English Shorthand Court/legal Dictation  & Shorthand Outlines May 2021, Aaj se apko May 2021, month ki court/legal steno dictations provide kar raha hoon.

Daily Court Dictations & Steno Outlines April 2021

Daily apko different Court judgments/Interim Orders mai se court dictations provide ki jayegi jo District Court Steno Exam, High Court Steno Exam, Supreme Court Steno Exam mai dictate ki jaati hai.

Write dictation again and again till these are Mastered.

01 May 2021

Admittedly, Relies, Equities, Envisage, Worshippers, Res-integra, Misreading, Miscarriage (Miscarraige), Reappraise, Unambiguous


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02 May 2021

Disassociated, Burried, Ravages, Jeopardized (Jeoparadised) ,Non-speaking, Interregnum, Tippler, Autopsy, Viscera, Tailored

03 May 2021

Hurdles, Swallowed, Pressurizing (Pressurising), Mutate, Poisonous, Ill-feeing, Nurturing, Vamp, Cantankerous, Consipiracy

04 May 2021

Desigh, Dumpting, Unequivocally, Emolated, Upheavel, Pre-requisites, Streneously, Electrocuted, Electrocution, Medico-legal

05 May 2021

Stimulates, Violates, Over-stayed, Overstaying, Frontoparietal, Haemorrhage, Summoning, Resiled, Rescinded,Non-obstante

06 May 2021

Obliterated, Piquant, Impermissible, Unilateral, Downgraded, Categorization, Crux, Sacrosanct, Uniformly, Demeanor


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07 May 2021

Exclusionary, Prerogatives, Discernible, Powered, Meticulously, Down scaling, Attributes, Opacity, Intrinsic, Steadfast

08 May 2021

Countenance, Delving, Dossiers, Opaque, Posthumously, Supernumerary, Rites, Digitalized, Wound up, Ceases


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09 May 2021


10 May 2021

Irresistibly, Loopholes, Inescapable, Conspired, Reflects, Debiting, Disbursal, Deep- rooted, Conspiracies, Accusations

11 May 2021

Ruin, Forfeiting, Even-handed, Constructively, Enthralling, Tactical, Belatedly, Sentinel, Down-trodden, Invidious

12 May 2021

Non-concurrence, Mishandled, Lapses, Untruthful, Inconsistencies, Assertions, Recapitulate, Putforth, Queried, Demitting


13 May 2021

Invoking, Reposed, Enunciated, Confidentiality, Ennobled, Selflessly, Candour, Focuses, Intrusion, Envisaged, Postponing

14 May 2021

Ventured, Preponderance, Probabilities, Dictum, Withstood, Reasserted, Whispered, Bonafidness, Unnecessarily, Depricated

15 May 2021

Probablize, Docking, Contemporaneous, Impliedly, Detract, Ravished, Semi-unconscious, Ruptured, Throttling, Ornaments

16 May 2021

Furiated, Ligature, Shaky, Unfurled, Articulate,Slipshod, Vitiating, Inculpatory, Purposeless, Unassailable


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17 May 2021

Prevarication, Consensual, Agnates, Suspicious, Torn, Mandatorily, Amplitude,Sensibility, Exposited, Widen


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18 May 2021

Intricate, Connotative, Abeyances, Expediency, Statedly, Delineated, Plunges, Un-interrupted, Unreserved, Formulated

19 May 2021

Falsified, Momentum, Straightforward, Unequivocal, Unspent, Over-arching, Paper-setter, Inclined, Unravelled, Inferential

20 May 2021

Well-versed, Unquestionably, Penalise, Omitting, Reassessed, Demonstrably, Intervenors, Predicament,Evaluator, Discrepant

21 May 2021

Malpractice, Vitiated, Inexorable, Jeopardising, Resonance, Rusticating, Manifestations, Usurping, Therapeutics, Mysteries

22 May 2021

Hypothetically, Moderators, Valuers, Reappointed, Vigilant, Pittance, Trickle, Discrepancies, Dissociated, Sanctifying

23 May 2021

Terrified, Mischievious, Convictions, Simpliciter, Commonality, Interpolate, Preemptive, Buttress, Mutiny, Counterfeiting


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24 May 2021



25 May 2021

Arousing, Infuriated, Influenced, Uninfluenced, Preplanned, Unprovoked, Biased, Connotation, Intricately, Interconnected


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26 May 2021

Obfuscation, Assertions, Digestible, Skelter, Inculpated, Inculpate, Permeate, Hyper-charged, Fester, Quagmire

27 May 2021

Pre-empt, Irrationality, Helter, Intermediately, Empting, Mercilessly, Uprooted, Flogged, Encircling, Fired-shots

28 May 2021

Hypotheses, Mustering, Fantasies, Incomprehensibility, Clinching, Linguistically, Bulldozing, Connotations, Misadventures, Unbiased


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29 May 2021

Maneuvering, Unsubstantiated, Enraged, Non-impartial, Credentials, Inseparably, Intermingled, Demarcated, Clogged, Instilling

30 May 2021

Reverence, Inversely, Vindictive, Smothering, Obliterating, Over-riding, Rogatory, Superimposes, Partem, Alterma

31 May 2021

Contrived, Justitia, Obstructs, Seisin, Discontinuation, Re-appreciate, Incomprehensibly, Considerations, Macro, Purposes

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