Court Shorthand Outlines M Alphabet, M se related Legal words Shorthand/steno outlines provide karne laga hoon.

Court Shorthand Outlines M Alphabet

Rajasthan & Delhi District Court Steno Exam, Rajasthan Court Steno Exam, Uttrakhand Shorthand exam mai Legal shorthand outlines related jitne bhi M words aate hai woh sabhi isi article mai provide kiye gaye.

Court/legal Shorthand exam mai mostly words High Court Steno judgment/Court orders/interim orders and Civil matters mai se hi bole jate hai. Agar aap aachi tarah se words ki practice karle toh apko court mai stenographer banne se koi nahi rok sakta.

Apko Legal words outlines provide karta rahunga taki aap logo ka ek link bana rahe stenography se.

Court Shorthand Outlines [M] Alphabet

Page 1

Magazine, Magisterial, Magistrate, Magistrates,  Mains, Maintain, Maintainable, Maintained, Maintenance, Major

Page 2

Majority, Maker, Making, Mala Fide, Malfeasance, Malice, Malicious, Maliciously, Malignantly, Malinger


Page 3

Malleable, Maltreat, Mamlatdar, Managed, Management, Managerial, Managing, Mandamus, Mandate, Mandated

Page 4

Mandatory, Manganese, Manifest, Manifestation, Manipulate, Manipulation, Manipulator, Mankind, Manpower, Mansion

Page 5

Manuscript, Margin, Marginal, Marine, Mariner, Marital, Maritime,  Mark, Marketing, Marriage

Page 6

Marry, Marshal, Marshalling, Masculine, Mason, Masonary, Master, Matching, Material, Materially

Page 7

Materials, Maternal, Maternity, Matrimonial, Matrix, Matters, Matured, Maturing, Maximum, Mayor

Page 8

Means, Measure, Medal, Medical, Memorandum, Memorial, Memorialist, Memory, Mention, Mercantile

Page 9

Merchandise, Merchant, Merchantable, Merchanting, Mere, Merger, Meritorious, Merit, Merits, Mess

Page 10

Metal, Method, Metric, Metropolitan, Mica Mine, Midshipman, Midwife, Migration, Minor, Misbranded

Page 11

Miscarriage, Mischief, Misconduct, Misconception, Misdelivery, Misdirection, Misemployed, Misfeasance, Misjoinder, Mislead

Page 12

Misleading, Mismanagement, Misnomer, Misstate, Misstatement, Misuse, Misused, Mitigation, Moderate, Moderator

Page 13

Moiety, Monopoly, Monumental, Morals, Morality, Morgue, Mortgage, Mortgagee, Mortgagor, Mortuary

Page 14

Mould, Moulding, Mounted, Movable, Mulct, Multifarious, Multilateral, Murder, Municipal, Municipality

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  1. Dear Sir, thanks for your valuable knowledge which you are giving free of cost to us and please upload court outlines of remaining letters. Thankyou.
    Yours sincerely,
    Sumit (Eklavya) learning from you.

    1. Thanks Eklavya, bahut hi jaldi N to Z tak court outlines website par upload kar kar di jayengi.. Aap continue practice karte rahe.

  2. Sir ji tyari Karne ka sahi tarika bta do pehle outlines karu ya paragraph ki practice

    1. Apne jo bhi matter karna hai pehle uski practice karle aur uske baad uski dictatin le le, dictation and paragraphy mai jo bhi mistake aati hai usko ek alag copy mai leekhle aur phir uski practice kare.

      Aise daily karte karte aap shorthand mai perfection hasil kar lenge.

    2. Maine iske related articles bhi leekhe huye hai aap woh bhi read kar sakte hai.

  3. Thank you Sir ji from heart.


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