Court Shorthand Outlines P Alphabet, P se related Legal words Shorthand/steno outlines provide karne laga hoon.

Court Shorthand Outlines P Alphabet

Punjab & Delhi District Court Steno Exam, Rajasthan Court Steno Exam, Uttrakhand Shorthand exam mai Legal shorthand outlines related jitne bhi words aate hai woh sabhi isi article mai provide kiye gaye.

Court/legal Shorthand exam mai mostly words High Court Steno judgment/Court orders/interim orders and Civil matters mai se hi bole jate hai. Agar aap aachi tarah se words ki practice karle toh apko court mai stenographer banne se koi nahi rok sakta.

Apko Legal words outlines provide karta rahunga taki aap logo ka ek link bana rahe stenography se.

Court Shorthand Outlines [P] Alphabet

Page 1

Paid, Paid Off, Pain, Painful, Palm, Panel, Paper, Paper Board, Paper Book, Paragraph

Page 2

Paramount, Parcel, Parchment, Pardon, Parent, Parental, Parol, Parole, Part, Partial

Page 3

Partiality, Participate, Partially, Participating, Participation, Particular, Peculiar, Particulars, Parties, Party

Page 4

Parting, Partition, Partly, Partner, Partnership, Parts, Pass, Passage, Passport, Password

Page 5

Pasture, Patent, Patentee, Paternal, Pathway, Pathological, Patient, Patron, Patronage, Pattern

Page 6

Pauper, Pawnor, Pay, Payable, Paying, Payment, Peace, Pecuniary, Peel, Pedigree

Page 7

Peeled, Penal, Penalties, Penalty, Pendant, Pendency, Pending, Penetration, Penologist, Pension

Page 8

Pensioner, Per Annum, Per Contra, Per Mensem, Perceive, Perceived, Percent, Percolate, Percolation, Percussion

Page 9

Peremptory, Perennial, Perforated, Perform, Performance, Performed, Peril, Period, Periodical, Periodically

Page 10

Peripheral, Perish, Perishable, Permanent, Permanently, Permissible, Permit, Permitted, Permutation, Pernicious

Page 11

Perpetual, Perpetuity, Perpetuate, Perpetuity, Perquisite, Persistent, Persisting, Persistently, Person, Personal

Page 12

Personally, Perspective, Persuasion, Pertinent, Perusal, Peruse, Perverse, Pervert, Pesticide, Petition

Page 13

Petitioner, Petitioning, Petty Officer, Philanthropic, Physical, Physically, Piece, Picketing, Picquest, Picture

Page 14

Pier, Piggery, Pilferage, Pillage, Pilot, Pilotage, Pious, Pirate, Pitch, Place

Page 15

Placing, Plaintiff, Plan, Planned, Planning, Plant, Plastic, Plantation, Plead, Pledge

Page 16

Plinth, Point, Police, Police Station, Police Commissioner, Police Inspector, Police Investigation, Policeman  Policemen, Police Officer, Police Report

Page 17

Policy, Political, Poll, Polling, Pool, Port, Portion, Portrait, Portray, Position 

Page 18

Possession, Possessor, Post, Post Mark, Post Master, Post Office, Postage, Postal, Postpone, Postponement

Page 19

Postulate, Potent, Potential, Power, Practicable, Practical, Practice, Practicing, Practitioner, Pray

Page 20

Preamble, Precaution, Precedence, Precedent, Preceding, Precept, Precinct, Precious, Precise, Precision

Page 21

Preclude, Predecease, Predecessor, Predetermined, Predicated, Predict, Pre-emption, Prefer, Preference, Preferential

Page 22

Prefixed, Pregnant, Prejudice, Prejudicial, Prejudicially, Preliminary, Premature, Premeditation, Premises

Page 23

Premium, Preparation, Prescribe, Prescribed, Prescription, Presence, Present, Presentation, Presently, Presents

Page 24

Preservation, Preserve, President, Presiding, Press, Presume, Presumption, Pretence, Pretend, Pretended

Page 25

Prevail, Prevailing, Prevalent, Prevent, Prevention, Preventive, Previous, Previously, Price, Priest

Page 26

Prima Facie, Primary, Priority, Prison, Prisoner, Private, Privation, Privilege, Prize, Pro-Rata

Page 27

Probability, Probable, Probate, Probation, Proceed, Proceeding, Proceeds, Process, Processing, Proclamation

Page 28

Proctor, Procure, Procreation, Production, Productivity, Profess, Profession, Professor, Profit, Profitable

Page 29

Profiteering, Profits, Proforma, Programme, Progressive, Prohibit, Prohibited, Prohibition, Prohibitory, Project

Page 30

Projectile, Projection, Prolix, Prolong, Prolonged, Promise, Promisee, Promisor, Promissory, Promote

Page 31

Promotee, Promoter, Promotion, Promptly, Promulgation, Pronounce, Proof, Propogation, Propelled, Propeller

Page 32

Properly, Property, Proportion, Proportional, Proportionate, Proposal, Proposed, Proposition, Propound, Proprietary

Page 33

Proprietor, Prorogation, Prorogue, Prosecute, Prosecution, Prosecutor, Prospecting, Prospective, Prospectively, Prospectus

Page 34

Prosperous, Prostitution, Protect, Protected, Protecting, Protection, Protectorate, Protest, Protested, Protracting

Page 35

Prove, Provide, Provided, Provident, Provide Fund, Providing, Providence, Provincial, Proving, Provision

Page 36

Provisional, Provisionally, Prudent, Puberty, Public, Publicity, Publish, Published, Pulp, Punish

Page 37

Punishable, Punishment, Pupil, Purchase, Purchaser, Puerile, Purely, Purge, Purification, Purity

Page 38

Purport, Purporting, Purports, Purpose, Pursue, Purview, Putrefaction, Putrid, Purser, Pursuits

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