English Shorthand B Alphabet Outlines apke saath share karne wala hoon. English Shorthand B Alphabet Outlines mai maine sare B alphabet se related words search kiye hai.


B alphabet mai jo most important words hai jo exam mai zyadatar aate hai. Yeh words apke liye bahut helpful rahenge. Meri hamesha koshish yehi rahegi ki important words apke saath share karta rahoon. 

Niche diye gaye words ki aap jitni practice karenge utna jalid aap shorthand mai perfect hote chale jayenge. 

Sir Isaac Pitman Shorthand Book and Newspaper

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Page 1

Baal, Babble, Babbled, Babblement, Babbler, Babbling, Babery, Baboo, Baboon Babyhood, Babyish, Babylonian, Babylonish, Baccara, Baccate, Bacchanal Bacchanalian, Bacchant,  Bacchante, Bacchic

Page 2

Bacchus, Bacciferous, Baccivorous, Bacilli, Bacillus, Backbitter, Backbitting, Backdoor, Backfired, Backgammon, Backhanded, Backhander, Backhouse Backsight, Backslide, Backslider, Backsliding, Backstairs, Backsword, Backwardness

Page 3

Backwash, Backwoods, Bacon, Backwoodsman, Baconian, Bacteriology, Bacterium Bade, Badge, Badger, Badgered, Badgering, Badigeon, Badinage, Baffled, Baffler Baffling, Bagatelle, Baggage, Bagged

Page 4

Bagging, Baggy, Bagman, Bagnio, Bagpipe, Bagpiper, Bailee, Bailie, Bailing Bailiwick, Bailment, Bailor, Bairn, Baited, Baiting, Baize, Bake House, Bake Meat Baker, Bakerloon 

Page 5

Balasruby, Balata, Balconied, Baldachin, Balderdash, Baldhead, Baldly, Baldric Balearic, Baled, Balefulness, Bare Fire, Baleful, Balefully ,Baling, Balize Balk Balked ,Balking Ball

Page 6

Ballad, Ballad Monger Ballast, Ballasted, Ballasting Ball, Cock Balled, Ballet, Balling, Ballista ,Ballistite, Ballooning, Ballonist, Ballot Box, Balloted, Ball Room Balmily, Balminess, Balmy, Balneal 

Page 7

Balsam, Balsamic, Balsamical, Balsamiferous, Baluster, Balustered, Balustrade Bambino, Bamboo, Bamboozle, Bamboozied, Bamboozling, Banal, Banality, Banana, Banco Band, Bandage, Bandaged, Bandaging

Page 8

Bandanna, Bandbox, Bandeau, Banded, Bandelet, Bander, Banderole, Bandicoot Bandied, Banding, Bandit, Banditti, Bandog, Bandoleer, Bandore, Band Roll Bandsman, Band Stand, Bandy, Bandying 

Page 9 

Bandyleg, Bandy Legged, Bane, Banefu,l Banefully, Banefulness, Banged, Banging Bangle, Bangue, Banishment, Banister, Banjo, Bank, Bill, Bank, Book, Banked Banking, Bank Note, Bankrupted, Banner 

Page 10

Bannered, Banneret, Bannerol, Banning, Bannock, Banns, Banquet, Banqueted Banqueter, Banquetting, Banquette, Bans, Banstickle, Bantam, Banter, Bantered Bantering, Bantling, Banyan, Baptist, Baptistery, Baptistic 

Page 11

Baptizeable, Barb, Barbacan, Barbadian, Barbarian, Barbaric, Barbarism, Barbarity Barbarize, Barbarized, Barbarizing, Barbarous, Barbarously, Barbarouenss, Barbate, Barbecue, Barbecued, Barbecuing, Barbed, Barbel, Barbellate, Barber

Page 12

Barberry, Barbet, Barbette, Barbican, Barbule, Barcarole, Bardic, Bardism, Bare Bare, Bone, Bared, Bare faced, Bare facedness, Barege, Bare headed, Bareness Bargained, Bargainee, Bargainer, Bargaining, Bargeman, Barilla 

