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Saturday, March 30, 2019

English Shorthand Dictation 60 WPM [Part 4]

English Shorthand Dictation 60 WPM Part 4 apke saath share karne jaa raha hoon. English Shorthand Dictation 60 WPM  Part 4 mai 240 words hai. 

Paragraph mai apko niche provide karunga taki aap dictation lekar niche paragraph se match kar sake.

Dictation karne ke baad type kare aur phir uske baad paragraph ke saath match zarur kare. Agar aap aisa nahi karte toh dictation likhne ka koi fayda nahi hai. 

Day by day aap aise hi karte jaye isse apki speed mai aur galtiyon mai sudhar hota chala jayega.

Apko website par 60 wpm ki dictations provide ki jayengi. Aap apni practice continue rakhe.

Dictation 60 wpm

Match Paragraph

Mr. Speaker Sir before the house rose yesterday I was expressing myself mainly on three points. With your permission Sir i will briefly the points I made yesterday to get into a sequence. I was referring to the necessity of a concerted effort on the part of the Government to devise and introduce a scheme by which the urge 60

of the younger people of our nation for military training may be satisfied. The charm and fascination which draw the young people especially boys of school going age for military drills and military discipline for parades and are well known. This, Sir is a precious treasure of the government and of the nation. It should be put 60

 to the best use by the country. Our experience in the past has however been that this urge unfortunately was exploited by certain interested parties for motives. But that it can be put to the best use for the nation cannot be denied and as such I believe that if the government devise a scheme whereby either through some suitable 60

military officers or through the police officers or through the police officers or even through other qualified persons in various states, a Drive is made to train our young people in the art of bearing arms and going in for military drills and discipline it will be very fitting for the needs of the times. Secondly I referred to the integration of the states forces 60

Niche comment karke aap koi bhi information le sakte hai

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