English Steno Question Paper Part 20, English shorthand Steno-Typist Paper provide kiya geya hai, Jo Apko  knowledge gain and test ke liye prepare karne ke liye helpful rahega.

English Court Steno Question Paper [Part-20]

Har saal District Courts and High Courts mai Steno papers, Adhoc steno papers, hote rehte hai, inki language kafi had tak same hi hoti hai.

Aap yeh paper dekh kar easily practice kar sakte hai, in future apko aur bhi court shorthand papers provide kiye jayenge.

Punjab and Haryana High Court, District Court (Steno Adhoc Exams) mai 80 wpm speed 5 minutes mai bole geya tha, aur agey bhi aisi hi dictation court steno exam mai boli jaa sakti hai. 

Aap daily website se court dictationsenglish steno dictations practice karte jaye, aap bahut jaldi perfection hasil karlenge.

80 WPM Court Steno Paper

400 Words

Steno Typist Paper Part- 20

Match Paragraph

In the instant case on facts we are dealing with the issue of a person convicted for contempt of Court. Do such a person during the period of custody, claim privilege or confidentially in respect of the medical records maintained by a public authority. The contention of the respondent is that the larger public interest requires that this information be disclosed, as persons in high office or high positions or the like, in order to avoid serving their term in (1) Jail or orders of detention or remand to police custody or judicial remand with the connivance of officials get themselves admitted into hospitals. The public, therefore, it is submitted, has a right to know, as to whether such a person was genuinely admitted or admitted to avoid punishment custody and thus defeat judicial orders. The public right in such case, must prevail over the private interest of such third person. The Court must bear in mind the object of the Right (2) to Information Act which is to make the public authorities accountable and their actions open. The contention that the information in may be misused is of no consequence, as Parliament wherever it has chosen to deny such information has so specifically provided. In support of the contention, that the information is private and confidential and ought not to be disclosed, the petitioner has invited our attention to various judgments. Whether right to privacy can be claimed or has been infringed (3) in a given case would depend on the facts of the said case. But the right to hold a telephone conversation / in the privacy of a home or office without interference can certainly be claimed as right to privacy. Conversations on the telephone are often of an intimate and confidential character. It is considered so important that more and more people are carrying mobile telephone instruments in their pockets. Telephone conversation is an important side of a private life. Right to (4) privacy would certainly include telephone conversation in the privacy of home or the office. Disclosure of even true private facts has the tendency to disturb the privacy. It may generate many complexes in him and may even lead to many psychological problems. He may, thereafter have a disturbed life all through. As already held by this Court in its various decisions referred to above, the Right of Privacy is an essential component of right to life envisaged by the Constitution. (5)


  1. Thanku so much sir tuhadi is site ne meri boht help ktii infact ajj jini v speed hai sb etho prepare kiti tahi ajj exam vdia de paai
    But sir 5 minutes d dictation c 400 words approx. D jide ch 6 ya 7 mistake hogia so selection hon de chance haige ne ??

  2. Thanks G, tuhadi selection zarur hoyegi g, mehnat karde raho.. Tahanu ik din usda fal zaruru mil jana..... 6,7 mistakes kyun hoyian uste concentration karo taki next waari ehni mistake naa ho paan...

  3. Practice karde raho daily manzil tahanu mil jayegi...

  4. Good morning sir ajj result aa gea steno da meri selection nhi hoi 😊

  5. Koi gal nahi ji himmat nahi harni, hor mehnat karo koshish karde raho tusi bahut nazdeek ho nokri lagan te, apni galiyan nu analyze karo ki kithe galti hoyi hai.... ohna words nu practice karo... Bas ehna hi karna hunda... Speed tuhadi already bani hoyi hai.

    Try Try Again.....Best of Luck.... Koi problem andi hai kuch v pooch sakde ho g....

    1. Hng thankuu sir
      Mai hor v practice krugi mehnat krugi jdo rbb da hukm hoea odo mil jaugi job 😊😊

  6. 100% lagegi G. Mainu poora vishwas hai G..... Shorthand jo mehnat karda oh lagda hi lagda G....


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