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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

English Shorthand Dictation 90 WPM [Part 10]

English Shorthand Dictation 90 WPM Part 10 apke saath share karne jaa raha hoon. English Shorthand Dictation 90 WPM  Part 10 mai 450 words hai. 

Paragraph mai apko niche provide karunga taki aap dictation lekar niche paragraph se match kar sake.

Day by day aap aise hi karte jaye isse apki speed mai aur galtiyon mai sudhar hota chala jayega.

Apko website par 90 wpm ki dictations provide ki jayengi. Aap apni practice continue rakhe.

Dictation karne ke baad type kare aur phir uske baad paragraph ke saath match zarur kare. Agar aap aisa nahi karte toh dictation likhne ka koi fayda nahi hai. 

Dictation 90 wpm

Match Paragraph Part-10

I do not propose Mr chairman to make any long speech. Indeed I might with great respect say to the house to accept this motion for reference to a committee without any great debate because I think it is recognised on all hand that an un-touchability bill is required. The constitution has already abolished untouchability and I have heard over and over again that such a bill has a long been overdue. I notice that one of the amendments tabled is that the bill be circulated for eliciting 90

public opinion. I most respectfully suggest that this procedure might be useful where there may be a possibility of a difference of opinion and one might like to ascertain in what direction the current of public opinion is flowing. But where there is no room for doubt or dispute no room for any divergence of opinion and there is if I may put it that way universal agreement that the bill is necessary and should be urgently passed where is the necessity for such a procedure indeed some.90

Members have already complained against me that there has been delay in the introduction or in the passage of this bill. I therefore think that in a case like this, this eliciting of public opinion is really not a necessary process. I dare say the Select Committee will take sometime over it. The bill has been before the public for seven or eight months. And organisations groups individuals anyone who wants to voice his own opinion or to offer suggestions would himself come forward 90

And let the committee have memoranda or write to them or ask for Oral examination. I am personally anxious that this bill should find its way on the statue book as early as possible. I would have really liked to put through this bill in the last session. But there was such congestion of legislative business that it could not be brought forward at that time. That is about this small matter of referring the bill for eliciting public opinion by a certain date. Now I imagine 90

honourable members have read through the bill and also the statement of objects and reasons. It is, what I call a coercive measure. And all legislation must of necessity be of a coercive nature. Therefore, every clause of this untouchability (offences) bill is of a coercive nature and this should be scrapped.

It states that untouchability has been abolished and directs that the so called untouchables should be treated with respect should be accorded equal rights which are guaranteed to them by the constitution.  90

Niche comment karke aap english  dictation related information le sakte hai.

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