English Shorthand [W] Alphabet Shorthand Phraseography, English shorthand mai faster shorthand speed increase karne ke liye english phraseography ki zarurat padti hai

English Shorthand W Alphabet Phraseography

Shorthand ki speed increase karne mai koi bhi limit nahi hai aap chahe toh 150- 200 wpm ki speed bhi cache kar sakte hai bas lod hai , hard word,practice,  dedication ki. 

Aur aaj mai apko [W] se related english steno shorthand phraseography share kar raha hoon. 

Mujhe search karke [W] se related jitni bhi  phraseography words mile woh aap logo ko provide kar raha hoon. 

W se related phraseography jitni bhi mili woh apko share kar raha hoon.  Meri yehi koshish rahegi ki aap ise practice karke daily need mai use kare aur speed increase kare

English Shorthand W Alphabet Phraseography

Page 1 

Was as, Was as much, Was Better, Was done, Was expected, Was it really, Was it right, Was it so, Was known, Was lately, Was made, Was meant, Was mentioned, Was necessary, Was never, Was no doubt, Was nothing Was perhaps, Was received, Was said, Was seen, Was so

Page 2

Was some, Was soon, Was there, Was to be received, Was truly, Was understood, Ways and means, We admit, We are entitled, We are glad, We are in reciept of your letter, We are not, We did, We do, We do not, We find, We have reason to, We judge, We must, We reply, We shall, We spend

Page 3

We take, We then, We thought, We were, We were not, We write, Well known, Well known fact, Well that, Well then, Well there Is, Were believed, Were it, Were known, Were not, Were said, Were supposed, Were they, Were thought, Were we, What all, What amount

Page 4

What are, What do, What do not, What does, What in the world, What is it, What it is, What man, What matter, What may, What means, What might, What most, What position, What say you, What was, What was the matter, What would be, Whatever be, Whatever the, When do, When do not 

Page 5

When do you go, When shall, When that, When they, When this, When these, When those, When we are, When were not, Whenever he, Whenever his, Whenever it may, Whenever that, Whenever the, Whenever their there, Whenever there has, Whenever there is found, Whenever there occurs, Whenever there were, Whenever they, Whereas it is, Whereby you may

Page 6

Wheresoever there is, Wherever, Whether certain, Whether it is, Whether the, Whether there are, Which appear, Which are not, Which can, Which could, Which had, Which has, Which has now, Which has no doubt, Which has possibly, Which has the, Which has your, Which have, Which have been, Which have not, Which is believed, Which is intended.

Page 7

Which is known, Which is no, Which is not only, Which is often, Which is sometimes, Which is the, Which is thus, Which is understood, Which made, Which makes, Which many, Which may, Which may not, Which must be, Which must not, Which one, Which our, Which perhaps, Which possibly, Which probably, Which represent, Which seems.

Page 8

Which shall, Which should be, Which some, Which surely, Which the people, Which the times, Which their, Which will, Which will not, Which you, While the other, While they, Who are they, Who come, Who cannot, Who has, Who has done, Who has the, Who have, Who have not, Who is this, Who is it.

Page 9

Who may, Who said, Who shall not, Who suppose that, Who was, Will have, Will it be, Will not, Will perhaps, Will probably, Will their, Will thence, With advantage,  with each,  With equal advantage, With equal effect, With equal honor, With equal satisfaction, With even, With one, With one consent, With one thing

Apko English Steno ki W se related phraseography share kr di gayi hai. Niche comment karke aap kuch bhi pooch sakte hai.

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