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Sunday, June 9, 2019

English Shorthand Court/Legal Phraseography

English Shorthand Court Legal Phraseography, aaj apke saath share karne laga hoon. 

English Shorthand Court Legal Phraseography  outlines court material se related jitne bhi word takreeban dictation mai use hote hai woh apko provide kiye jaa rahe hai.

Aap sabhi ko pata hi hai court steno exam mai sabhi words judgment mai se hi bole jate to aise word ko agar join karke likhe toh apka time bhi save hoga aur speed bhi increase hogi.

Alag alag judgment search karke Mujhe court shorthand se related jitne bhi Phraseography search karke mile woh words apko share karunga taki apki help ho sake.

Aap sabhi words ki practice karke court shorthand exam ke liye perfect ho sakte hai.

Jaise jaise Court Legal Phraseography milte rahegi mai website par update karte rahunga.

English Shorthand Court Legal Phraseography

1. Page First 

Under Section, Read with Section, Prevention of, Accused Respondent, Public Sale, Food Inspector, Who has been, As per Rules, In the presence, Before the, Chief Judicial Magistrate, Chief Judicial, of the accused, Male Fide, Learned Counsel, Of the respondent, Under Proviso, Public Servant, Come in Force, Come Into Force, Act and Rules, In the light of the

2. Page Second 

In terms of, Under this Act, Under Rule, It is this Act, Writ petition, Civil Judge, Divisional Bench, Punjab Civil Services Rules, Charge Sheet, Under suspension, District Judge, Enquiry Report, Documentary Evidence, Enquiry Officer, Delinquent Officer, Show Cause Notice, Served Upon, State Court, Medical Test, We do not, Claiming the, Divisional Commissioner.

3. Page Third 

Hereinafter, Legal Fee, It is the case of, Of the Court, Arbitration Act, Chief General Manager, There was no, At the rate of, Both the parties, Common Law, Death Sentence, Intellectual Property, Life Sentence, Time Frame manner, Abstract of judgment, Accounts payable, Affirmative pleading, Attorney general, Attorney fee, Bankruptcy Court, Board of Directors.

4. Page Four

By laws, Hindu Marriage Act, Along with the, In future of, Common Order, Both the cases, Herein above, Sub served, From the date of, Certified copy, That he is, From the house, Judge Bench, That are, High Court, Supreme Court, Which are all, Which are the, Regional Officer, Impugned Rules, Learned Judges, Senior Advocates.

5. Page Five

Writ Petitioners, Lays Down, It is submitted, That as it may, At this stage, Cross Examination, Cross Examine, Notice of Motion, In this regard, Police Station, In support of the, Filed the, Vide Order, On the basis, Against the, Co defendant, Impugned Order, Setting aside, For the reason, Under Order, In terms of which, Has been taken.

6. Page Six

In the nature of, Civil Writ Petition, Along with the present appeal, Insurance Company, Bread Winner, Bread Earner, Written statement, Regarding the, Per annum, has been made, To which the, Per month, Income tax, Sale deed, State Governments, Interim Orders, Non payment, On this amount, Appointment letter, Competent Authority, Chief Secretary, Taken care.

7. Page Seven

Intervener, Government of India, FIR, Criminal Procedure Code, It was not, Revisional Court, For the petitioner, For the respondents, Nut shell, Such Order is, Civil Court, Civil Law, Supreme Law, High Court law, District Court Order, Supreme Court Order, First Class, Sub Section, Course of Action, Complaint Case, Settled Law.

Agar apko kisi bhi tarah ki jankari chahiye steno shorthand related aap niche comment kar sakte hai.

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