GD bist [A] alphabet speedography words jo specially Court, Reporter, Vidhan Sabha Exam, SSC steno exams ke liye banaye gaye hai.

G.D. Bist [A] Speedography Steno Words

Iski practice krke  aap high speed develop kar sakte hai, shorthand mai high level par jaane ke liye apko phraseography/speedography ki help leni hi padti hai.

Speedography specially high speed gain krne ke liye banayi jati hai, jisse shorthand students ko steno speed gain karne mai koi problem naa aye.

Yeh words ki aachi tarah practice karke aap easily 100wpm to 120/130 wpm tak ya uske above speed gain kar sakte hai.

Aap daily words ki practice and daily website kholkar isko aachi tarah dekhe ye automatically mind mai fit aa jayegi.

G.D. Bist [A] Speedography Words

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Able to do, Able to have, Able to say that, Able to think, According to him, According to me, According to that, According to the, According to which, Act of Parliament,After these, After this, After those, Again and Again, Agriculture Development, Agriculture Implements, Agriculture Movement, Agriculture Policy, Agriculture Development, Agriculture Sector is Concerned

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Actual Fact is that, Air Pollution, Air Services, All I would like to say is that, All I would say, All I would say is that, All kinds of things, All of a sudden, All over th Country, All over the world,AIIMS, All the cases had been  , All the cases have to be, All the circumstances, All the members, All the members of this house, All the more necessary, All the pros and Cons, All time high, All time Low

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Amongst Them, Another instance, Another opinion, Another point, Another situation, Anywhere else, Anywhere in the world, Are concerned, Area Development Board, Arising Out of,As a matter of concern, As a matter of course, As a matter of fact, As a matter of routine, As far as you can, As far as I am concerned, As far as I can, As far as I Know, As far as I think, As far as it is possible

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As far as possible, As far as they are ,concerned, As far as they can, As far as we can concerned , As far as we can, As far as we go, As far as you are concerned, As I have been, As I have said, As I have stated,As I said, As I said before, As I said Earlier, As I said previously, As I said today, As I was saying, As is known, As is the case, As little as, As long as

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As long as it can, As long as it is, As long as it is necessary, As long as it may be, As long as possible, As much as we can, As much has it can be, As much as it is, As much as necessary, As much as,As soon as we go, As soon as it can be, As soon as it is done, As soon as possible, As soon as required, As soon as that, As soon as the, As soon as we are able to, As soon as we can, As soon as we have

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As we are doing, As we can have, As we had said, As we have been, As we have said, As we have stated, As we knew, As we may be, As we may think, As we think,As we understand, As we understood, As we were, Assets and liabilities, At a time, At the time when the, At any rate, At some time, At that moment, At that time

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At the  moment, At the most, At the outset, At the present moment,At the present time, At the same time, At the time of, At this juncture, At this moment, At this time, At times of emergency,Attention of the Minister, Attention of this house, Attention of the House


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GD Bist ki aapko speedography words outlines provide kar diye gaye hai. 

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