Court Shorthand Outlines S Alphabet, S se related Legal words Shorthand/steno outlines provide karne laga hoon.

Court Shorthand Outlines S Alphabet

Punjab & Delhi District Court Steno Exam, Rajasthan Court Steno Exam, Uttrakhand Shorthand exam mai Legal shorthand outlines related jitne bhi words aate hai woh sabhi isi article mai provide kiye gaye.

Court/legal Shorthand exam mai mostly words High Court Steno judgment/Court orders/interim orders and Civil matters mai se hi bole jate hai. Agar aap aachi tarah se words ki practice karle toh apko court mai stenographer banne se koi nahi rok sakta.

Apko Legal words outlines provide karta rahunga taki aap logo ka ek link bana rahe stenography se.

Court Shorthand Outlines [S] Alphabet

Page 1

Sabotage, Saddle, Safe, Safeguard, Safeguarding, Safety, Said, Sailing, Sailor, Salary

Page 2

Salaried, Salaries, Sale, Saleable, Salesman, Saline, Salvage, Same, Sample, Sampling

Page 3

Sanad, Sanction, Sanctioning, Sanctuary, Sane, Sanitary, Sanitation, Saral, Satellite, Satisfaction

Page 4

Satisfactory, Satisfy, Save, Saving, Savings, Scaffolding, Scale, Scales, Scandalous, Scant

Page 5

Schedule, Scheduled, Scheme, Scholarship, Science, Scientific, Scope, Scrap, Screen, Screened

Page 6

Screening, Scrip, Script, Scrutineer, Scrutinise, Scrutinize Scrutiny, Sculptor, Sculpture, Scurrilous, Seafaring

Page 7

Seal, Sealed, Sealing, Seams, Search, Searches, Seasonal, Secession, Seclude, Second

Page 8

Secondary, Seconder, Secrecy, Secretariat, Secretary, Section, Secretion, Section Officer, Sector, Secular

Page 9

Secure, Securing, Securities, Security, Sedition, Seditious, Seduce, Seduction, Seductive, Seeds

Page 10

Seeking, Segregation, Seigniorage, Seize, Seized, Seizing, Seizure, Select, Selection, Sell

Page 11

Seller, Sellers, Selling, Send, Senior, Seniority, Sensation, Sentence, Separability, Separate

Page 12

Separated, Separately, Separation, Sepulture, Sequence, Serangs, Sergeant, Sericulture, Series, Serious

Page 13

Seriously, Sermon, Servant, Serve, Service, Service Book, Serviceability, Serviceable, Services, Servicing

Page 14

Servient, Serving, Session, Sessions Judge, Set aside, Set apart, Set, Set off, Set out, Sets

Page 15

Setting, Settle, Settled, Settlement, Server, Several, Severally, Severance, Severed, Severer

Page 16

Severing, Sewage, Sewing, Sex, Sexual, Shackle, Shaft, Shame, Shamefully, Share

Page 17

Shares, Sharing, Sharp, Sheep, Shed, Sheet, Shelter, Shift, Shifting, Ship

Page 18

Shipment, Shipper, Shipping, Shock, Shooting, Shop, Shop-Keeper, Shore, Short, Shortfall

Page 19

Shorthand, Shortly, Shots, Shrine, Shutting, Sickness, Sick, Siding, Side Door, Similar

Page 20

Simple, Simultaneous, Simultaneously, Single, Sitting, Situated, Situation, Size, Sketch, Skillful

Page 21

Slander, Slaughter, Slavery, Sliding, Slip, Smuggle, Smuggling, Society, Solicitor, Soliciting

Page 22

Solvency, Solvent, Sore, Sought, Sound, Source, Sovereign, Sovereignty, Spare, Spars

Page 23

Speaker, Special, Specialized, Specialist, Specialty, Specific, Specifically, Specification, Specified, Spectator

Page 24

Speculation, Speech, Speed, Speedy, Spindle, Spirit, Spiritual, Split, Splitting, Spoiled

Page 25

Spokesman, Sponsor, Sponsored, Sport, Sports, Spouse, Spray, Spraying, Spread, Spring

Page 26

Sprinkle, Spur, Spying, Squadron, Spying, Square, Stab, Stabilization, Staff, Stage

Page 27

Stallage, Stalemate, Stamp, Stamp Paper, Stamped, Stamping, Standard, Standing, Stated, Statement

Page 28

Station, Stationery, Statistical, Statistician, Statistics, Statue, Statutory, Stay, Steel, Steam

Page 29

Steering, Steam, Stipendiary, Stipulate, Stipulated, Stipulation, Stock, Stone, Stockyard, Stoppage

Page 30

Storage, Storing, Street, Strike, Strictly, Strip, Structure, Struggle, Strut, Student

Page 31

Studentship, Study, Subedar, Sub-division, Subjacent, Subject, Subjected, Subordinate, Subordinate Court, Subordination

Page 32

Suborn, Subpoena, Subrogated, Sub Rule, Subsale, Subscribe, Subscriber, Subscribed, Subscribing, Subscription

Page 33

Subsequent, Subsequently, Subserve, Subsidence, Subsidiary, Subsidised, Subsidy, Subsist, Subsistence, Subsisting

Page 34

Substance, Substantial, Substantially, Substantive, Substitution, Subversion, Succeed, Successful, Succession, Successive

Page 35

Successively, Successor, Succinctly, Succour, Succumbed, Sudden, Sue, Suddenly, Suffer, Suffering

Page 36

Sufficiency, Sufficient, Sufficiently, Suit, Suggest, Suitability, Summary, Summarily, Summon, Summoned

Page 37

Summons, Sumptuary, Sundry, Superadded, Superannuation, Superficial, Superintendent, Superintendence, Superintending, Superior

Page 38

Superscribed, Superscription, Superseded, Supersession, Supervisor, Supervision, Supplemental, Supplementary, Supplementing, Supply

Page 39

Support, Suppose, Supposition, Suppress, Supreme, Surety, Surface, Surplus, Surrender, Sustained

Page 40

Swamp, Sweeper, Syllabus, Syndicate, Synthetic, System, Systematic

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