat, hate, have, he, head, health, hear, heart, heat, heavy.

36 Page

Hell, help, helpful, hence, her, here, herself, hi, hide, high, highlight, highly, hill, himself, hire, historical, history, hit, hold, hole, holiday, home.

37 Page

Honour, hope, horse, hospital, host, hot, hotel, hour, house, household, how, however, huge, human, hurt, husband, I, Ice, ideal, ideal, identify, ignore.

38 Page

Ill, illustrate, image, imagine, immediate, immediately, implement, implication, imply, import, importance, important, impose, impossible, impression, improve, improvement, in, incient, include, income, incorporate.

39 Page

Increase, increasingly, indeed, independent, index, indicate, individual, industrial, industry, infant, influence, inform, information, initial, initiative, injury, input, inside, insist,install, instance, instead.

40 Page

Institution, instruction, instrument, insurance, integrate, intelligence, intend, intention, interaction, interest, internal, international, interpretation, interview, into, introduction, invest, investigate, investigation, investment, investor.

41 Page

Invite, Involve, island, issue, it, item, its, itself, job, joint, joke, journalist, journey, judge, judgment, just, justice, keep, key, keyboard, kick, kid.


Kill, Kind, king, kiss, kitchen, knock, know, knowledge, label, labour, lack, lady, lake, language, large, largely, last, late, latter, laugh, laughter, launch.

43 Page

Law, lawyer, lay, layer, lead, leader, leadership, lean, learn, least, leave, left, leg, legal, legislation, length, less, lesson, let, letter, level, liberal.

44 Page

Library, license, lie, life, lift, light, like, likely, limit, line, link, lip, list, listen, literature, little, live, load, loan, local, locate, location.

45 Page

Lock, long, look, lose, loss, lot, love, lovely, low, lucky, lump, lunch, machine, magazine, mail, main, mainly, maintain, major, majority, make, male.

46 Page

Man, manage, management, manager, manner, manufacture, manufacturer, many, map, mark, market, marriage, marry, mass, master, match, material, mathematics, matter, maximum, may, may be.

47 Page

Me, meal, mean, meanwhile, measure, mechanism, medical, medicine, medium, meet, member, memory, mental, mention, merely, message, metal, method, middle, might, military, milk.

48 Page

Mind, mine, minimum, minister, minute, miss, mission, mistake, mix,mobile, model, modern, moment, money, monitor, month, moral, more, moreover, morning, most, mostly.

49 Page

Mother, motion, mountain, mouse, move, movement, movie, much, multiple, murder, museum, music, musical, must, my, myself, name, narrow, nation, national, native.

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50 Page

Natural,nature, near, nearby,nearly, necessarily, neck, need, negative, negotiation, neighbor, neighborhood, neither, net, network, nevertheless, new, news, newspaper, next, nice, night.

51 Page

No, nobody, noise, none, nor, normal, normally, north, northern, not, nothing, notice, notion, novel, now, nowdays, nuclear, number, nurse, object, objective, obligation.

52 Page

Observation, observe, obvious, occasion, occupy, occur, odd, of, offer, office, officer, official, often, oil, old, on, once, one, online, only, onto.

53 Page

Open, operate, operation, opportunity, oppose, opposite, opposition, option, or, order, ordinary, orgainzation, organize, origin, original, other, otherwise,ought, our, ourselves, out, outcome.

54 Page

Output, outside, over, overall, own, owner, pack, package, page, pain, paint, pair, panel, paper, parent, park, part, participant, participate, particular, particularly, partner.

55 Page

Party, pass, passage, passenger, past, path, patient, pattern, pause, pay, payment, peace, peak, people, per, percent, percentage, perfect, perform, performance, perhaps, period.

56 Page

Permanent, permit, person, personal, personality, perspective, phase, phone, photo, photograph, phrase, physical, pick, picture, piece, pilot, pinion, print, place, plan, plane, plant.

57 Page

Plat, play, player, please, pleasure, plenty, plus, pocket, police, policy, political, politician, politics, poll, pool, poor, popular, position, positive, possibility, possible, post.

58 Page

Potential, pound, power, powerful, practical, practice, predict, prefer, premise, prepare, presence, present, presentation, president, presidential, press, pressure, pretty, prevent, previous, previously, price.

59 Page

Primarily, prime, principal, principle, print, prior, priority, prison, private, probably, problem, procedure, proceed, produce, producer, product, production, professional, professor, profit, program, progress.

60 Page

Project, promise, promote, proper, properly, proportion, proposal, propose, protest, prove, provide, provision, public, publication, pull, pupil, purchase, purpose, pursue.

61 Page

Push, put, qualify, quarter, question, quick, quickly, quiet, quite, quote, race, radio, rain, raise, range, rank, rare, rat, rate, rather, ratio, reach.

