English Shorthand [T] Alphabet Phraseography

English Shorthand [T] Alphabet Shorthand Phraseography, English shorthand mai 100 wpm, 120 ta vidhan sabha English steno reporter paper ke liye phraseography ki help padti hai. . Maine yeh phraseography alag alag jagah se collect karke apko provide kar raha hoon.

English Shorthand [T] Alphabet Phraseography

Shorthand ki speed increase karne mai koi bhi limit nahi hai aap chahe toh 200 wpm ki speed bhi cache kar sakte hai bas lod hai , hard word, dedication ki. Aap jo chaho woh kar sakte hai agar apka focus clear hai toh.

Aur aaj mai apko [T] se related shorthand phraseography share kar raha hoon. Mujhe search karke [T] se related jitni bhi  phraseography mili woh aap logo ko share kar raha hoon. 

Meri koshish rahegi ki mai shorthand se related steno students ke liye kuch na kuch karta rahoon. Taki unki speed aur isme interest bana rahen aur job le sake.

English Shorthand [T] Alphabet Phraseography

Page One

To which it can, To which it, To which it may, To which it may not, To which is most, To which you are, To which you can, To whom, To your, Time to time, Too great, Too late, Too little, Too long, Too many, Too much, Too short, Too true, Towards it, Towards such, Towards that, Truly yours.

Page Two

To make, To mention, Tomorrow, To night, To one, To other, To our, To prevent, To propose, To receive, To satisfy, To state, To such, To suppose, To take, To the account of, To the amount, To the best advantage, To the truth, To their, To this, To try.

Page Three

To call, To certain, To choose, To day, To do, To every, To expect, To give, To gratify, To great, To have  their, To him, To me, To his, To his advantage, To his knowledge, To his notice, To his own advantage, To his own interest, To its, To live, To love them.

Page Four.

Till it can, Till my, Till some, Till such, Till that, Till the, Till their, Till then, Till this, Till they, Till we, Till you, To a great degree, To account, To advantage, To amount, To appear, To assure, To be able to, To believe, To blame, To bring up.

Page Five

Thought that, Thought their, Thought them, Though this, Though we were, Through as many, Through his interest, Through his means, Through his own, Through it, Through many, Through me, Through so, Through the, Through the world, Through their, Through their own, Throughout the world, Through you, Till this, Till his own, Till his own time.

Page Six

Those parts, Those places, Those that, Those things, Those which, Those who have, Those which were, Those which we are now, Though he, Though it, Though that, Though their, Though then, Though there had, Though there has been, Though there has not, Though there were, Though there will, Though these, Though they Though he, Though it.

Page Seven

This reason, This subject, This supposition, This talent, This thing, This time, This understanding, This vote, This were, This will, This will not, Those accounts, Those advantages, Those appearances, Those countries, Those days, Those did, Those did not, Those difficulties, Those faculties, Those have, Those nations.

Page Eight

This is nothing, This is noticed, This is now, This is the, This is the way, This knowledge, This necessary, This need, This never, This is no doubt, This notice, This now, This one, This one thing, This opinion, This part, This party, This period, This place, This point, This purpose, This question.

Page Nine

This generation, This had, This has been, This has never, This has no doubt, This has not, This has nothing to do, This has the, This he, This instance, This intention, This interest, This is , This is become, This is certain, This is intended, This is it, This is known, This is never, This is no doubt, This is not, This is not the case.

Page Ten

Think them, Think they are, Think they may, Think you may, This account, This advantage, This bill, This appears, This cannot, This circumstances, This conclusion, This could, This country, This day, This department, This did, This did not, This difficulty, This does, This done, This evening, This generally.

Page Eleven

They soon, They speak, They state, They suppose, They that, They themselves, They think that, They thought, They were, They will, They will not, Think he, Think it, Think perhaps, Think that, Think their, Think there has, Think there has been, Think there has never, Think there has not, Think there is, Think this.

Page Twelve

They are, They are certain that, They are expecting, They are perhaps, They are possibly, They are required, They are said, They are so, They are sometimes, They are soon, They believe, They did, They did not, They do, They do not, They have been, They may, They made, They must, They perhaps, They probably, They said that.

Page Thirteen

There is nothing, There is now, There is occasion, There is only, There is perhaps, There is possibly, There is probably, There is something that, There is sometimes, There is undoubtedly, There may be, There may not, There might, There must, There seemed, There should, There sometimes, There was, There will, There would, These circumstances, These things.

Page Fourteen

There cannot, There certainly, There did, There do not, There did not, There has, There has been, There has never, There has not doubt, There has now, There have, There is another, There is as much, There is certainly, There is little, There is much, There is need, There is never, There is no doubt, There is no subject, There is no such, There is not.

Page Fifteen

Take Care, Take charge, Take courage, Take into consideration, Take out, Take place, Take sometime, Take such, Take that, Take the, Take the case of, Takes away, Takes notice, Take them, Tell him, Tell me, Tell such, Tell that, Tell the, Tell them, Tell us, Tell your.

English Shorthand [T] Alphabet Phraseography

Page Sixteen

Tell your, Tells me, Than in the, Than only, Then the, Thank you, That believe, That circumstances, That conclusion, That day, That difficulty, That does, That does not, That has, That has been, That is never, That he, That he might, That is a question, That is another, That is apparently, That is intended.

Page Seventeen

That  is it, That is necessary, That is no doubt, That is not the, That is nothing, That is now, That is one, That is one point, That is only, That is so, That is to be, That is to say, That is the, That is thought, That is understood, That is where, That is worse, That is worth, That it, That it has, That it may be, That is must be done.

Page Eighteen

That may be, That perhaps, That plan, That question, That said, That supposition, That there are, That this is the, That thought, That time, That way, That you, Their measures, Their most, Their own, Their reasons, Them that, There are not, There are now, There are persons, There are some, There are those.

Apko [T] alphabet phrasegraphy words provide kar diye gaye hai. Yeh article apne friends ko bhi share kare.

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