English Shorthand mai waise toh sare words hi important hai, par mai apko aaj woh sare words provide kar raha hoon jo mostly exams mai 100% aate hi hai.

Yeh words court steno exam, psssb junior scale stenographer english steno exam, pspcl steno exam, ppsc steno exam, marked steno, thapar university steno exam.

Maine yeh sabhi papers bahut baar diye hai aur jitne bhi inme words aaye hai, woh words maine alag alag jagah se collect kiye hai.

Mai chahta hoon ki aap yeh sare words ek baar practice karle take aap exam mai inki outline aache se paa sake.

Yeh words collect karne mai mujhe takreeban one month laga hai,  taki apko helpful information provide kar saku.

Aap shorthand word search karke koi bhi word ki outline dekh sakte hai.


English Shorthand [1500] Most Important Words

Page One

Banking, Based, Burden, Ceremonies, Ceremony, Clear Cut, Depest, Designed, Excess, Excessive, Family, Felt, Finance Deptt. G.P. Fund, Hesitation, High, Flimsy Grounds, Intentions, Interfers, Levels, Married, Occassions

Page Two

Onwards, Proposals, Protections, Prudent, Purely, Putting, Reasonable, Rejected, Relative, Religious, Requirement, Resources, Revealed, Ritualistic, Sanctioning, Scrutinizing, Significance, Solely, Spend, Spending, Straight, Straightway

Page Three

Subscriber, Sudden, Survives, Unscrupulously, Account Numbers, Application, Audit, Avoid, Brought, Clearly, Countersigned, Delay, Delaying, Desirability, Disbursing, Drawing, Enable, Ensure, Final Payment, Furnished, GPF Fund, GP Fund

Page Four

Incomplete, Indicated, Instructions, It was stated, Journalism, Laxity, Lecturer, Lottery, Money, Pointed out, Prepare, Prescribed form, Prompt, Proper, Quite, Requested, Requisite, Respective, Resulted, Retards, Retired.

Page Five

Schedules, Scrutiny, Unposted, Various, Well in Time, Whereas, Wrong, Actually, Admissible, Advance, Already, Applies, Arisen Basis, Broad, Building Advance, Burden, Calculated, Calculations, Conditions, Constructions.

Page Six

Contents, Drawn, Either, Existing Policy, Extent, Further, Generally, Geometry, Grant, Granted, House, House Building Advance, Interalia, Lag, Less, Obtained, Occurs, Offer, Original, Pay drawn, Periodically, Plot

Page Seven

Purchase, Purpose, Received, Relation, Remaining, Remaining Part, Similarly, Submission, Tantamount, Tendered, Tested, Testing, Thereby, Trained, Transcribed, Treat, Accordance, Actually, Admissibility, Allow, Amount, Attention.

Page Eight

Beginning, Bonus, Bringing, Brought, Claimed, Come into force, Condition, Depends, Derive, Drawing Disbursing Office, Drew, Duly, Effort, Eligibility, End, Ensuring, Entitled, Essential, Financial Year, Firstly, Fulfills, Fund.

Page Nine

Incentive, Interest, Introduced, It is therefore, Laid down, Manner, Officers, Pertains, Preceding, Prescribed form, Proforma, Satisfied, Scheme, Secondly, Send, Subscribed, Subscriber, Subscriptions, Themselves, Unnecessarily, Verification, Verify.

Page Ten

Wasted, Whether, Accumulation, A.Es., Apart, Backlog, Checked, Chief Engineer, Consumed, Current Year, Desperately, Devote, Division, Drawn, Exposing, Finalization, Fixed, Folio, Ignored, Indicate, Je Wise.

Page Eleven

Last, Material, Measurements, Misappropriation, Monthly, Move, Moved, Neglected, Nomenclature, Observed, Pending, Pilferage, Pooled, Primarily, Proper, Provision, Recording, Sanctioned Estimate, Estimate, Saturday, S.D.Os, Separate.

Page Twelve

Shortages, Single, Stood, Sub Division, Sub Divisional Clerks, Clerks, Sub Divisional Officers, Targets, Urban Areas, Accordingly, Added, Adding, Adjusted, Already, Amounts, Being, Category, Children, Deceased, Decision, Equally, Family Pension.