62 Page

Reaction, read, reader, ready, real, reality, realize, really, reason, reasonable, recall, receive, recent, recently, recognize, recommend, recommendation, record, recover, red, reduce, reduction.

63 Page

Refer, reference, reflect, reform, refuse, regard, region, regional, register, regular, regulation, reject, relate, relation, relationship, relative, relatively, relax, release, relevant, relief, religion.

64 Page

Religious, rely, remain, remark, remember, remind, remove, rent, repeat, replace, reply, report, reporter, represent, representation,representative, reputation, request, require, requirement, research, researcher.

65 Page

Reserve, resident, resolution, resolve, resource, respect, respectively, respond, response, responsibility, responsible, rest, restaurant, result, retain, retire, retirement, return, reveal, revenue, review, reward.

66 Page

Rich, ride, right, ring, rise, risk, river, road, rock, role, roll, room, root, round, route, row, rule, run, rush, sad, safe, safely.

67 Page

Salary, sale, same, sample, satisfy, save, say, scale, scene, schedule, scheme, school, science, scientific, scientist, score, screen, sea, search, season, seat, second.

68 Page

Secondly, secret, secretary, section, sector, secure, see, seed, seek, seem, select, selection, self, sell, send, senior, sense, sentence, separate, sequence, series.

69 Page

Seriously, serve, session, set, settle, settlement, several, sex, sexual, shake, shall, shape, share, shareholder, sharp, she, sheet, shift, ship, shirt, shock, shoe.

70 Page

Shoot, shop, short, should, shoulder, shout, show, shut, sick, side, sight, sign, signal, significant, significantly, silence, similar, simple, simply, since, sing, single.

71 Page

Sir, sister, sit, site, situation, size, skill, skin, sky, sleep, slide, slightly, slip, slow, slowly, small, smell, smile, smoke, snow, so, social.

72 Page

Society, soft, software, spoil, soldier, solution, solve, some, somebody, somehow, someone, something, sometimes, somewhat, son, song, soon, sorry, sort, soul, sound, source.

73 Page

South, southern, space, speak, speaker, special, specific, specifically, specify, speech, speed, spend, spirit, sport, spot, spread, spring, square, stable, staff, stage, stand.

74 Page

Standard, star, stare, start, state, statement, station, status, stay, steal, step, stick, still, stock, stone, stop, store, storm, story, straight, strange, strategy.

75 Page

Street, strength, stress, stretch, strike, strong, strongly, structure, struggle, student, studio, study, stuff, style, subject, substantial, succeed, success, successful, such, sudden, suddenly.

76 Page

Suffer, sufficient, suggest, suggestion, suit, suitable, sum, summer, sun, supplier, supply, support, suppose, sure, surely, surface, surprise, surround, survey, survive, suspect, swear.

77 Page

Sweet, swim, swing, swish, switch, symptom, system, table, take, talent, talk, tall, tape, target, task, taste, tax, taxi, tea, teach, teacher, team.

78 Page

Tear, technical, technique, technology, telephone, television, tell, temperature, temporary, tend, tennis, term, terrible, terrorist, test, text, than, thank, that, theater, their, them.

79 Page

Then, theme, themselves, then, theory, there, therefore, these, they, thin, thing, think, though, threat, threaten, through, throughout, throw, thus, ticket, tie, till.

80 Page

Time, tiny, tip, tire, title, to, today, together, tomorrow, tone, tonight, too, tool, top, topic, total, totally, touch, tough, tour, tourist, toward.

81 Page

Town, track, trade, tradition, traditional, traffic, train, transfer, transport, travel, treat, treatment, tree, trend, trial, trip, troop, trouble, true, truly, trust, truth.

82 Page

Try, turn, twice, type, typical, typically, unable, unclear, under, underlie, understand, undertake, unfortunately, union, unique, unit, until, university, unless, unlike, up, upon.

83 Page

Upper, urban, urge, us, use, useful, user, usually, value, variable, variation, variety, various, vary, vast, vehicle, verb, version, very, via, victim.

84 Page

Victory, video, view, village, violence, vision, vist, visitor, voice, volume, vote, voter, wage, wait, wake, walk, wall, want, war, warm, warn, wash.

85 Page

Waste, watch, water, wave, way, we, weak, weapon, weather, wed, week, weekend, weight, welcome, well, west, what, whatever, when, where, whereas, which.

86 Page

While, white, who, whole, whom, whose, why, wide, widely, wife, wild, will, win, wind, window, wine, winner, winter, within, without, witness, woman.

87 Page

Wonder, wonderful, wood, word, work, worker, world, worry, worth, would, write, writer, wrong, yard, year, yellow, yes, yesterday, yet, yield, you, young.

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