Page 13

Baring, Bariron, Baritone, Barium, Barked, Barkeeper, Barker, Barking, Barky, Barley, Barley, Broth, Barley Corn, Barley Meal, Barm, Barmaid, Barmeclde, Barmy Barnacle, Barograph, Barolite, Barometer, Barometric 

Page 14

Barometrical Barometry Baron Baronage Baroness Baronet Baronetage Baronetcy Baronial Baroscope Baroscopic Baroscopical Barouche Barque Barquentine Barracan Barrack Barracoon Barrage Barras Barrator Barratrous 

Page 15

Barratry Barrel Barrelage Barrelled Barren Barrenness Barricaded Barricading Barrister Barter Bar Shot Bartered Barterer Bartering Bartizan Barton Bartyta Barytes Barytic Barytone Barytum Basal 

Page 16

Basalt Basaltic Basaltiform Basaltine Basanite Bashaw Bashful Bashfully Bashfulness Basifier Basify Basifying Basil Basilar Basilary Basilic Basilica Basilical Basilicon Basilisk Basin Basing 

Page 17

Bayed Baying Bayonet Bayoneted Bayoneting Bayou Baysalt Bay tree Bay window Bazaar Bdellium Beaching Beachy Beacon Beaconded Beaconing Beconage Beacoming Beading Beadle Beads Man Beagle 

Page 18

Battlemented Battler Battleship Battling Battology Battue Baubee Bauble Baulk Bavarian Bavin Bawbee Bawd Bawdily Bawdy Bawl Bawled Bawler Bawling Bawn Bayard Bayberry 

Page 19

Batsman Batta Battalia Battalion Battalioned Batted Batteler Battels Batten Battened Battening Batter Battered Batterer Battering Battery Battish Battle Array Battle Axe Battledore Battle Field Battlement 

Page 20

Bastinado Bastinadoed Basting Bastioned Basyle Batavian Bate Bateau Bated Bath Bathe Bathed Bathing Bathos Bating Batiste Batled Baton Batrachia Batrachian Batrachite Batrachoid 

Page 21

Bask Basked Basking Basque Bas relief Bass Basset Basseted Basseting Bassinet Bassoon Bassoonist Bass viol Basswood Bast Bastardize Bastardized Bastardizing Bastarly Bate Basted Bastile, Bastille 

Page 22

Beak Beaked Beaker Beamed Beamless Beamy Bean Bean Feast Bear Bear Baiting Beard Bearded Bearding Beardless Beardlessness Bear Garden Bearish Bearlike Bears Foot Bears Grease Bear Skin Beastliness

Page 23

Beaten Beater Beatific Beatifical Beatification Beatifled Beatify Beatifying Beating Beatitude Beau  Bean Ideal Bean Monde Beatueous Beauteously Beauteousness Beautified Beautifier Beautifulness Beautifying Beauty Spot Beaux

Page 24

Beaver Beavered Bebeerine Becalm Becalmed Beccaflco Bechance Bechanced Bechancing Becharm Becked Becket Becking Beckoned Beckoning Becloud Beclouded Beclouding Becomingness Bedabble Bedabbled Bedabbling

Page 25

Bedarken Bedash Bedaub Bedaubed Bedaubling Bedazzle Bed Chair Bed Chamber Bed Clothes Bedded Bedding  Bedeck Bedecked Bedecking Bedeguar Bedel Bedevil Bedevilled Bedew Bedewed Bedewing Bedfellow

Page 26

Bed Hangings Bedtight Bedim Bedizen Bedlam Bedlamite Bad Maker Bedmate Bedouin Bed Plate Bed Post Bed Quilt Bedraggle Bedrid Bed Ridden Bedroom Bedside Bed Stead Bedstraw Bedtick Bee Bee Bee Bread 

Page 27

Beech Beechen Beechnut Beefeater Beef Steak Beehive Bee House Beele Bee Line Beelzebub Bee Master Beer Beer Barrel Beer House Beer Shop Beestings Bees Wax Beet Beetle Brow Beetled Beetling Beet Root

Page 28

Beeves Befall Befallen Befallng Befell Befit Befitted Befitting Befog Befogged Befogging Befool Befooled Befooling Before Time Befoul Befriend Befriended Befriending Befringe Began Beget

