English Steno Question Paper Part 8, English Steno-Typist Paper provide kiya jaa raha hai, Jo Apko  knowledge gain and test ke liye prepare karne mai helpful rahega.

English Steno-Typist Question Paper Part-8

Har saal Poore India mai alag alag High Courts mai Steno papers hote rehte hai, inki language kafi had tak same hi hoti hai.

Aap yeh paper dekh kar easily practice kar sakte hai, in future apko aur bhi court shorthand papers provide kiye jayenge.

Yeh paper Punjab and Haryana High Court mai 80 wpm speed 5 minutes mai bole geya tha, aur agey bhi aisi hi dictation court steno exam mai boli jaa sakti hai.

Aap daily website se court dictations, english steno dictations practice karte jaye, aap bahut jaldi perfection hasil karlenge.

80 WPM Steno Dictation 5 Minute

Steno Typist Paper Part- 8

Match Paragraph

However, with reference to the order passed by the Tribunal or the judgments of High Court or the Supreme Court, the contention was that these can be even prior to the order passed by the assessing authority, Meaning thereby, the assessing authority at the stage of passing of assessment order had ignored certain binding precedents by the Tribunal or jurisdictional High Court or Honourable the Supreme Court. There cannot be any dispute in the proposition of law to the extent (1) that if there is any error in the order passed by the assessing authority, who failed to take notice of a binding precedent in favour of the revenue, the order being prejudicial to the interest of the State can be revised. However, in those circumstances, it will be the normal period of limitation within which such a power is to be exercised. The exception clause cannot be permitted to be invoked in normal circumstances as the department had ample time (2) as provided in the provision, namely, three years from the date of passing of order sought to be revised if the exception clause is to be invoked, there have to be exceptional circumstances. Even if any amendment, order of the Tribunal or judgment of the High Court or Honourable the Supreme Court is subsequent to the passing of the order of assessment, in normal circumstances the exercise of revisional jurisdiction has to be during the period of limitation except in (3) cases, where the amendment or the order/ judgment, on the basis of which revisional jurisdiction is sought to be exercised, had come into existence just before the limitation, as provided in Section 34 of the Act, was to expire. Those cases will depend on the facts of each case to be examined as to whether exception clause for exercise of power for revision beyond the perod prescribed in that section can be allowed to be invoked or not. However, in (4) the cases, where the grounds, namely, three exceptions as carved out in second proviso to Section 34 of the Act were available much before even the passing of the order of assessment, the exception clause providing extended period of limitation cannot possibly be permitted in those cases. In case permitted that would amount to adding premium to in-action, incompetence of the authorities, which is clearly against the spirit of the Act. It cannot be said to be exceptional circumstance that (5)

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