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Sunday, January 12, 2020

English Shorthand [N] Alphabet Phraseography

English Shorthand [N] Alphabet Phraseography, English shorthand mai phraseography shorthand speed lo increase karne ke liye banayi gayi hai.

Meri hamesha se yehi koshish rahegi ki mai apko most helpful words share karu taki exams ke liye apki help ho.

Aur aaj se mai apko [N] se related shorthand phraseography share kar raha hoon. Mujhe search karke [N] se related jitni bhi  phraseography mili woh aap logo ko share kar raha hoon.

Practice kar ke aap easily adopt kar sakte hai, jitni bar aap practice karte jayegne utni baar aap isme perfect hote chale jayenge.

Bahut se students shorthand likhte waqt phraseography ka use nahi karte, mai kahunga aap ise right method mai use kare taki apki speed increase ho sake. 

Jaise jaise mujhe new phraseography milti jayegi [N] se related mai aap logo ke saath share karta rahoonga.

English Shorthand [N] Alphabet Phraseography

First Page

National regeneration, National representation, Need appear, Need be, Need necessarily, Need never, Need not, Neither instance, Neither more nor less, Neither of them, Neither purpose, Neither was, Never said, Nevertheless the, Next week, No appearance, No better than, No circumstance, No consequence, No doubt, No further, No instance.

Second Page

No interest, No knowledge, No less than, No longer than, No more than, No necessity, No one, No part, No such, No worse than, Nor again, Nor can, Nor did, Nor do, Nor has, Nor in, Nor is this, Nor need, Nor such, Nor the, Nor was, Nor were they.

Third Page

Nor will, North and south, North Pole, Not absolutely, Not been, Not he, Not enough, Not even, Not excepting, Not generally, Not have, Not in vain, Not less, Not more, Not necessarily, Not necessary, Not one, Not only, Not possible, Not say, Not such, Not that. 

Fourth Page

Not the, Not this, Not understood, Not we, Not where, Not your, New style Nothing can, Nothing else, Nothing further, Nothing is, Nothing is less, Nothing more, Notwithstanding, Notwithstanding that, Notwithstanding the 

Niche comment section mai aap kuch bhi pooch sakte hai.

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