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Friday, May 17, 2019

English Shorthand [A] Alphabet Phraseography

English Shorthand [A] Alphabet Phraseography, maine apne pichle articles mai A alphabet se related shorthand words share kiye they.

English Shorthand [A] Alphabet Phraseography,

Aur aaj se mai apko A se related shorthand phraseography share kar raha hoon. Mujhe search karke A se related jitni bhi  phraseography mili woh aap logo ko share kar raha hoon.

Practice kar ke aap easily adopt kar sakte hai, jitni bar aap practice karte jayegne utni baar aap isme perfect hote chale jayenge.

Bahut se students shorthand likhte waqt phraseography ka use nahi karte, mai kahunga aap ise use kare taki apki speed increase ho sake. 

Jaise jaise mujhe new phraseography milti jayegi A se related mai aap logo ke saath share karta rahoonga.

Yeh most useful phraseography hai jo takreeban roz ki dictation work mai use hoti hai.

English Shorthand [A] Alphabet Phraseography

1. Page One

Able to agree, Able to do, Able to make, Absolutely Necessary, According to agreement, According to the, After the, After these, After those, After this, After we have, After which, Again and Again, Agreed that, All are, All believers, All circumstances, All classes, All directions, All friends, All great.

2. Second Page

All his, All his endeavors, All his interests, All his own, All his purposes, All it, All its powers, All mankind, All  manners of ways, All means, All my, All one, All others, All our own, All particulars, All places, All probability, All respects, All right, All situations, All states, All stations.

3. Third Page

All such, All that, All the matters, All the way, All the rest, All the words, All their, All this, All were, All which, All your, All your, All your own, Almost always, Almost any, Always expecting, And as, And have, And I, And if, And in as much as , And not.

4. Fourth Page

And of, And then, And this, And this is, And under the circumstances, And we, And with, Another affair, Another instance, Another nation, Another opinion, Another point, Another question, Another situation, Another station, Another time, Any business, Any more, Anyone, Any person, Any subject, As a matter of fact.

5. Fifth Page

As a matter of course, As far as are, As far as can, As far as regarded, As far as may, As far as our, As far as regards, As far as should, As far as the, As far as usual, As far as was, As far as will, As far as you can, As fast as, As we have, As we have not, As  we have said, As we suggested, As well as, As well as can be, As well as it can be, As well as most.

6. Sixth Page

As well as our, As well as possible, As well as the, As well as usual, As well as your, At all, At all events, At all times, At any rate, At him, At his own time, At home, At length, At most, At once, At one another, At one time, At present, At sight, At such, At the same time, At the time.

7. Seventh Page

As good as before, As good as ever, As good as if, As good as it, As  good as need be, As good as possible, As good as that, As he, As if , As if  it were, As in the case of, As it, As it can, As it certainly, As it has, As it may, As it is probably, As  it really, As it seemed, As it seems to me, As it should, As it sometimes  was.

8. Eight Page

As it surely, As it was, As it were, As it will, As it would, As little as, As little as possible, As long as it is, As long as it may, As long as necessary, As long as possible, As long as they, As long as will, As many appear, As many as, As many as are, As many as can be, As many as choose, As much as before, As much as can be, As much as ever, As much as it is.

9. Nine Page

As much as may, As much as our, As much as possible, As much as was, As we cannot, As much as will, As much as your, As per, As soon as, As soon as we, As that, As this is, As we can.

Niche comment section mai aap English Shorthand Phraseography ki jankari le sakte hai.

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