Page 29

Begetter Begetting Beggar Beggared Beggaring Beggarliness Beggarly Beggary Begged Begging Begird Begirding Begirt Begone Begonia Begot Begotten Begrime Begrimed Begriming Begrudge Begrudging 

Page 30

Beguile Beguiled Beguilement Beguiler Beguiling Begum Beheaded Beheading Behemoth Behest Behind Behind Hand Beholden Beholder Beholding Behoof Behoove Behooved Behooved Belabour Belaboured Belated 

Page 31

Belay Belaying Belch Belched Belching Beldam Beleaguer Beleaguered Beleaguering Belemnite Belfry Belgian Belgic Belial Belie Belied Belief Believable Believe Believed Believing Believingly

Page 32

Belittle Belittled Belittling Belladonna Bell Bird Belle Bell Founder Bell Foundry Bell Hanger Bellicose Bellied Belligerency Belligerent Bellman Bell Metal Bellow Bellowed Bellower Bellowing Bellows Bellpull Bellringer 

Page 33

Bell Weather Belly Belly Band Bellyful Bellying Belong Beloved Beltane Belted Belting Belvedere Belying Bemire Bemired Bemiring Bemoan Bemoaned Bemoaner Bemoaning Bemuse Bemused Bemusing

Page 34

Ben Bench Bend Bendable Bended Bender Bending Bendlet Bendy Beneath Benedict Benedictine Benediction Benedictive Benedictory Benedictus Benefaction Benefactor Benefactress Benefice Beneficed Beneficence 

Page 35

Beneficent Beneficently Beneficially Benefited Benefiting Benevolent Bengalese Bengali Benight Benighted Benevolently  Benighting Benign Benignant Benignantly Benignity Benignly Benison Bennet Bent Benthal Benumb

Page 36

Benumbed Benumbing Benzene Benzine Benzoic Benzoin Benzol Benzoline Beqneath Bequeathed Bequeather Bequeathing Bequest Berberine Berean Bereave Bereaved Bereavement Bereaving Bereft Bergamot Bergander

Page 37

Bequeathing Bequest Berberine Berean Bereave Bereaved Bereavement Bereaving Bereft Bergamot Bergander Beseeching Beseechingly Beseem Beseemed Beseeming Bessemingly Best Bestting Beshrew Besiege Besieged

Page 38

Besieger Besieging Besmear Besmeared Besmearing Besom Besot Besotted Besotting Besought Bespangle Bespangled Bespangling Bespatter Bespattered Bespattering Bespeak Bespeaker Bespeaking Bespoke Bespoken Bespread 

Page 39

Besprinkle Besprinkled Besprinkling Bessemer Bestial Bestiality Bestir Bestirred Bestirring Bestowal Bestower  Bestowing Bestraddle Bestrew Bestrewed Bestrewing Bestrid Bestride Bestridden Bestriding Betake Betaken

Page 40

Betel Bethel Bethink Bethinking Bethought Betide Betided Betiding Betimes Betoken Betokened  Betokening Betony Betook Betrayer Betraying Betrayment Betroth Betrothal Betrothed Betrothing Betted

Page 41

Bettered Bettering Betterment Betters Betting Betty Betwixt Bevel Bevelled Bevelling Bevel Wheels Bevy Bewail Bewailable Bewailed Bewailer Bewailing Beware Bewilder Bewildered Bewildering Bewilderment

Page 42

Bewitch Bewitched Bewitcher Bewitchery Bewitching Bewitchment Bewray Bey Bezel Bezique Bezoar Bezoardic Bhang Biangular Biassed Biassing Biaxial Bib Bibacious Bibacity Biber Bibitory

Page 43

Bible Biblical Biblicist Bibliographer Bibliographic Bibliographical Bibliography Bibliolatry Bibliological Bibliology Bibliomania  Bibliomaniac Bibliomaniacal Bibliomanist Bibliophile Bibliophobia Bibliopole Bibliopolism Bibliopolist Bibliotheca Bibulous Bicalcarate 

