English Tribune Shorthand Dictation June 2021. English tribune daily new editorial paragraph isi article mai provide kiye jayenge.

English Tribune Dictation & Outlines June 2021

Meri koshish rahegi ki mai apko latest english steno dictations and shorthand outlines  provide karu taki apki help ho sake english shorthand related new shorthand paragraphs & vocabulary ki.

Aap isi tarah Daily Speed Dictations ki practice karte jaye aur apni shorthand and speed increase karte rahe.

If the dictation is not uploaded in the morning then the dictation will be uploaded at night.

01 June 2021

Sank, Re
sonated, Towed, Gumption, Fiery, Buffer, Accreditation, Lopsided, Harrowing, Lambasted


02 June 2021

Lure, Scour, Solemnised, Preparations, Puppets, Aerosol, Exhaling, Precedents, Comorbid, Enthuse


03 June 2021


04 June 2021

Morass, Retaliate, Murky, Confrontation, Outlets, Jotting, Walled, Stirred, Flout, Reminiscing

05 June 2021

Exceptionally, Rampantly, Blunders, Showered, Innate, Heaped, Rescind, Respectable, Vituperations, Optimistic

06 June 2021

Obstacles, Wrap, Coalitions, Lapid, Miscreants, Miscreant, Shuttle, Genome, Sequencing, Manufacturers, Scramble

07 June 2021

Harking, Terrorising, Genocide, Personas, Cryptic, Untoward, Communications, Resilience, Switching, Wellbeing

08 June 2021

Escapade, Reciprocated ,Neutralised, Crumbs, Craftily, Encounters, Aspirations, Overpowered, Consciousness, Species

09 June 2021

Terrestrial, Pelagic, Dizziness, Spurious, Factionalism, Douse, Anti-incumbency, Dogmatic, Pedantic, Deflecting


10 June 2021

Quacks, Renal, Mercenaries, Glimmer, Hindered, Triage, Intensifying, Enthuses, Vax , Ebbing


11 June 2021

Intolerant , Self-obsessed, Headwinds, Consultative, Elusive, Reflexivity, Untrodden, Literates, Heedlessly, Unnoticeable


12 June 2021

Effusive, Bureaucrat, Mendacious, Scapegoat, Shudders, Imprudent, Debacles, Dithering, Uneven, Flabbergasted


13 June 2021

Faultlines, Accumulating, Indigenously, Strategise, Ambience, Stipends, Stream, Unfathomable, Wrecking, Entails

14 June 2021

Gullible, Thrombotic, Incentivised, Streams, Familial , Disseminated, Libraries , Unified , Democracies , Leaders

15 June 2021

Artists, Hierarchical, Horrendous, Rulebook, Uncoloured, Fuelling, Knowledgeable, Tantrums, Posterity, Impersonal

16 June 2021

Egregious, Elemental, Particularised, Textbooks, Reporters, Shortening , Hospitalisations , Administrations, Rollouts , Capsules

17 June 2021

Variants, Augurs, Recombinant, Inoculate, Immunogenicity, Congregating, Deterring, Priests, Creaking, Unimpeded

18 June 2021

Converging, Scrubbers, Utilising, Routinely , Assaulted, Taunting, Traffickers, Unclaimed, Sneaked, Multi-layered

19 June 2021

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