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Sunday, April 14, 2019

English Shorthand Dictation 90 WPM [Part 8]

English Shorthand Dictation 90 WPM Part 8 apke saath share karne jaa raha hoon. English Shorthand Dictation 90 WPM  Part 8 mai 450 words hai. 

Paragraph mai apko niche provide karunga taki aap dictation lekar niche paragraph se match kar sake.

Dictation karne ke baad type kare aur phir uske baad paragraph ke saath match zarur kare. Agar aap aisa nahi karte toh dictation likhne ka koi fayda nahi hai. 

Day by day aap aise hi karte jaye isse apki speed mai aur galtiyon mai sudhar hota chala jayega.

Apko website par 90 wpm ki dictations provide ki jayengi. Aap apni practice continue rakhe.

Dictation 90 wpm

Match Paragraph

Control department which is charged with the duty of enforcing the food laws and unless they become more honest and deterrent punishments are given to them for dishonesty I do not thin that this bill will be very helpful. Sir I was the President during the year before last of the rationing employees Union in U.P. All the rationing employees in U.P were members of the Union and they had their grievances about pay and other things. From direct knowledge therefore I can say that a premium is 90

Put on dishonesty in this department. Generally a corrupt officer wants his subordinates to be corrupt. Honest subordinates find it difficult to carry on and  are very often dismissed as incompetent or are victimised on false charges. Dishonest subordinates are seldom caught as they act in collusion with dishonest officers. Even if they are ever dismissed they have already collected enough to fall back upon. There were cases where people who were dismissed had already earned several thousands and sometimes even lakhs. Unless strong 90

measures are taken that everybody who is enrolled in the supply department will have to  give an inventory of all his assets and if and when he leaves that department and an itervals his assts will be checked to see that he has not made illegal gains I do not think you can really control the black market. Unless you have a service which is honest which is really inspired by the ideal of administering these food laws with honesty you cannot really eradicate the black market. We 90

all know that the problem of food and its conservation is all important. We also know that our national plans could not be implemented because of our having to import 500 crores of rupees worth of foodgrains from outside. In fact we have been promised that in 2010 we will not import foodgrains . The only thing possible therefore is that we must become self-sufficient during this period and for this purpose more than anything else there should be scientific rationing all over the country. Things 90

should be so ordered that no food is wasted and nobody is deprived of the required quantity. In our country the position is such that many members of the house have confessed that they live on food got from the black market. Sir I have listened with great interest the discussion on this motion. There are three definitely important points in the report of the Select Comittee. One is bout the raising of the age of the boy 90

Niche comment karke aap English shorthand related kuch bhi pooch sakte hai.


  1. Sir how i can get shorthand outlines of these matters

  2. jo v outlines puchnia ne tusi puch sakde ho, oh tahanu provide kar ditia jangia, baki di outlines webiste te hegia...


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