Page 44

Bicapsular Bicarbonate Bice Bicentenary Bicephalous Biceps Bichromate Bicipital Bicipitious Bicker Bickerer Bickering Biconjugate Bicorn Bicornous Bicorporal Bicrural Bicuspid Bicyclist Bid Bidden Bidder

Page 45

Bidding Bide Bided Bidet Biding Biennial Biennially Bier Bifarious Biferous Biffin Bifurcation Bifid Bifidated Bifold Bifoliate Biforate Biforine Biform Biformed Bifurcaie Bifurcated

Page 46

Bifurcating Bifurcous Bigamist Bigamy Bigarreau Bigaroon Bigential Biggin Bight Bigness Bignonia Bigot Bigoted Bigotry Bigwig Bigjou Bijoutry Bijugate Bijugous Bilabiate Bilamellate Bilamellated

Page 47

Bilander Biberry Bilbo Bilboes Bile Bile Duct Bilge Bilged Bilge Water Bilging Biliary Bilingual Bilinguist Bilious Biliousness Biliteral Bilk Bilked Bilking Bill Book Billed Billet 

Page 48

Billed Doux Billeted Billeting Bill Hook Billiard Billiards Billing Billingsgate Billion Billot Billow Billowy Bill Poster Bill Sticker Bilobate Bilobed Bilocular Biltong Bimaculate Bimana Bimane Bimanous 

Page 49

Bimedial Bimestrial Bimonthly Bin Binary Binate Binder Bindery Bindweed Binervate Binnacle Binocle Binocular Binoculate Binomial Binominal Binominous Binous Biocellate Biodynamics Biogenesis Biographer 

Page 50

Biographical Biolytic Biometry Bioplasm Biotaxy Biparous Bipartible Bipartient Bipartile Bipartite Bipartition Bipectinate Biped Bipedal Bipeltate Bipennate Bipennated Bipetalous Bipinate Biplane Bipolar Bipolarity 

Page 51

Bipontine Bipunctual Biquadrate Biquintile Biradiate Biramous Birch Birched Birchen Birching Bird  Bird Cage Bird Catcher Bird Like Bird Lime Bird's Eye Bireme Biretta Birostrate Birostrated Birth Birth Mark

Page 52

Birth Right Biscayan Biscotin Biscuit Bisect Bisected Bisecting Bisection Bisegment Biserial Biserrate Bisetose Bisetous Bishop Bishopric Bisk Bismuth Bismuthal Bison Bisque Bissextile Bistort

Page 53

Bistoury Bistre Bisulcate Bisulphate Bisulphuret Bit Bitch Biter Biternate Biting Bitt  Bitted Bitten Bitter Bitterish Bitterly Bittern Bitterness Bitters Bittersweet Bitterweed Bitting

Page 54

Bitts Bitumen Bituminate Bituminated Bituminating Bituminize Bituminous Bivalve Bivalvous Bivalvular Bivaulted Biventral Bivious Bivonac Bivouacked Biweekly Bizarre Blab Blabbed Blabber Blabbing Black 

Page 55

Blackamoor Blackart Blackballed Blackballing Blackbeetle Blackberry Black Board Black Book Black Cattle Black Death Blacked Blacken Blackened Blackener Blackening Black Eyed Black Fish Blackguard Blacking Blackish Blackleg Black Lead 

Page 56

Blackly Blackmail Blackness Blakrod Blacksmith Blackthorn Bladder Blade Blade Bone Blamed Blameful Blameless Blamelessness Blamer Blameworthy Blanch Blanched Blanchimeter Blanching Blancmange Bland Blandiloquence 

Page 57

Blandish Blandished Blandisher Blandished Blandishment Blandness Blanket Blanketed Blanketing Blankness Blare  Blaring Blarney Blarneyed Blarneying Blase Blaspheme Blasphemed Blasphemer Blaspheming Blasphemous Blasphemously

Page 58

Blasted Blastema Blast Furnace Blasting Blastocarpous Blastoderm Blastpipe Blatant Blatter Blay Blazed Blazing Blazon Blazoned Blazoner Blazoning Blazonry Bleached Bleacher Bleachery Bleaching Bleak 

