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Saturday, May 18, 2019

English Shorthand [B] Alphabet Phraseography

English Shorthand [B] Alphabet Phraseography, English shorthand mai phraseography ki baat karu toh millions mai hai.

Meri hamesha se yehi koshish rahegi ki mai apko most helpful words share karu taki exams ke liye apki help ho.

English Shorthand [B] Alphabet Phraseography,

Aur aaj se mai apko [B] se related shorthand phraseography share kar raha hoon. Mujhe search karke [B] se related jitni bhi  phraseography mili woh aap logo ko share kar raha hoon.

Practice kar ke aap easily adopt kar sakte hai, jitni bar aap practice karte jayegne utni baar aap isme perfect hote chale jayenge.

Bahut se students shorthand likhte waqt phraseography ka use nahi karte, mai kahunga aap ise use kare taki apki speed increase ho sake. 

Jaise jaise mujhe new phraseography milti jayegi [B] se related mai aap logo ke saath share karta rahoonga.

English Shorthand [B] Alphabet Phraseography

1. Page One

Be able to, Be assured, Be called upon, Be certain, Be considered, Be clearly, Be done, Be glad to, Be gratified, Be greatly, Be it so, Be made, Be much, Be perhaps, Be pleased, Be probably, Be received, Blessed state, But can, But our, But may, But One.

2. Second Page

But should, But so, But such, But surely, But tell, But that, but the, But their, But this, But we, But when, But whenever, But whether, But would, But you, But your, By and by, By as many, By as much, By considering, By every, By him.

3. Third Page

By his, By his opinion, By his own statement, By it, By its, By its means, By many, By me, By no means, By one, By our, By permission, By reason of, By some means, By such, By that, By the by, By the means, By  the same, By the way, By their, By these.

4. Page Four

By this, By you, By your, By which it appears, By which it can, By which it may, By which it seems, By which it surely, By which it was, Be said, By which may, By which means, By which our, By which so, By which their, By which you, Be satisfied, Be saved, Be seen, By such, Be supposed.

5. Page Five

By which it would, Be sure, Be sure their, Be that, Be their, Be this, Be thought, Be told that, Be very, Be your, Because all, Because he, Because it, Because it will be, Because of, Because of their, Because possibly, Because such, Because the, Because this, Because undoubtedly, Because we have.

6. Page Six

Been able to, Been answered, Been done, Been enabled, been known, Been observed, Been so, Before christ, Been taken, Been told, Been understood, Before his, Before me, Before the, Before their, Before you, Believe me you are not, Believe such, Believe that, Best way, Better than, Better that.

7. Page Seven

Better way, Between any, Between his, Between our, Between the, Between them, Between us, Between which, Blessed state.

Niche comment section mai aap English Shorthand Phraseography ki jankari le sakte hai.

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