Page Thirteen

Governor of Punjab, Guzara, Household, In case, Including, Installments, It should be, Liberalised, Maximum, Parvarish, Prior, Raised, Receipt, Reliefs, Remains, Retired, Short, Social Welfare Department, Subject, Subscription, Subsidiary, Subversive.

Page Fourteen

Superannuation, Supervise, Suppose, Synchronous, Tantamount, Temp, Tendered, Thresher, Transaction, Unconditional, Undoubtedly, Unlikely, Unqualified, Admissible, Applicable, As well as, Basic Pension, Benefits, Chandigarh, Concurrence, Debitable, Determined.

Page Fifteen.

Determined, Drawn, Elements, Emoluments, Enhanced, Family Pension, Governor, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, In addition, Issued, Items, Liability, Maximum, Mensem, Merged, Obtaining, Pay Commission, Pensionary, Pleased, Political, Present.

Page Sixteen.

Proportionate, Pursuance, Recommendation, Reference, Relief, Remains, Reorgansation, Retired, Risk, Sanctioned, Schedule, Second, Sharing, Successor, Withdraw, Worker, Yet, Allowed, Analogy, Appointed, Appointment, Aspects.

Page Seventeen

Basis, Benefit, Break, Cannot, Careful, Conditions, Continuous, Contract, Confirmation, Connection, Contributory, Counting, Decision, Different, Engaged, Entitled, Equitably, Establishment, Favourably, Illness, Immediately, Initially.

Page Eighteen

Interruption, Irrespective, Normally, Only, Option, Ordinarily, Pensionable, Position, Provided, Provision, Purely, Quitted, Regular, Rendered, Service, Since, Specifically, Strictly, Subsequently, Such Cases, Suggested, Surrendering.

Page Nineteen

Technical, Absorbed, Absorption, According, Administrative, Allowing, Application, Autonomous, Average Pay, Belongs, Carried, Carry, Clarified, Consequently, Contributions, Controlled, Credit, Deputationist, Deputed, Earned Leave, Employer, Equal

Page Twenty

Final Selection, Forward, Incorporate, Issuing, Lapses, Leave, Leaving, Liability, Lumpsum, Optee, Organisation, Otherwise, Owned, Public Interest, Rates, Regard, Remain, Remained, Re-opened, Selected, Sometime past, Treated

Page Twenty One

Under consideration, Wholly, Aborad, Absorbed, Alongwith, Approval, Arising, Avoid, Before, Bodies, Bonded, Bound, Completion, Contravention, Default, Deprived, Deputation, Education, Either, Even, Examined, Execute.

Page Twenty Two

Executing, Explicit, Failed, Failing, Finance, Fully, Higher, India, Instead, Interested, In this way, Knotty, Last Minimum, Moment, Non Payment, Notice, Noticed, Permanently, Permitted, Perspective, Proposals, Recovery

Page Twenty Three

Resigned, Return, Right, Sanctioned, Seek, Serve, Short, Situation, Sought, Trained, Ultimately, Accounting, Adopted, Auditor General of India, Banking, Behalf, Car, Central, Certain, Channels, Comptroller, Conclusions

Page Twenty Four

Consents, Consultation, Contributions, Controller, Currency, Deposited, Deputed, Employers, Estimates Committee, Facilities, Himself, Join, Loan, Mission, Money, Motor, Normal, Outstanding, Permissible, Recently, Remittance, Repay

Page Twenty Five

Repayment, Report, Restrictions, Salary, Scooter, Share, Similar, Subscribe, Subscribing, Towards, Undersigned, Uniform, While, Accompanied, Accompany, Accountant General of Punjab, Adopting, Advance, Advises, Amount, Appropriate.

Page Twenty Six

Assessing, Average, Basis, Cashed, Certifying, Classified, Contingent, Controlling, Delayed, Details, Disbursing Officers, Discussed, Emergent, Exhaustive, Existing, Expenditure, Fixed, Fortnightly, Frequently, Fresh Applications, Guidance, Incorporating.

Page Twenty Seven

Likelyhood, Monthly, Petty, Practice, Procedure, Recommend, Recouped, Registered, Relating, Revision, Run, Sanctioning Authority, Showing, Streamlining, Un-necessarily, Working, Abnormal, Accordance, Account, Admissible, All India Services, Alternative.