Page 59

Bleakish Bleakly Bleakness Blear Blear Eyed Bleat Bleated Bleater Bleating Bleb Bleed Bled Blemish Blemished Blemishing Blench Blenched Blenching Blende Blended Blender Blending 

Page 60

Blenny Blent BlesBok Blessed Blessed Blessedly Blessedness Blesser Blessing Blest Blet Bletonism Bletonist Blew Blight Blighted Blighting Blightingly Blinded Blinder Blindfoldeded Blinding 

Page 61

Blindmans Buff, Blindness Blind Side Blink Blinkard Blinked Blinker Blinking Bliss Blissful Blissfunless  Blister Blistered Blistery Blithe Blitheful Blithely Blistering Blithesome Blithesomeness Blizzard Bloat

Page 62

Bloated Bloatedness Bloater Bloating Blobber Block Blockaded Blockading Block Book Block Head Block House Blocking Blockish Block Tin Blond ,Blonde Blooded Bloodheat Blood Hound Bloodily Bloodiness Blooding Bloodless 

Page 63

Blood Red Blood Relation Blood Root Bloodshed Blood Shot Blood stained Blood Sucker Blood Thirsty Bloodwort Bloody Bloom Bloomary Bloomed Bloomer Bloomery Blooming Bloomingly Bloomy Blossom Blossomed Blossoming Blot

Page 64

Blotch Blote Blotted Blotter Blotting Blouse Blower Blowing Blown Blow Pipe Blow Valve Blowzed Blowzy Blubber Blubbered Blubbering Blucher Bludgeon Blue Blue Bell Blue Berry Blue Bird

Page 65

Blue Book Blue Bottle Blue Light Blueness Blues Blue Stocking Blue Stone Bluey Bluff Blunted Bluffing Bluffness Bluffy Bluish Bluishly Blunder Blunderbuss Blunderer Blunderhead Blundering Blunted Blunting

Page 66

Bluntish Bluntly Bluntness Blurred Blurring Blurt Blurted Blurting Blush Blushed Blushing Blushingly Bluster Blustered Blusterer Blustering Blusterous Bo Boa Boanerges Boardable Boarded

Page 67

Boarding House Boarding School Board Wages Boarish Boasted Boaster Boastful Boastfullness Boastfully Boasting Boastingly Boatable Boatbuilder Boated Boathook Boating Boatman Boatswain Bob Bobbed Bobbin Bobbinet 

Page 68

Bobbing Bobolink Bobstay Bobtail Bobtailed Bocasin Boche Bockland Bode Bocking Boded Bodega Bodice Bodied Bodiless Bodily Boding Bodkin Bodleian Body Clothes Body Politic Boeotian

Page 69

Boer Bofors Bog Bogey Bogged Boggle Boggled Boggler Boggling Boggy Bogie Bogland Bogus Bogy Boh Bohea Boiler Boiler Plate Boilery Boiling Boiling Point Boisterous 

Page 70

Boisterously Bolar Bolder Boldest Boldly Boldness Bole Bolero Boll Bollard Bolognese  Bolognian Bolster Bolstered Bolstering Bolted Bolter Bolting Bolting Cloth Bolus Bomb Bombard 

Page 71

Bombarded Bombardier Bombarding Bombardment Bombasine Bombast Bombastic Bombazette Bombazine Bombed Bombing  Bomb Proof Bomb Shell Bombyx Bon Accord Bona Fide Bona Fides Bonanza Bonapartean Bonapartism Bonapartist Bonasus 

Page 72

Bonasus Bon Bon Bond Bondage Bonded Bond Holder Bonding Bond Maid Bond Man Bond Servant Bondsman Bond Woman Boned Bone Lace Boneset Bonesetter Bone Setting Bone Shaker Bonafire Bonhomie Boniface Boning 

Page 73

Bonmot Bonnet Bonneted Bonnetting Bonnily Bonny Bonus Bony Bonze Boo Bobby Boodle Book Account Book Binder Book Bindery Book Binding Book Case Bookdebt Bookish Book Keeper Book Keeping Book Knowledge 

