English Steno Question Paper Part 12, English Steno-Typist Paper provide kiya jaa raha hai, Jo Apko  knowledge gain and test ke liye prepare karne mai helpful rahega.

English Shorthand Exam Question Paper Part-12

Har saal Poore India mai alag alag High Courts mai Steno papers hote rehte hai, inki language kafi had tak same hi hoti hai.

Aap yeh paper dekh kar easily practice kar sakte hai, in future apko aur bhi court shorthand papers provide kiye jayenge.

Yeh paper Punjab and Haryana High Court mai 80 wpm speed 5 minutes mai bole geya tha, aur agey bhi aisi hi dictation court steno exam mai boli jaa sakti hai.

Aap daily website se court dictations, english steno dictations practice karte jaye, aap bahut jaldi perfection hasil karlenge.

80 WPM Steno Dictation 5 Minute

Steno Typist Paper Part- 12

Match Paragraph

 A two Judge Bench was dealing with the concept of representations and the directions issued by the court or tribunal to consider the representations and the challenge to the said rejection thereafter. In that context, the court has expressed thus. Every representation to the Government for relief, may not be replied on merits. Representations relating to matters which have become stale or barred by limitation, can be rejected on that ground alone, without examining the merits of the claim. In (1) regard to representations unrelated to the Department, the reply may be only to inform that the matter did not concern the Department or to inform the appropriate Department. Representations with incomplete particulars may be replied by seeking relevant particulars. The replies to such representations, cannot furnish a fresh cause of action or revive a stale or dead claim. This Court has ruled that when a belated representation in regard to a stale or dead issue/dispute is considered and decided, (2) in compliance with a direction by the court tribunal to do so, the date of such decision cannot be considered as furnishing a fresh cause of action for reviving the dead issue or time-barred dispute. The issue of limitation or delay and laches should be considered with reference to the original cause of action and not with reference to the date on which an order is passed in compliance with a Court's direction. Neither a court's direction to consider (3) a representation issued without examining the merits, nor a decision given in compliance with such direction, will extend the limitation, or erase the delay and laches. From the aforesaid authorities it is clear as crystal that even if the court or tribunal directs for consideration of representations relating to a stale claim or dead grievance it does not give rise to a fresh cause of action. The dead cause of action cannot rise like a phoenix The Supreme Court noticed the (4) fact that the concentration of doctors is in urban areas and the rural areas are neglected. Large number of posts in public health care units in the State are lying vacant and unfilled in spite of sincere effort of the State Government. The court recognized the imperative of giving some incentive marks to doctors working in notified remote or difficult areas over a period of time. It is held that incentive marks linked to the marks obtained by the candidates (5)

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  1. Sir, es dictatn vich tuc kyi jagah "Court" likhya te kyi jagah" court" I mean kite capital C aa te kite small c ...ehde regarding guidance dao g plz..kithe capital pona "court" nu....

  2. Jive Supreme Court, District Court, Appellate Court, High Court as jaaye pir ta wada payega, je running line ch a reha pir court small hi pavegaa...


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