Page Twenty Eight

Another Post, Applied, Apply, Arise, Basic Pay, Commencing, Companies, Concurrence, Contained, C.S.R, Deputing Authority, Difficult, Drawing, Excess, Exist, Expected, Figure, Foreign, Hereafter, However, Increase, Instead

Page Twenty Nine

Lending, Minimum Pay, Obtain, Ordering, Original, Otherwise, Percent, Post, Prior, Promoted, Receive, Regulated, Restricts, Restricted, Specially, Specifically, Specified, Statutory Rules, Substantially, Transferred, Watch, Whose

Page Thirty

Absence, Administrative Sanction, Admissible, Approved, Assume, Behind, Calculation, Concept, Deadline, Decide, Determination, Dispensed with, Exceptional, Finalisation,Followed, Foreign, Granted, Granting, Gratuity, Hand, Hereafter, Institue.

Page Thirty One

Intention, Issuing, Largely, Leads, Majority, Merely, Never, Nevertheless, Obviously, Pension Papers, Places, Preparation, Preparing, Prescribed, Prior, Process, Proposed, Provision, Quantum, Recourse, Reply, Requirement.

Page Thirty Two

Retirement Date, Submit, Summary, Transmit, Attached, Committees, Concerning, Corporation, Department of Finance, Desirable, Development, Disposed, Due Date, Emphasised, Ensure, Every Year, Expeditious, Finally, Fixed, Forward, Furnish Hard

Page Thirty Three

Hardly, Heads of Department, Hindering, Importance, Indicated, Irrespective, Lapses, Later, Mentioned Above, Needs, Once Again, Part, Personal, Personal Attention, Point, Previous, Progress Reports, Public Accounts Committee, Public Undertaking, Quarter, Quarterly, Recommendation

Page Thirty Four

Regrets, Regularly, Relating, Requested, Serious View, Adequate, Ascertaining, Avoidable, Carrying, Cashier, Collection, Complications, Compulsory, Cover, Deposit, Discretion, Duties, Easily, Embezzlement, Entails, Entrusted, Fraud.

Page Thirty Five

Functions, Inconvenience, In Future, Insisted, Intervals, Labour, Leads, Left, Legal, Losses, Money, Moreover, Obtained, Obtaining, Obviate, Partly, Periodical, Pledger, Pledging, Resumed, Remitting, Responsibility

Page Thirty Six

Restricts, Securities, Sense, Separating, Smell, Sometime, Past, Strict, Compliance, Subsidiary, Sufficient, Suitable, Title, Unduly, Verification, Verifying, Weekly, Annual Account Statement, Asked, Available, Banks, Conditions

Page Thirty Seven

Consuming, Controller of Print State of Punjab, Cumbersome, Desirable, Discrepancies, Discrepancy, Duration, Each Year, Exisiting, Followed, Gazetted Officers, Indicate, Intention, Intimate, Involves, Longer, Maintain, Maintained, Maintenance, Non Implementation, Pass Book System, Pattern.

Page Thirty Eight

Periodically, Post Offices, Publication, Question, Reconciled, Recoveries, Required, Requisition, Subscriber, Subscription, Transferred, Treasury, Acid, Acquired, Age Limit, Also, Appointing Authority, Appointment, Blind, Certified, Commissioned, Constitution.

Page Thirty Nine

Continuous, Count, Declared, Does Not, Earn, Enrolled, Equivalent, Exclude, Existing, Experience, Expression, Extent, Favour, Governed, Hereafter, He will be, Hotel, Increment, Maximum, Military, Minimum, Qualification.

Page Forty

Modify, More than, Next Below rule, Now a days, Operation, Oppose, Otherwise, Parent, Permanent, Politely, Possess, Present, Prior, Proclamation, Proof, Purpose, Re-cover, Relaxed, Rendered, Respects, Scandal

Page Forty One

Seniority, Sight, Support, Adjustment, Agriculture, Appended, Arrangements, Bills, Black, Companies, Completion, Co-operations, Corporate, Countersigned, Delegated, Disbursement, Enjoined, Evolved, Getting, Gradual, Grantees, Grand in aid.