Page 74

Bookland Book Maker Book Rack Book Seller Book Selling Book Shelf Book Stall Book Store Bookworm Boom Boomed Boomerang Booming Boon Boor Boorish Boorishly Boose Booser Boot Booted Bootee 

Page 75

Bootikin Bootjack Bootless Bootlessly Boot Tree Booty Booze Boozed Boozer Boozing Boozy  Boracic Borage Borate Borax Bordered Bordered Bordering Border Land Bordure Boreal Boreas

Page 76

Borecole Boredom Borer Boric Boron Borough Borrowed Borstal Bos Boscage Bosh Bosh Bosket Bosky Bosom Bosomed Bosoming Boss Bossage Bossed Bossing Bossy 

Page 77

Boswell Bot Botanic Botanical Botanist Botanize Botanized Botanizing Botany Botargo Botch Botched Botcher Botchery Botching Botchy Bote Bother Bothered Bothering Bothnic Botryoid 

Page 78

Botryoidal Botryolite Bots Bottine Bottled Bottling Bottomed Bottoming Bottomless Bottomry Bouche Boudoir Bough Bought Bougie Bouilli Bouillon Boulder Boulevard Bounced Bouncer Bouncing 

Page 79

Bouncingly Bounden Bounder Boundless Boundlessly Boundlessness Bounteous Bounteously Bounteousness Bountiful Bountifulness Bouquet Bourbonism Bourbonist Bourgeois Bourne, Bourn Bourse Bout Bouts Rimes Bovine Bovril Bow 

Page 80

Bow Bowderlize Bowderlirized Bowdlerizing Bowels Bower Bowery Bowing Bowknot Bowl Bowled Bowline Bowling Bowman Bowse Bowsprit Bow String Bow Window Bow Wow Boxed Boxer Boxing 

Page 81

Box Tree Boxwood Boxcotted Boycotting Boyhood Boyish Boyishly Boyishness Boys Play Braccate Brace Braced Bracelet Bracer Brachial Brachiate Brachygrapher Brachygraphy Brachylogy Bracing Bracken Bracket 

Page 82

Bracketed Bracketing Brackish Brackishness Bract Bractea Bracteate Bradawl Bradypod Brag Braggodocio Braggart Bragged Bragger Bragging Brahma Brahman Brahmin Brahminical Braid Braided Braiding 

Page 83

Braille Brained Braining Brainless Brainpan Braise Brakeman Brakesman Braky Bramble Brambling Brambly Bran Branch Branchial Branching Branchless Branchy Brand Branded Brander Brandish 

Page 84

Brandished Brandishing Brandling Brand New Brandy Brangle Brangled Brangler Brangling Branlin Branny Brant Brash Brassard Brassart Brass Band Brasse Brassey Brassiness Brassy Brat Bravado 

Page 85

Braved Bravely Braveness Bravery Bravest Braving Bravo Bravura Brawl Brawled Brawler Brawling Brawn Brawny Braxy Bray Brayed Brayer Braying Braze Brazen Brazen Faced 

Page 86

Brazenness Brazier Brazing Breaching Bread Bread Corn Bread Fruit Bread Stuff Breadth Bread Winner Breakable Break Down Breaker Breakfasted Breakfasting Breaking Breakman Breakwater Bream Breamed Breasted Breastfast

Page 87

Breasting Breastknot Breastpin Breastplate Breastwheel Breastwork Breath Breathable Breathe Breathed Breather Breathing Breathless Breccia Bred Breech Breeched Breeches Breeching Breech Loader Breech Loading Breeder 

Page 88

Breeding Breeze Breezy Brehon Brent Bret Brethren Brettice Breve Brevet Breveted Breveting Breviary Brevier Breviped Brevipenate Brevity Brew Brewage Brewed Brewer Brewery 

Page 89

Brewhouse Brewing Brewis Brewster Briar Bribed Briber Bribery Bribing Brick Brickbat Brick Kiln Brick Layer Brick Maker Brick Work Brickyard Bride Chamber Brideless Bride Maid Bride Man Bridesmaid Bridesman 

