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Sunday, April 14, 2019

English Shorthand Dictation 90 WPM [Part 7]

English Shorthand Dictation 90 WPM Part 7 apke saath share karne jaa raha hoon. English Shorthand Dictation 90 WPM  Part 7 mai 450 words hai. 

Paragraph mai apko niche provide karunga taki aap dictation lekar niche paragraph se match kar sake.

Dictation karne ke baad type kare aur phir uske baad paragraph ke saath match zarur kare. Agar aap aisa nahi karte toh dictation likhne ka koi fayda nahi hai. 

Day by day aap aise hi karte jaye isse apki speed mai aur galtiyon mai sudhar hota chala jayega.

Apko website par 90 wpm ki dictations provide ki jayengi. Aap apni practice continue rakhe.

Dictation 90 wpm

Match Paragraph

Sir this bill tries to give capital punishment for food offences. My experience of the working of the rationing laws in my state has been that the majority of the people who are arrested and convicted for these offences are poor people who carry small quantities of grains from one place to another for their own living and these people are put in prison and harassed. I have not yet known of any large number of really big merchants who are really responsible for the black market in 90 

these foodgrains being brought to book. This bill which we are passing and in which the punishment has been raised to three years and in which it has also been provided that the carriers by means of which this smuggling takes place should also be forfeited will not achieve the desired result. I very much doubt if many trucks and other big vehicles will be confiscated. What will really happen is that many of the kisans will be confiscated and they will be harassed. That is 90

my practical experience from the interior of the Gorakpur District where lies the border between U.P and Bihar and where I find many people carrying small quantities grains for feeding their starving families. Therefore I am at a loss to know that to do whether to support this bill or not. The purpose is laudable but I know from experience that it will not stop black market because the source at which the black market begins is not affected by this bill. I would not be 90

exaggerating if I say that if every supply officer in whose area black market is found to exist were held responsible for it and were given deterrent punishment the black market would stop. But by catching small people and giving them deterrent punishment I do not think you will be really solving this problem. I would have in fact suggested that nobody who is found carrying small amount of  grains say up to 20 kg for consumption should  be punished under this new law. That would at 90

least save the people who commit these offences mostly out of ignorance and sometimes out of Dire necessity. But the bill will really be used against them in order to show that the number of convictions for food offences are so great which could never be imagined. I really warn the Government that they will not be stopping the black market by raising the punishment to three years. There must be some method by which they can attack the black market at the root by purifying their own 90

Niche comment karke aap kuch bhi pooch sakte hai.

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