English Steno Question Paper Part 11, English Steno-Typist Paper provide kiya jaa raha hai, Jo Apko  knowledge gain and test ke liye prepare karne mai helpful rahega.

English Shorthand Exam Question Paper Part-11

Har saal Poore India mai alag alag High Courts mai Steno papers hote rehte hai, inki language kafi had tak same hi hoti hai.

Aap yeh paper dekh kar easily practice kar sakte hai, in future apko aur bhi court shorthand papers provide kiye jayenge.

Yeh paper Punjab and Haryana High Court mai 80 wpm speed 5 minutes mai bole geya tha, aur agey bhi aisi hi dictation court steno exam mai boli jaa sakti hai.

Aap daily website se court dictations, english steno dictations practice karte jaye, aap bahut jaldi perfection hasil karlenge.

80 WPM Steno Dictation 5 Minute

Steno Typist Paper Part- 11

Match Paragraph

As noted by the learned Single Judge, it has been repeatedly held by the Supreme Court that candidates who are not qualified on the cut off date do not have any right of consideration. There may be any number of reasons because of which candidates who ordinarily would be expected to qualify before the cut off date fail to do so, either because the qualifying examination is not conducted in time or the declaration of results is delayed. The (1)  candidates, who on that account, miss the cut off date by a few days and thereby lose their chance to compete would rightly nurture a grudge. But, in our considered view it would introduce great uncertainty and be against the larger public interest if the sanctity of the cut off date is not maintained even in such circumstances. Thus, we find that the learned Single Judge was perfectly justified in dismissing the petition. Accordingly, this appeal is dismissed. Before parting (2) with this case, we deem it appropriate to emphasize that it is for the authorities to be alive to all situations while scheduling the recruitments and take remedial measures 25 may be appropriate. Hence, it would be advisable if the authorities before advertising any post, take note of the schedule of the examinations and the results I the qualifying examinations, so that large numbers of candidates are not left out of consideration. Similarly, the examining bodies should also make effort (3) to ensure that the course schedule be strictly adhered to. The concerned authorities would do well to remember that there are staggering numbers of educated unemployed, that government jobs are scarce and hard to come by, and an opportunity once missed may be missed forever, Those in secure government jobs may not fully comprehend the pain and agony of the unemployed and the hopes and expectations with which they and their families await a chance to compete for a government (4) job. We share the sympathetic concern of the learned counsel for the petitioners that under-trials should not languish in jails for long spells merely on account of their inability to meet monetary obligations. We are, however, of the view that such monitoring can be done more effectively by the High Courts since it would be easy for that Court to collect and collate the statistical information in that behalf, apply the broad guidelines already issued and deal with the situation (5)

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