Page 90

Bridewell Bridged Bridging Bridle Bridled Bridler Bridling Bridoon Briefer Briefest Briefless  Briefly Briefness Brier Briered Briery Brig Brigade Brigadier Brigand Brigandine Brigantine 

Page 91

Broadened Broadening Broadish Broadly Broadness Broadside Broadsword Brocade Brocaded Broccoli Brock Brocket Brog Brogan Brogue Broider Broidered Broidering Broil Broiled Broiler Broiling 

Page 92

Broke Broken Brokenly Brokeness Broker Brokerage Broma Bromal Bromate Bromatology Bromide Bromine Bronchia Bronchial Bronchus Bronze Bronzed Bronzing Brooch Brood Brooded Brooding

Page 93

Brinish Brink Briny Brisk Brisket Briskly Briskness Bristle Bristled Bristling Bristly Britannic British Brittleness Britizka Broach Broached Broad Arrow Broad Awake Broad Axe Broad Cloth Broaden 

Page 94

Brighten Brightened Brightening Bright Eyed Brightness Brigue Brill Brilliance Brilliancy Brilliantly Brimful Brimless Brimmed Brimmer Brimming Brimstone Brinded Brindled Brine Brinepan Bringer Bringing 

Page 95

Broody Brook Brooked Brooking Brooklet Broom Broomstick Broomy Brose Broth Brothel Brother Brotherhood Brotherly Brow Browbeat Browbeaten Browbeating Brown Browned Brownie Browning 

Page 96

Brownish Brown Study Browse Browsed Browser Browsing Bruin Bruise Bruised Bruiser Bruising Bruit Bruiting Bruited Brumal Brunette Brunt Brusher Brushing Brushwood Brushy Brusque 

Page 97

Brusqueness Brusquerie Brussels Brutal Brutality Brutalize Brutalized Brutalizing Brutally Brute Brutified  Brutify Brutifying Brutish Brutishly Bryology Bryony Bubble Bubbling Bubbly Bubo Bubonic

Page 98

Buccal Buccaneer Buccannering Buccinal Bucinator Bucentaur Buceros Buck Bucked Bucket Bucketful Buckish Buckle Buckled Buckler Buckling Buckram Buckskin Bud Budded Buddhist Buddle 

Page 99

Budge Budged Budger Budged Buffeter Buffo Buffeter Buffeting Buffy Bug Bug bear Buggy Buggle Bugler Bugloss Builded Bulb Bulbed Bulblet Bulbul Bulbule Bulge

Page 100

Bulged Bulging Bulimia Bulk Bulked Bulkhead Bulky Bull Bullet Bulletin Bullet proof Bull Fight Bull finch Bull Frog Bullied Bullion Bullionist Bullock Bulls Yes Bumkin Bump Bumped 

Page 101

Bumper Bumping Bun Bunch Bunched Bunching Bundle Bundled Bundling Bung Bungalow Bungled Bungler Bunion Bunk Bunker Bunny Buntine Bunting Buoy Buoyant Buoyantly 

Page 102

Burden Burdened Bureaucratical Bureaucratist Burgee Burgeon Burglar Burial Burin Burnable Burner Burning Burnish Burnt Burr Burnished Burrow Burral Bursting Burying Burster Bus 

Page 103

Bush Bushed Busier Busiest Business Busket Buss Buskin Butcher Butchered Butt Butterfly Button Buyer Buzz Buzzard Buzzing By gone By product By the by By Path By sine 

Page 104

Babe, Babel, Baby, Bachelor, Bachelorhood, Back, Back Bar, Back Bite, Back Board, Back Bone, Back Door, Backed, Backer, Backfire, Backfired, Backfiring, Background, Backing, Backlash, Backside, Backstay, Backward, Backwardly, Backwards, Back water, Back Yard.

English-Shorthand -1

Page 105

Bacteria, Bacterial, Bacterian, Bad, Badly, Badness, Baffle, Bag, Bail, Bailable, Bailed, Bailer, Bailing, Bailment, Bailor, Bait, Bake, Baked, Bakery, Baking, Balance, Balanced, Balancer, Balance sheet, Balancing.

