English Shorthand Dictation 90 WPM [Part 9]

English Shorthand Dictation 90 WPM Part 9 apke saath share karne jaa raha hoon. English Shorthand Dictation 90 WPM  Part 9 mai 450 words hai. 

Paragraph mai apko niche provide karunga taki aap dictation lekar niche paragraph se match kar sake.

Day by day aap aise hi karte jaye isse apki speed mai aur galtiyon mai sudhar hota chala jayega.

Apko website par 90 wpm ki dictations provide ki jayengi. Aap apni practice continue rakhe.

Dictation karne ke baad type kare aur phir uske baad paragraph ke saath match zarur kare. Agar aap aisa nahi karte toh dictation likhne ka koi fayda nahi hai. 

Dictation 90 wpm

Match Paragraph Part- 9

Sir I have listened with great interest the discussion on this motion. There are three definitely important points in the report of the select committee. One is about the raising of the age of the boy as well as of the girl. The second point is about the nature of the punishment. Whereas in the original act the punishment is fine or imprisonment what is being sought here is that the punishment will be substantial punishment plus fine. The third point is about the nature 90

investigation into offences under this act. It is said that offences should be congnizable bailable and non compoundable. I agree Sir that the intention of the honourable member who is in charge of this bill is undoubtedly good. I share his enthusiasm for social progress. I also share the view that now that this government is a government of the people instead of taking a neutral attitude on such matters that government should take a definite and positive attitude. But in social matters especially 90

when they concern not a few not a section not a class here and there but practically the whole community it is only wisdom that we should move with a little caution. In 1929 when the original act was passed the government of the day undoubtedly laid down a great principle. When it was sought to oppose this particular bill by the orthodox section of the house on the ground that this house had no jurisdiction to interfere in matters social and religious it was definitely laid down 90

that when there is a great and evil and there is a promising remedy it was the duty of the government to remove it by legislation. Undoubtedly in the year 1929 the evil was very great and so great was it that even a foreign government felt that it would be justified in interfering with what was obviously a social matter. But things have definitely changed. In the course of the last 20 years there has been a steady progress and understanding of this problem. 90

No social reform can be abiding in its effect if is merely rests on fear and not on conviction. If people concerned should know that child marriage is a great evil it is far better that it should be left to them to carry out this reform voluntarily. In 1929 the original bill was passed and then in the year 2006 there was an amendment. The amending bill was brought by and a few days after another bill was introduced and to some extent in a modified form 90

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