Page Forty Two

Health, Housing, Ibid, Industries, Interest, Issued, Issuing, Making, Observed, Often, Overcome, Payments, Persist, Powers, Practical, Presents, Previous, Private parties, proof, provisions, relaxation

Page Forty Three

Response, Salient Features, Absorbed, Absorption, Assistant Engineers, Benefits, Branches, Cadres, Colleges, Comparable, Created, Dates, Degree, Disadvantages, Electrical, Eligible, Encouraging, Engineering, Event, Final Year, Joined, Latest

Page Forty Four

Terminated, Termination, Undertaking, Vis a Vis, Volunteer, Accept, Aforesaid, Category, Claiming, Communication, Constitute, Contained, Contempt of Court, Context, Contingent Charges, Contract, District Court, Doubt, Dozen, Drawl, Duplicate, Furnish

Page Forty Five

Lien, Make out, Mechanic, Medical institutions, medical students, not clear, originally, Possess, Pre commission, pre final, Provisional, Purely, Purse, Regular Commission, Released, Sanctioned, Seconded, Short Service, Stands, Successfully, Suffer, Sufficient

Page Forty Six

Hence, He will do, House rent allowance, In considering, In detail, In duplicate, In other words, In their, In the matter, Light, Lower, Lowest, May be revised, Modern, Moveable property, Muffler, Municipalities, Offered, Operative, Owned, Per mensem, Private Accommodation.

Page Forty Seven

Procedure, Purchase, Refusal, Required, Residing, Revised, Accommodation, Answer, Assessed, Assessment, Authorised, Circular, Clarification, Contained, Deemed, Earlier, Excess, Excise Taxation Deptt. Lime, Living, Municipal Records

Page Forty Eight

North, Occupied, Reckoning, Retrospective, Retrospectively, Taken into account, Tennis, They will be, To be made, Added, Concessions, Departmental Examination, Diet, Exploit, Forthcoming, In cases, Inclusion, Inter, Joined, List, Military Service, Normally.

Page Forty Nine

Occupant, Opportunities, Ordinance, Parent Deptt, Passed, Passing, Precedent, Press, Proceeding, Promoted, Promotion, Ranking, Reacting, Re actions, Represents, Revision, Stand, Upward, Affairs, Annotation, Apply, Arranging.

Page Fifty

Arrears, Assign, Associate, Audit Objection, Behalf, Clearance, Commit, Committee, Confined, Connected, Considered, Consultation, Counter Parts, Difficulties, Dinner, Discuss, Documents, Doubt, Increasingly, Irregularities, Majority, Senior Auditor

Page Fifty One

Throw, Appendix, Lien, Local Bodies, Novel, Old Cases, Open Market, Permanent Govt Employees, Very Strict, With him, Adhoc basis, After operation, Borrowing, Casual Leave, Civil Services, Died, Female, Flexible, Foreign Service, Front, Ink, Limitations

Page Fifty Two

Pregnant, Produces, Women, Doctor Incharge, For the time, Genuine Difficulties, Median, Non Adherance, Parcel, Type-Writer, Adding, Addressing, At the same time, By telegraph, Chairman, Correspondence, Cost price, Direct Payment, Further Consideration, Growing, Heard, Ignored

Page Fifty Three

I have received, In future, Interference, It has been, Necessary Action, Office Procedure, Official, Persists, Summarily, Tendency, Time Barred, Trend, Carried Forward, Defence Service, Forces, For More Than, Indian, Inforce, In Order to safeguard, Recruitment, Recruiting, Remain

Page Fifty Four

Second, Temporarily, Un-employed, Unfilled, View, Year, Afforded, Ambulance, Are your, Character rolls, Civil post, Commandant, Commissions, Credits, Deducted, Deduction, Defence accounts, Food expenses, Forwarded, Gazette Notification, Grant, Higher

Page Fifty Five

Individual, Last Pay Certificates, Legal Rights, Mutatis Mutandis, Office Order, Pay Certificate, Permitted, Provident Fund, Reducted, Set up, Start, Struck off, Training Centre, Training period, Training School, Emergency Commission, Dedicate, Selected, Civil Post, Afford, After, Allowance.

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