English-Shorthand -2

Page 106

Balcony, Bald, Baldness, Bale, Ballister, Ballistic, Ballon, Ballot, Balm, Baltic, Bamboo, Bam, Banco, Bane, Bang, Banish, Banished, Banisher, Banishing, Bank, Banker, Bankrupt, Bankruptcy, Banned, Banshee, Baptism.

English-Shorthand -3
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Page 107

Bar, Bard, Bare foot, Bare footed, Barely, Bargain, Barge, Bark, Barkery, Barn, Barony, Barred, Barricade, Barrier, Barring, Barrow, Base, Baseball, Based, Baseless, Basely, Basement, Baseness, Basic, Basified, Basis.

English-Shorthand -4

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Page 108

Basket, Bastard, Bastion, Bat, Batch, Bath, Bathing, Bath room, Batsman, Battle, Battled, Bay, Beach, Beached, Beacon, Bead Roll, Beam, Beamed, Bearable, Bearer, Bearing, Beagle, Beast, Beastly, Beat, Beautiful.

English-Shorthand -5

Page 109

Beautify, Beauty, Became, Beck, Beckon, Become, Becoming, Becomingly, Bed  Time, Bee, Beef, Beetle, Before, Before Hand, Before Time, Beg, Begin, Begginer, Beginning, Begun, Behave, Behaved, Behaving, Behaviour, Be Held, Be Hold.

English-Shorthand -6

Page 110

Being, Belate, Belayed, Believer, Bell, Belonged, Belonging, Belove, Belt, Below, Bencher, bend, Beneficial, Beneficiary, Benefit, benevolence, Berate, Berated, Berth, Beside, Besides, Best, Bestow, Bestowed.

English-Shorthand -7

Page 111

Bet, Betray, Betrayal, Betrayed, Better, Between, Beverage, Bias, Bicycle, Big, Bilateral, Bill, Bind, Biographic, Biograph, Biography, Biological, Biology, Birthday, Birth Place, Bisexual, Bite, Black, Black Ball, Black Bird, Black Cap.

English-Shorthand -8

Page 112

Bladed, Blame, Blameable, Blaming, Blank, Blared, Blast, Blaster, Blaze, Bleach, Blend, Bless, Blind, Blind Fold, Blinding, Blindly, Black, Blockade, Blocked, Blood, Blood Vessel, Blow, Blunt, Blur, Board, Boarder.

English-Shorthand -9

Page 113

Boarding, Boast, Boat, Body, Body Guard, Bodying, Boil, Boiled, Bold, Bolt, Bone, Book, Booklet, Bookpost, Bonus, Booked, Booking, Bookmark, Booth, Border, Bore, Bored, Boring, Born, Borne, Borrow. 

English-Shorthand -10

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Page 114

Borrower, Borrrowing, Both, Bottle, Bottom, Bounce, Bound, Boundary, Bounded, Bounding, Bounty, Bowler, Box, Boy, Boycott, Brad, Brail, Brain, Brake, Branched, Branding, Brass, Brave, Braver, Breach, Break. 

English-Shorthand -11

Page 115

Breakage, Breakfast, Breast, Breed, Bribe, Bridal, Bride Groom, Bridge, Brief, Bright, Brightly, Brilliant, Brim, Bring, Brittle, Broad, Broadcast, Brochure, Brother in Law, Brought, Brush, Brushed, Bubbled, Buddhist, Build, Building.

English-Shorthand -12

Page 116

Built, Bully, Bullying, Burdening, Bureau, Bureaucracy, Bureaucratic, Burglary, Bundle, Buried, Burn, Burned, Burst, Bushing, Bust, Busy, Butter,  Buy, Buying, By and By, By Election, By End, By Law, By Name, By Way, By Word.

English-Shorthand -13

Niche comment karke aap koi bhi word ki outline pooch sakte ho.


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    1. Alphabet d alag website par already uploaded hai..

  2. Please tell the outline for Bhattacharya

  3. dear screen par apko orange icon show ho raha hoga, aap us par click kar ke facebook messenger se connect ho jaye... phir aap koi bhi outlines hamse pooch sakte hai..


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